Posted by : Muzaffar Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I really don't know how it happened, but suddenly this started popping out of my head for no reason. I mean its not that I'm gay or anything, but after looking at this video I just can't help but like guys!!!!

With that said though, it does bring up a good topic to discuss about. So what do you guys think, is it okay to like a guy who looks as good as this? If lets say that you really never had a chance to go out on a date with a girl or just having a hard time getting to talk to one, would you be happy to settle with this instead? Doesn't really need to be involved really deeply, but you get the point. I did make a thread for this on Sankaku Complex so if you want to read the posts over there or even join in, be my guest.... =)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I watched the whole video, and to me, "she" still looks like a man. Although the true can be said of quite a lot of girls with more manly looks.

    Hearsay and waifu tales often say that the daughter takes after the father, while the son takes after the mother. Wonder if this true? Is there a girl in all of us boys (and vice-versa)?

    Tell me your anima. Maybe then I can recommend the right "guy" for you XD.

    P.S. the word verification for this comment was MANchipi. Coincidence?

  2. karakoza says: lol, j/k..

    I studied in an all-boys school,so I know what you mean. All the cute & good-looking boys always get picked by seniors to become their "adik angkat".

    Since there's no girls around,they settled with that kind of relationship.

    Of course,there's also those who became too intimate and started a homesexual relationship.

    I don't cross to that side,fortunately XD

    About the "girl" in the video,I don't mind having "her" in a close relationship,but not that deeply like you said. Just like a friend of a sort.

    P.S. I don't prejudice gay,in case you want to know lol

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