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Brawn GP 1-2 Finish at Melbourne

The race just ended a few hours ago and has got to be said it was one of the most exciting start to the Formula One season in recent time. Epic on a level of over 9000!!!!! (yeah, lame meme lol) Jenson Button lead from start to finish without having much problems, likewise Rubens Barrichello had a terrible start but fought back up the grid and with a bit of luck, reclaimed second place with only a few laps to go before the finish. It is truly unbelievable that for a team that was almost non-existent about a month ago came to Australia with 2 new cars and not only set the pace during qualifying, but surviving an entire race and still finish on top. This is really the true testament how much the team made an effort to get these cars there, even when their future was in doubt. Congrats to the team for winning the race, and hope to see them do it again at Sepang next week!

Full race report can be found here:
Dramatic Australia 1-2 for Brawn GP

.....and the Formula One season begins!

Well its that time of the year again. The sound of a Formula One car around Albert Park as the Friday free practice sessions starts marks the beginning of a new season in F1. Only felt it was a few weeks ago that the F1 ended at Brazil last year with what can be describe as one of the most thrilling race in recent time. Now though, with all the new rules and regulations the door is wide open for everyone to get a chance to prove themselves who is the best out there.

With both free practice sessions finished earlier today, Nico Rosberg of Williams F1 sets the fastest time in both sessions followed closely by the Toyota, Brawn GP and Force India being in the Top 10 in both sessions. Although they were fast, it still doesn't mean that the other teams are slow either. With each team running a different program it was kinda hard to see who really struggled during practice, like it was for McLaren and Renault. So all things considered, it is still anyones guess who will be the fastest at the end of the week. We all just have to wait and see on Sunday which team made the most improvement throughout the winter testing.

Not sure who are my favorites yet, but I'm guessing Brawn GP and Toyota as well as Williams could be the team to watch come race day.

Here are the results for both of the practice sessions:
first free practice
second free practice

My College Life Begins...

Just registered at TOC today, and will be going there at 15th of April for some briefing before the actual classes begins. They will be going through what classes we are going to have as well as giving us clothes that we have to wear over there. Already did the payment for the first semester today, but now need to find loan for the other semesters. (hopefully I will get the load) With that said, it is sad to say that my holidays are over. No more staying home going online 12+ hours everyday and stay up late at night or do I have a lot of free time to hang out with my friends. How things in live move so fast, and Formula One is about to start in just a few days!!!!

I'm done with Xenoglossia

Long live Amami Haruka.... (a.k.a. ribbon-chan)

Well with that aside I finally finished another anime series on my hard drive! Its a good way to past the time when your doing nothing at home all day. I got to say that Idolmaster: Xenoglossia is a great show to watch, I expect nothing less coming from Sunrise. Even though it did feel a bit longer than I thought, the ending totally make up for every shortcoming it had. I mean the ending itself brought me to tears, with how all the IDOLs sacrificed themselves not only for their master, but for planet earth as well!

I really don't know what to say about the entire anime though, it felt like it gave almost everything and more. Be it the awesome story line, the one-off jokes, the love between human and robots (or IDOLs in this case), the fighting scene, the subtle fan service, you couldn't ask for anything more than this. (for a Mecha anime that is) There is something for everybody to watch, be it if your a mecha fan or not. Surprised that this show wasn't widely known by everyone, but heh who cares. I've watched it and I'm happy, so that is all that matters to me. So like, if you are interested in Idolmaster in general, mecha or just something interesting to watch, go watch it and you won't be disappointed. Even if you do, that is not entirely my fault. =P

Now I really have no idea what anime to watch now, I mean both Code Geass R2 and The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi are not fully downloaded yet. I'll probably be resting for a while and wait until either of the series finish downloading before I start watching anime again. Also I probably won't have much time to myself now that I'm going to college soon, so its kind of sad I have to leave it at that. Oh well, that is life for ya......

A Historical Win For Audi at Sebring!

Pictures courtesy of @ Flickr

As if it was only natural for them, Audi have yet make another historical win at Sebring International Raceway. Having battled against Peugeot for much of the day and being chasing the 908 for most of the afternoon, the R15 came alive in the dark and the remarkable combination of the #2 Audi R15 drivers of Allan McNish, Tom Kristensen and Dindo Capello was just the stuff of legends. McNish drove the last stint incredibly fast and consistent and in the end the Peugeot just had the overall victory slipped out of its hand. Got to feel sorry for Peugeot, they have the fastest car and probably a solid driver line up and yet they still couldn't get that victory that they wanted so much. Oh well, with Sebring over they just have to focus on Le Mans now and get their act together.

Anyway, beside the Audi R15 winning on its debut this also marks the 9th overall victory out of 11 starts at Sebring, as well as this being Tom Kristensen's 5th overall victory at Sebring. Also even though Audi didn't set the fastest lap at Sebring (it was set by Sebastien Bourdais in the Peugeot) Audi did cover the most distance covered in the race with 1,417 miles. The #7 Peugeot of Franck Montagny, Sebastien Bourdais and Stephane Sarrazin finished 2nd and the #1 Audi of Mike Rockenfeller, Marco Werner and Lucas Luhr finished 3rd. I'm not going to write the report of the other classes nor do I want to spoil everything else so If you want to know more about the race you can always check out for the full report:


The Otomotif College (TOC)

Picture courtesy of inche^helmi @ DCM.

Well just wanted to say that I probably will be continuing my studies at TOC after all. Just went to TOC today and had a tour of the place, and got to say I was really impressed with the facilities. Learned a thing or two today about the basics that I would be learning there as well as being introduced to the people over there at TOC. They provided their hospitality and made us feel really comfortable there, and the foremen (or lecturers, not sure what to say about this) and the senior students there were really nice and helpful. Don't know what else to say about the place but I hope everything goes well when I start my semester this April....

Woohoo! Got my license card, lets go driving now!

With this it just proves that I'm eligible to drive. Picked up the card earlier today and had to pay the remaining balance for the on the road driving at Gombak with the instructor. (which was about RM60 for the remaining 2 hours) Yeah I know the picture is crappy and all but who gives a s*** about some lame picture!!!

Anyway, about that day when I was at the driving center in Gombak for the JPJ test in started out with all the people taking the test gather at the office at 7.30 am. Then when the van arrives they all drove us to the driving center there and drop us of. Even in the early morning there were probably like over 200 people there who are trying to get their license just like us. Not to say it was bad or anything, but you know things are when there is a lot of people, it was really really slow....

I had to wait like almost 2 hours before it was my turn to take the test, and thankfully enough I did pass section A (which is the slope, parallel parking and 3 point turn test) on the first try! If I didn't pass any of the test I have to pay for another try, which would suck indeed if you have no money like I do. There were people there who passed and failed the same, but got to feel sorry for the people who failed the test as they are the ones who have to pay and retake the test again. When we got to know which group we were in (yeah, they had tagged us with colors and numbers so it would be more "systematic") and I was called something like "hijau 94" (or green 94 in English) to show that I was #94 in the green group. There were like 2 groups there called hijau and kuning (which is green and yellow) and the kuning group were the ones who went first.

When the time I started to do the test I did feel a little nervous about failing the test but I got on with it and try to do my best. Did the slope first and luckily enough I managed to passed it on the first try (they give 2 chances for the slope, you can roll back if you didn't stop in the yellow box) even though on the way down I killed the engine. Then it was time for the parking section and this was the most panicking thing I did. I totally forgot to give them the form (which I have taken from the slope course) and before I started reversing into the parking space I quickly run to the inspector (or whatever it was, forgot the name) for him to mark my performances. So then I got back to the car and did the parking perfectly, and the 3 point turn was a piece of cake!

So after I finish section A I went back to the main building and waited for section B to start, which is the on the road test. After waiting for a few minutes and discussing with the other people there about our results, they announced who was going to go for the test before lunch and ask the people who they did not call up to have a lunch break. As my number wasn't called I went to the canteen and have some refreshments. While during the break it started raining, which could spell disaster for the people doing the test at that time. (like Najib was) After that went back and waited for them to announce when my turn will be and sure enough I was one of the last few people to be called upon. Just waited for like an hour or so and before I knew it they called my number. Luckily enough by the time they called my number it stopped raining.

As I was entering the car I greeted the examiner inside the car and did what was required before starting the journey. (like adjust the seat, check the mirror, wipers, gears, signals, etc.) While during the on the road test I did drive like how I feel was appropriate (I was driving like 40kph) and the examiner ask me "do you know how to drive?" and I was like "WTF!!!? Is he serious" but of course I just calmly replies "Yes, I can drive mister" That seriously pissed me off but I had to stay cool, calm and collected if I want to get through this. So I just drove a little faster at around 50kph. About a 1/4 of the distance of the route there was another person who was doing the test as well driving very slow in front of me and I asked the examiner if I could overtake, he just said "if you can, why not?" At first I was a little hesitant in overtaking and even had to slow down a little to avoid colliding with the car in front, but when the traffic is clear I just hit the gas pedal and overtake the car.

1/2 way though I passed the checkpoint and went back to the driving center and ended the section B test. Awaiting my result I amazingly got 19/20 mark (16/20 being the passing mark) I did a lot better than most of the people there! Haha, it felt great that I passed both sections with flying colors and not repeat the course again. So after that just waited there to get a blue card (not sure what for) and waited for the van to pick us up and send us back to the office. When we arrive at the office it started raining heavily again and I called my father to pick me up at the office. Rishi didn't have anyone to pick him up so I asked my father if we could send him to his house and so we did. After that I just went back home, and well thats about it.

Okay, I have to admit the story here isn't as good as I wanted to write it on that very day and there are a few things that I wanted to explain here that I somehow just can't remember at the moment. Onto the next chapter!!!

Alex Pfeiffer's "Battle Version SC300 Drift Car"

Was just reading Speedhunters as usual and spotted this build in one of the comments in the forum. Its been a while since I've last heard Alex Pfeiffer in Formula D, and I got to say his Lexus SC300 is going to be awesome. The Lexus SC300 (Toyota Soarer elsewhere) was made famous as a drift car by Takahiro Ueno in his signature red Vertex bodykitted Soarer but sadly he moved on to a BMW 3 Series for this year. Hope to see how well Alex could drift this 1000HP monster (he did state a target of "1000HP" with a 2JZ-GTE engine) in Formula D compared to the other drivers there...

Battle Version build thread

Empty Calmness

Not sure what I had in mind when writing this, but just thought of updating my blog a bit. Haven't done anything much over the past few days, just posted my application form for the Mercedes Benz Apprenticeship Training Program earlier today and this weekend I might go to TOC and see if I could apply there as well. Doesn't matter really which one I will get to go, as long as I can continue my studies that is all that matters to me (and of course, my family and relatives!) Other than that, my good friend Najib just went for his National Service Program today along with several others who were selected. Would be a while before I get to talk to him on MSN again......

Also, even after a week after I passed my driving exam I still didn't get my provisional driving license (PDL) card and the the sticker yet but then again I really don't have a car to drive either lol. Yeah, will write on the experience of that day when I get my license card (I did not forget, just don't feel like writing it) So like, what car what car am I going to get myself now? I have no idea...

In a car related news, the motor racing season is about to begin with the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) in Sebring this weekend followed by the start of the Formula One World Championship in Melbourne the following weekend. I know there are already several series already started (like the WRC in January and more recently, the WTCC just last week) but these two are considered the most highly regarded motorsport races in the world today.

Well thats about it I guess, will post some other stuff later.

Watchmen review...

Well I was supposed to write this review yesterday, but I got so tired and thought writing the review today would be better. Anyway, not sure if I want to do a long winded review or a short, plain and simple review. Okay, whatever it is I will just write the review based on how much I know about the movie itself and how much thought I have in my mind right now. But a word of warning though, this review may have some spoilers in it so read it with caution if you don't want to spoil yourself....

A brief explanation on the production of the movie, as we all know (or have no clue about this) the Watchmen film is based on the comic book of the same name by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, and was directed by Zack Snyder. The movie was originally planned to be made in 1986, but after many setbacks the movie finally went into production around 2007 and completed in 2008. Not sure why it took so long to be released, but the fact that it overshot the original release date by years really hurt the overall "feel" of the movie.

The movie itself is quite something really to be honest. I really can't describe how well or horrible the movie was going to be even from the trailers or the posters (and I'll admit, I watched the movie even without looking at either the posters or movie first. Only after...) and only after finish watching the movie I could finally find the right words to describe the movie. But by then it is too late to say anything about the movie's expectation. Not sure how to put it in words, but you could say that the movie had surely have some kind of "mixed" point of view from everyone. Some say it was probably one of the best comic book adaptation movies so far, while others say that the movie was totally ruined and doesn't do the comic book justice. For me at least, I'm the middle on the fence about the movie.

Zack Snyder has always been known to have a certain style or trademark that you could easily pick out in each of his movies, whether it was the slow motion of the fight scene, the dark atmosphere and settings that you'd obviously feel when you watch, or just the sheer violence that is portrayed in his movies so much so that you just feel wrong about watching the movie. In many ways, his kind of style either make or break a movie. Fortunately though, this style was pulled off quite nicely throughout and not too overly done like it was in 300.

But the one thing I really don't like about the movie is that the movie really doesn't flow smoothly. The fact that it was done in an anachronic order kinda threw me off quite early in the movie, leaving me to think where the direction of the movie was going. Having never followed the comic book, general knowledge about Watchmen or even the approximate time of the movie just left me stranded watching the movie without any clue whatsoever. I don't mind they did the movie that way if I followed Watchmen quite closely, but as a normal movie goer it may very well spoil the mood of watching the movie. (like my friends did) Also, the movie tend to have too many sexually explicit scenes that was too boring to watch in the theater and have unnecessary cuts just to avoid those scenes. In my opinion, they could have very well used those extra times improving the story instead of these "teaser" scenes that is just utter crap. If they wanted to they could just add those scenes on the DVD/Blu Ray version, and I'm sure everyone would be happy with that decision.

Apart from that I also have to say that the movie was just too long. At 162 minutes (or 2 hours 42 minutes) it feels as if I was forced to watch the movie and drag along watching it and ask myself if losing the ticket was really a good thing. My friend already told me he wanted to leave even before the movie was halfway done, but I insisted I would not waste my RM8 and tried to bear it and force myself to watch it. If the plot was done with much more focus on the story and not exaggerated and having many twists in the story, as well as make the camera movement more exciting and unique like The Dark Knight and not dead and static like it was it could have been more bearable. Unfortunately the director was too focused on getting the scenes right and have it pay homage to the comic that he totally forgot what it would feel like for an average person to painstakingly watch the movie. I'm sure there would be people walking out on this movie if it was any crappier. I could watch The Dark Knight until the end and still want more, but this left a lot to be desired...

Now for the casts. I think most of them did the scenes quite okay-ish and some of the scenes were memorable. The portrayal on some of the famous names in the movie was very well done, as well as the whole "world war" conflict betweeen America and Russia has a very "nostalgic 80's" feel to the movie. Not too modern or too outdated. The best actor I find while watching the movie was definitely Jackie Earle Haley who portrays as Walter Kovacs / Rorschach. He brought so much energy and intensity to the movie that it may very well be the only reason I should watch the movie again. He also happens to read the Watchmen comic books (unlike the other actor/actresses) and made an effort to get into character, so it was no surprise that his acting was almost perfect throughout the movie. Apart from him, the other casts were so-so and only Patrick Wilson (Daniel Dreiberg / Nite Owl II) stand out from the rest. However I think the only person who felt out of place was Billy Crudup. (Dr. Jon Osterman / Dr. Manhattan) I mean not to say that his acting was poor or anything, but was just disappointed with the way he portray the character. It felt so lifeless and was almost like a walking robot, even his voice was sub-par when you compare him and the character.

Overall, I'm still split with how the movie is. Good in a way that the movie does in a way pay tribute to the comic book so well, but bad that its not something that everyone would enjoy watching. You could say that some people are a bit bias with their reviews, with some of them praising it too much as if they were the real fanboys of the Watchmen while others condemned it too much and totally forget the time, passion and effort that was put into the movie so long that it almost took 20 years for the movie to materialize. As for me, I just summed it up with my honest opinion. Dare I say it, I do recommend you people to watch the movie if you think it deserved to be watched but on the other hand, for the average person they should just try to avoid watching this movie altogether and just wait for the DVD or something.

Yeah yeah, I could have write even longer than this but my mind is completely drained right now. Again I apologize if there were any spoilers during the review, and also apologize if it looks too long to read cause I wanted to give my best perspective on the review. Anyways, I think this is absolutely the longest review I could ever write so far, and could very well easily beat the reviews on rottentomatoes or even imdb lol! Hope I didn't miss anything important out and hope you had as much fun reading this.

I'll give it a rating of 4.0 out of 10. Not really that bad of a movie, but then again its never really good either...

My SPM results and today...

Just want to keep it short, but here is my results for my SPM:

  • Bahasa Melayu: 6C
  • Bahasa Ingerris: 2A
  • Pendidikan Islam: 6C
  • Sejarah: 8E
  • Mathematics: 1A
  • Science: 1A
  • Additional Mathematics: 7D
  • Prinsip Akauns: 4B
  • Ekonomi Asas: 6C

Well that is my result with me not studying even half of those subjects! So I got to say I was surprised that I did it this well without even trying a 100% lol. But I don't care about the result, even if I have gotten all A's or fail all the subjects it still doesn't change the way I think about myself. With this over now I can feel a little better about myself and try to find any colleges or whatnot on automotive, either this or I get myself to work full time at some workshop for experience. Either way, I'm only interested in automotive and nothing else and no one is going to change my mind on that!

Okay...... onto the part about today. Today started out really badly (I guess) when I woke up at 10am today with only about 4 hours of sleep, slept at 6am since I stayed up all night to watch football. It was the UEFA Champions League last 16 knock-out match between Manchester United and Inter Milan. They both draw 0-0 when they played at San Siro, but Man Utd. managed to pull off a 2-0 win against Inter at Old Tradford. Enough about football though, need to tell about the rest of the day. So like, woke up at 10am, bath, dress up and straight went to school. Met some of my other school friends there, chat around and waited till the teachers could give us the results. While getting the results I also got the Sinar Jaya book as well as some certificate that I couldn't care less about.

After I got the result I went back home and open my computer for awhile and have a drink. (I didn't eat breakfast yet at that time) Called up my friends again about the plan for the day, and we all decided to hang out at Sunway Pyramid. Then Kamal came to my house to pick me up in his dad's Proton Waja. Even though he had his license he was still worried about driving the car, it was an Automatic as well! But I can't blame him though, almost everyone will feel like that sometimes yeah? So he drove us to Sunway Pyramid and parked at the basement carpark, and even that he was a little slow at parking..... *facepalm*

After he parked the car, we all started to walk about the place and find some shops to enter. The first thing we did was we went to the cinema to check what show we would watch, and all of us decided to watch "Watchmen" instead of Dragonball. Kamal wanted to find some shirts to buy, so we looked around first before he decided to buy the shirt. Then he noticed he didn't have enough money we all had to walk to the ATM machine and wait for him to withdraw some cash and head back to the shop to buy his clothes. After that we all tried searching to find a place to eat. In the end we all went to eat at Wendy's and ordered our food. I had a 1/2 pounder with cheese and got to say, it was tasty. Not exactly as good as McDonalds or Burger King and the price was also a bit much for the set. (RM16+ for a medium set meal, and the burger size in not even like a BK Whopper!!!) I didn't care though and just enjoyed a meal with my friends there.

After we ate we walked around some more, entered some shops (and Kamal tried to register a Maybank2U services but had trouble registering, so he had to do it some other time) before we went into a bookstore to find some books to read. Wasting an hour or so there it was about half an hour before the show starts and we went to the arcade to play some games. But then suddenly Kamal realized that he misplaced the tickets and we had to search for the tickets. So like, we went back to Wendy's to check if the tickets were there and luckily enough the manager kept the tickets there! So we got back the tickets and went back to the arcade, but none of us felt like playing and just watched the other people there playing instead.

About 15 minutes or so before the show starts, we all decided to buy some popcorn and drinks before entering the theater. Entered the theater, get into our seats and wait for the show to start and when the show did start we were all already munching down our popcorns and drinking our Coca-Cola. After the movie ended we left the theater and went straight back to the parking lot. Kamal was kind enough to send us home and well, drove us back home lol.

So well thats about it about today, a very exciting and memorable day I'd say. Not sure which is more memorable though, getting the SPM result or watching Watchmen? Doesn't matter though, at least I enjoyed the day very much and don't have to feel worried, depressed or whatever negativity I've had during these past few days totally forgotten.

Yatta!!!! watashi hayouyaku watashi no untenmenkyoshou ga!!!!

Hehe, thought it would be more interesting to post that title instead of the usual titles that I usually write. =P

Well if you don't know what the title means (I'm sure you don't if you don't know Japanese) I'm just saying that I finally passed my driving exam. Yeah, everything is settled the first time round and I don't have to take a second JPJ driving test. Of course I am happy to get my license, but I have other things to worry about right now like how well my SPM result will be and where I will be taking my life in the future. But for now (in this time and moment at least) I'm glad that I managed to fulfill one of my goals from my new years resolution a few months ago, and that I'm just that one step closer to achieving that certain something in my life that has been missing all along....

Anyway, I really don't feel like typing the activity I did right now but hopefully will try my best to write it up during the weekends. Oh and sorry if there is no pictures about it, you know how I like to be anonymous when posting these kinds of things.

The Final Driving Test...

Just completed my final driving training today, and got to say I feel quite relieved that I could finally be able to drive properly (and not just in a video game or arcade) and finish this goddamn license! Even though I woke up late and arrive at the office quite late, (I was supposed to be there at 7, but I got there at around 7.15-7.20 like that) everything went smoothly. I was there with Rishi and the instructor and had a great time learning and understanding the whole procedure about driving. Rishi did most of the driving (from Subang Jaya to Gombak, and even drove us back to Subang Jaya in the rain without breaking a sweat!) but when we were at the driving center I did get to drive as well.

The place was quite far from the city and was almost completely a rural area, exactly like what you expect when you "balik kampung" kind of scenery. I always thought that we were gonna drive at Batu Caves but a last minute change means that we had to go a bit further to Gombak to do our final driving test there. The Driving Center itself was, well as you would expect from a rural area, was quite poor with the parking place being on a slope (so everyone had to be careful when to release the brake and stuff) and the entire place was so...... you know how it goes with these kind of places. But it was definitely better than the temporary driving course set up near Kelana Jaya, that place was just plain awful. Rishi did all of the basic tests first (parallel parking, 3-point turn and driving up a slope) before it was my turn to do it. Rishi did everything exceptionally well, but I had struggle to get used to the old Perodua Kancil at first, but after a few minutes got used to it and did some of the courses quite okay. Did struggle on the slopes cause of the clutch and pedal feeling so f**king soft, I couldn't get to grip with it at those first few tries but got the hand of it later and manage to do all of the courses without a hitch.

So after we finish the course we parked the car and headed to the canteen to have a drink and chat or to. After that we got back to the car and prepare for the on the road test, which was so easy to drive! Never mind the bumpy road and cautions, the route itself was pretty simple and I don't even have to stop for the traffic light. It was just a winding rural road (about 2-3km I think) and just do a U-turn somewhere near some restaurant and drive back to the center, plain and simple. Rishi drove about 2 times round and then it was me who drove about 2 times as well. Even though he did drive a little faster and better than me, it didn't phase me at all since he did drive a car before this.... (lucky b*****d!) Then before we headed home the instructor told me to try the slope again, and I went for it and got it right the first time. After that I got out of the driver's seat and let Rishi drove us back to Subang.

After Rishi drove back to his house I took over the wheel and drove back to my place and end the lesson at around 12pm. An extra hour more than what was instructed, but the instructor was really kind and helpful to us all and spend that extra hour with us free of charge. But yeah, I feel quite satisfied about myself today with being that much closer of fulfilling one of my wishes and I don't intend to fail the exam when that day comes! All I have to do now is just focus on the task ahead and everything should work out as planned. But I got to say, I'm actually a little behind time compared to Rishi and Najib (both of them already did the 9 hour drive plus the drive at the driving center, while I only did 6 hours of driving plus this) but I'm still keen on getting it done soon. Heh, so I guess all those times playing Gran Turismo 4 with my G25 kinda paid of eh? Well never mind, at least I typed everything that I could think of right now about today and really am happy that I get to share my thoughts with everyone who are reading this....

What Will I Do Now?

This post certainly means nothing much to me, just that I want to post a few things that are on my mind right now, how to deal with life and what to expect in the next few weeks. More importantly, as the day draws near by it is almost time for me (and everyone else who are my age) to know how well I did for my SPM, whether the results are good or bad. But I don't care, its just a result not that it is the end of the world if I failed or anything. Why do people make such a fuss about SPM anyhow? I mean there are probably more people who become successful even if they are just high school dropouts, so does it matter to them? Probably not....

Other than that, I do have to take my final driving practice before the real driving test begins. Not sure when but hopefully the sooner the better, and hopefully I don't f**k up during the real test or I'll make myself look like such an idiot. All that time and money just to get a license all thrown out of the window like that.... *sigh* But not to worry, I think I will do my best at the course there and pass with flying colors. Even if I get my license later than my other friends, at least I know what to do once I get my P license, hehehe.....

Also after I get my SPM result I really need to think about continuing my studies. Don't know why I must, but my parents are worried about me not continuing my studies, so I'll just listen to them in the mean time. I could always drop out if I'm not interested lol. Still have no clue which course I will be taking but whatever it is I'm still keen on getting into the automotive industry so whatever course I will be taking must involve with cars for me to be interested in, or else I'll just get a job at some workshop for experience. (no matter how terrible the place is or how little pay I get, I need to have first-hand experience!!!) Not sure what my other options are, I could always get into IT, Music or Photography but all of these are nowhere near interesting for me as cars do. So yeah, just have to wait, see and find out whats gonna happen to me next. Will be doing a survey at several colleges that are offering automotive related courses and the one high on the list would probably be TOC, and the Mercedes Benz Apprenticeship Program.

Oh and a not so related news, I finally got back my Logitech MX-518 gaming mouse from the shop. After the mouse seem to have failed on me last year I got to trade it for a newer MX-518 free of charge. Was a good thing that it was still under warranty or else I might need to cough up some money in order to get it back. Not sure if I want to replace it with my Boomslang though, I do love both of these mouses lol. Might try using it next week or so, and make a short review about it..... (or not)

Well thats about it from me for now, thanks for reading this post. =D

He Is My Master

Well I was supposed to post this yesterday, but the thought kinda slipped out of my mind and totally forgot to post it until now. Finished watching He Is My Master yesterday and thought the anime was quite nice. Its not really what you think as the image shows, but rather is just mostly comedy with some slapstick humor. I don't think many people would watch this and say its good, mostly it just feels average. Nothing fancy or special CG effects, even the storyline at times can be really predictable and can kill the mood watching it at times but I did enjoy watching it. The ending itself was pretty disappointing in my opinion, after watching the last few episodes I thought it was going to be a happy ending or something but it justs abruptly ended just like how the series started! To put it simply, the ending has a "to be continued..." tone to it, even though the anime was made back in 2005.

Thats pretty much about it from me I guess, don't know what else to say about this and already forgotten some of the things I liked to talk about. Well currently I'm watching Xenoglossia while still downloading Code Geass R2 and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Just click the "My Anime List" at the side there if you want to see what other animes I'm planning to watch and do add me if you have a My Anime List account, would like to make some friends there as well. =)

I Wanna Be The Guy!!!!

What can only be described as on of the most difficult games there is out there ever, I don't really know who in their right mind could play this game without going crazy. But I did find a few videos of people who still play this game and there was one guy who actually finished this game in HARD mode! Trust me, this game is pretty much only for the real true hardcore gamers, and I think even they would have a hard time playing this game on medium difficulty. How hard can it be you ask? Just watch the Youtube playlist below and you will find out what a living hell this game will do to you if you ever considered playing it, and if you do decide to play this game there is a link to IWBTG site where you can download either the demo or the full game for free:

Wikipedia of the game
IWBTG site (and where you can download the game)
Cloud8745 plays IWBTG (got to give credit to him for finishing the game on hard difficulty)

Oh yeah, besides the game being very difficult the game has many glitches as well (cause the game is still in development) and I didn't bother playing this game at all after seeing people going berserk playing it...

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Just finished watching Code Geass a few hours ago, and well I'm pretty much stunned at the end. I'm completely lost for words as how awesome the ending of the series was done. There were certainly a lot of questions that need to be answered throughout the whole show, but I'm not willing to read the manga or the light novel, and I'm definitely not going to bother going through the picture or audio dramas. I'm not going to bother making a summary for Code Geass yet, cause I need to go through R2 (the second season of Code Geass, I just finished the first season so far) before making up the summary of the whole show. But I just want to say is, WTF happened to the Order of The Black Knights!!? It just self-destructed when Zero left the battlefield and leave Tohdoh in charge. (sorry, can't help spoiling you guys about that lol)

I'm not sure if I want to continue straight to R2 yet, or leave myself some time and watch other things first. I finished downloading Idolmaster: Xenoglossia just last week, and now currently downloading The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya through torrents. (which might be painstakingly slow, but better than nothing I guess) But since I have no chance of downloading anything through any file-hosting sites right now with s**ty Streamyx being so damn f**king slow these couple of weeks, I might watch Xenoglossia first before going back to watching Code Geass R2. Should leave me plenty of time to download it when Streamyx becomes okay again....

All in all, Code Geass may appeal to most of you mecha fans as well as for those who are attracted by the storyline (like I did) and the characters. Might not appeal to everyone but hey, no one is stopping you from not watching it so you can decide for yourself if its worth watching it or not. There is a reason why this show won so many awards and accolades, and why so many other people besides me that are following this show with so much enthusiasm and passion and supporting their merchandises. (well not really on the level like most otakus are, but you get the point....)

Tales Of Rapes, Maids And Hardcore

Note: This might be confusing for people who don't follow the Hardcore Dance/Techno/Trance genre much. Just skip the first part if you don't understand what all the hype is all about...

Well I couldn't help but write this one. This is one of the most hardcore albums I've heard yet, more hardcore than 凌辱 Hardcore (Ryoujoku Hardcore, which translates to Rape Hardcore) or even 真・凌辱 Hardcore ~エロスの饗宴~ (Shin Ryoujoku Hardcore ~Erosu no Kyouen~, which translate to True Rape Hardcore ~Feast of Eros~)
The genre varies in each song, from J-Core to Frenchcore and even Speedcore but the theme for all the songs should be obvious. The hard, fast and hectic beats along with the samples of the anime voices really makes this album worth buying. What is unique about this album is that it is not made by a Japanese, but by an Argentinian! How f**king cool is that!? I was surprised at first but it makes me want to appreciate it even more! Round Wave Crusher (a.k.a. Shingo DJ) would now be one of my favorite hardcore artist along with REDALiCE, kenta-v. ez., t+pazolite and Berserk+Haste (a.k.a Betwixt & Between)

If you really want to know more about the album, you can listen to the samples here and if you like to buy the album, you can buy it here.

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