Posted by : Muzaffar Sunday, March 1, 2009

Note: This might be confusing for people who don't follow the Hardcore Dance/Techno/Trance genre much. Just skip the first part if you don't understand what all the hype is all about...

Well I couldn't help but write this one. This is one of the most hardcore albums I've heard yet, more hardcore than 凌辱 Hardcore (Ryoujoku Hardcore, which translates to Rape Hardcore) or even 真・凌辱 Hardcore ~エロスの饗宴~ (Shin Ryoujoku Hardcore ~Erosu no Kyouen~, which translate to True Rape Hardcore ~Feast of Eros~)
The genre varies in each song, from J-Core to Frenchcore and even Speedcore but the theme for all the songs should be obvious. The hard, fast and hectic beats along with the samples of the anime voices really makes this album worth buying. What is unique about this album is that it is not made by a Japanese, but by an Argentinian! How f**king cool is that!? I was surprised at first but it makes me want to appreciate it even more! Round Wave Crusher (a.k.a. Shingo DJ) would now be one of my favorite hardcore artist along with REDALiCE, kenta-v. ez., t+pazolite and Berserk+Haste (a.k.a Betwixt & Between)

If you really want to know more about the album, you can listen to the samples here and if you like to buy the album, you can buy it here.

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