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Bought myself one of these.....

Just bought myself a PSP a few hours ago, and its quite cool to actually own one. Basically bought it with a value pack, so I did get a few extras. Haven't played it much yet, but the control does feel like how my PS2 was and that it doesn't feel as heavy! Maybe gonna do a review in a few days time. :D

Viva la Vida

or Death and All His Friends. Coldplay will be releasing their new album in the UK on the 12th of June. I've just listened to their new single, "Viva la Vida" and their new song is just as good as their last work. (or even better) I hope that when they released their new album here, my brother is so totally gonna buy it (he's a big Coldplay fan like me) and maybe I'll get to listen to the entire album. The cover artwork is from a well known painter named Eugène Delacroix called "La Liberté guidant le peuple" (Liberty Leading the People in English) and the cover just looks splendid. Well for now, you can just listen to a preview of their song, Viva la Vida.

First time making a blog.....

Well this is the first blog that I have ever made, so clearly there isn't much around here. I also don't know much on what to do with my blog, but its more going to be my personal blog more than anything. So anyways, hope to update the blog often with any topics to discuss and make some new friends..... =D

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