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Dunlop Art Car Competition

Well I know this is a little pointless to post here, but it is quite interesting to say the least. The idea is to make a special livery (in this case, an art car of sorts) for the Dunlop sponsored JWM Ferrari F430 GT and the winner will get his/her design to be on the car during the Le Mans 24 Hour race as well as presenting to the world motoring press and the rest is, oh I don't know, self-explained. Just think about it, how cool is it to have a livery that you designed to be raced at Le Mans!!!?

Okay, maybe it does sound like fun but the odds and chances of being a winner (or even a semi-finalists, let along even qualified for the entry) is going to be humongous. Worse still, this is only available in certain parts of Europe (Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, France or Germany) which means people other than those mentioned are not eligible to participate. But who cares though, I will try and do some designs on my own for fun and try posting it here and on deviantART for fun. Who knows, maybe someone will notice it and take my idea and make it his design. Even if the odds of that happening is almost next to infinity, (yeah, that is "if" I actually will do it) it will be surely be something even if it actually happened.... (and by then, I will s**t bricks I tell you....)

So if anyone is interested in just trying it out (or even trying to participate) here is the link to their website:
Dunlop Art Car Competition

There is only like 10 days left to enter, so hurry up and design something if you want to enter!!!

Button Makes It 3 In Bahrain

Thats right, Jenson Button did a fantastic job getting yet another win for the Brawn GP team as well as his 3rd win this season (his 4th win in his career) after starting in 4th place and make the best use of his car. It was not all his doing either as the team did a fantastic job on his pit stop to get his car out in front of the Toyotas and the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel. The race just couldn't get any better with a lot of racing going on throughout the race with actions involving the top 3, in the midfield as well as one or two moments at the back end of the field....

All was not well for Toyota however, failing to convert their 1-2 in qualifying into a win but with that said thought both Jarno Trulli and Timo Glock did manage to score some points finishing in 3rd and 7th place respectively. Vettel continuing his good performance from Shanghai to finish 2nd without putting a foot wrong. The most interesting result for me the most is that Kimi Räikkönen ended what is known as the worst ever start for Ferrari in years! Although I wished Force India could get the points before Ferrari but I do have to give credit to them for trying. Think Ferrari had it bad, BMW probably was the worst this weekend. With both cars finished lower than the Toro Rosso and Force India, in 18th and 19th they could just probably better of retiring the cars and preserve the cars. But who knows, all the struggling teams like Ferrari and BMW could be back in their winning ways when they start racing in Barcelona in 2 weeks time...

In my opinion, it was certainly a much more interesting race than the couple of years in Bahrain. I'm sure I did fell asleep watching them race at Bahrain last year (its absurd, I know) but with the rule changes in 2009 it brought a whole new life into Formula One, with the smaller teams now leaving the big teams like Ferrari, McLaren, BMW and Renault behind. But the performance gap is going to be closed up again when all the teams start to develop their cars using the double-deck diffuser, KERS system or whatnot and use them in Spain during the weekend. It will be interesting to see which team is going to be on top when the European leg of the season starts.

For the full results, just follow the link below:
Three out of four for Button

Thinking of getting a Myvi....

Its about time for me to get a car, after what it felt like an eternity for me to get my driving license. Bloody hell, what the hell does a guy like me take to get to drive a car around here!!!? Well that aside, I really don't care what car my father is going to buy for me, but would be great if it was a car that I get to modify. So yeah, what do you guys think about the Perodua Myvi?

For me, the car does look a lot better than most of the cheap hatchbacks out there and is quite modifiable thanks to sharing the platform between the Daihatsu Sirion and Toyota Passo so modifying the body is gonna be quite fun. Already had several plans on what to do on the car once I get my hands on it, like converting the body to a Daihatsu or Toyota and replace the suspension as well as changing the wheel and tires. Not sure what kind of look that I'm looking for, but I really am interested on the car to be looking like the kei-VIP cars in Japan. Also I am really not sure if I could afford all these modifications so its all in a pipe dream for me.....

The Myvi is not the only car my father is suggesting on buying, there are several cars that he is looking into right now as well and some of therm were my suggestion. So other than the Myvi, the Proton Saga BLM, Hyundai i10, Suzuki Swift, and probably several others. Doesn't matter what car I will get though, just have to wait and see what my father have to say when he will actually talk about buying the car. (he is still quite pissed about it whenever I ask about it lol)

Been busy these past few days....

Well ever since my college started last Monday I really haven't have the time to enjoy sitting down in front of the computer and do whatever that I liked to do like last time. Always been busy with homework and assignments and stuff these days...

Not to say I'm REALLY that busy its just that I don't really have the time to loaf around like before. I only have a few hours to sit in front of my computer to read some news and play some games on Facebook and Myspace. As for college, everything seems fine and so far so good I guess. The lecturers are okay and some of my classmates are really friendly and enjoyable to talk and hang out with and also share the same interest with me. (which involves with cars by the way) As far as learning goes I've just started to learn the basics of Automotive which involves the 5S's (don't ask) and also about learning the tools. Also today I've learned about how to use a jack, jackstand and the car lift!

Thats about it from me I guess, not sure when I will get to write about that Orientation Day thought. Hopefully someday.... (or never)

Vettel Wins at Shanghai!!!

After yet another wet race Sebastian Vetter came on top for Red Bull Racing and claim his second win of his career. Not to be outdone his teammate, Mark Webber finished the race in 2nd to make it a Red Bull 1-2 on the podium. Jenson Button keep his string of good results this year by completing the podium in 3rd. The race itself was pretty much in wet condition throughout the race and never fared better, but it wasn't as bad as it was in Malaysia a couple of weeks ago thats got to be said...

The race did however started behind the safety car for safety reasons and after 4-5 laps behind the safety car the race was declared safe enough to race and the greed flag was waved to get things going. There were a lot of drama during the race and tons of overtaking in the midfield and also a lot of spins and accidents considering the unfavorable conditions. Vettel did lead from start to finish and was on a league of his own compared to the rest of the field, setting the fastest lap during the race and lapping consistently without much mistake. On the other hand though, Ferrari did have a terrible time at Shanghai with Felipe Massa retiring on the 21st lap with mechanical failure of sorts and Kimi Räikkönen finishing at a lowly 10th place. Not a good start to the season for Ferrari at all.

All things considered, it has been one of the most unpredictable seasons yet with Brawn GP, Toyota and now Red Bull on top of the constructors standings while McLaren and Ferrari having to play catch up and develop their cars further in order to be up on top again. Jenson Button is still leading comfortably in the drivers standings but it is still too early to tell who would be the ones that are gonna be the champions at the end of the season.

As always, you can follow the results on GP Update if your want to know more:
Vettel leads magic Red Bull 1-2

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Just did a marathon run of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu (the Japanese title of the anime) from about 5pm till almost 12am midnight with some breaks in between. Could have finished it earlier but whatever, it was totally worth it to watch it all at once! After watching this I really understand why there are many Haruhist (or whatever you want to call them) that can't wait for the second season to start. The story itself is quite simple and easy to understand and is really amusing how the story unfolds if you watch it chronologically like I did. (the anime itself was aired in a nonlinear order) Don't think I have much to say about this anime but reading the manga first before watching the anime did give me a great understanding about what the story is all about.

Okay then, so what do I have to say about Suzumiya Haruhi? Well nothing actually, really haven't thought much about what to say about everything. Just have to watch it and read the manga beforehand if you really want to appreciate the story. To be honest it just feels like what an ordinary boy-meets-girl love story or something similar anime that is out there, only that this one had an added twist as it involves aliens, espers and time travelers. (and whatnot) Don't really get how it become popular or how it even gained so many fans internationally, but whatever it is I'm sure most of us are demanding for a second season....


Just a photo of my remaining "surviving" headphones. As I do used my headphones a lot, I do abuse them to the brink of destruction and get a new one if its broken lol. Not that is to say I keep spoiling my headphones, some of them are still working and is a true testament that some things do last even with all the abuse I throw at it, literally! On the left you could obviously spot my brand new SteelSeries Siberia that I'm using now, and on the top center is my cheap Sensonic headphone. It isn't broken or spoiled but feels very "cheap" per se and also if you noticed I had to wrapped the volume control with tape because the thing keeps falling of when I'm using it. On the right is my precious Sennheiser HD497 which my brother gave me for my birthday a few years ago. Need to find a new headphone cable for my Sennheiser since the old one was worn, besides that the headphone itself is in good condition. Lastly the small one below my Sensonic headphone is my Sony MDR-G52 Street Style Headphones. The longest lasting headphones yet, it is still usable even when it look as bad as that....

I've lost my voice....

Its true, I really lost my voice today. With all the activities being done today at TOC near the end of the day I really had such a bad sore throat I can't even talk with a normal voice! My throat hurts so bad right now and really need to see the doctor in a few moments, just hope I would recover by the end of the weekend or something. Also the fact that I only had 4 hours of sleep prior to this and have been awake for 16+ hours without sleep is a little troubling. Hehe, whatever happens happens and really it is out of my hands. Anyway, today a lot of good things did happen besides this and I am glad that tomorrow I could really get some rest. Like I said earlier, will write my experiences on both days of the TOC Orientation day during the weekend so just keep your hopes up and pray that I will write an interesting story lol.


Well yeah, whatever. Just wanted to say that because that is one of the words I learned to use today at college lol. The orientation at TOC today was just nothing short of awesome, think it feels even better than any of my "first day of school" feeling when I was in primary and secondary school! Did a lot of activities today and made some new friends as well, but most importantly is that finally my college life begins. Sad thing though, because now I feel like I have not enough time to enjoy myself playing Facebook and Mysapce games on my computer anymore, and reading news sites is going to be a P.I.T.A. Meh, guess I need to reschedule my daily routine so that I could spend more time studying and less wasting time on useless things like eating, sleeping and other stuff.

Really have no time to tell how todays event really goes, cause I need to sleep for a while and wake up to watch the UEFA Champions League quarter final match between Porto and Manchester United. =P Will try to explain the day tomorrow or during the weekends when I have more time....

Going to college tomorrow...

Yeah, this probably means I can't enjoy my holidays anymore. No more staying up late, no more loafing around at home or excessively use the computer for 12+ hours everyday, no more going out with friends (well could still do all that stuff, but not as often) and worse of all, I have to start studying again, aaaaarrrrggggghhhh!!!!!!! Well never mind, I guess with all the negatives being mentioned there should always be the brighter side of things. Like most of all I will be starting a new life as an adult (really?) and probably get to make new friends and get to know more people at my college and practically learn more things than I do at school. Hopefully everything goes well tomorrow and will be looking forward to meeting everyone there....

SteelSeries Siberia review

Well after almost a day of testing I guess its finally time for me to give my opinion on my latest purchase. As a fellow gamer and audiophile having a really good pair of headsets is really important, especially when it comes to gaming (and for music as well). I've been stuck using a cheap one for a while now since my Sennheiser wire were worn out and lost sound on the left side. Will talk about that later on another post but for now lets talk about this particular headset. As you can see from this picture above the Siberia is by far one of the best looking gaming headset out there. The "Special Edition Red" really does stand out than the normal black and white version. There were also one in "Iron Lady Pink" but it wasn't sold at the PC Fair, and could probably cost more than this one.

Having open the box, the Siberia does look a lot better out of the box than in it. Also the included were the matching volume control/cord extender and the separated microphone. I really liked that they made the microphone and headset individually instead of combining it together like most headsets out there, as sometimes the mic is poorly placed or just an annoyance. Also besides that there is also the instructions manual, stickers and a screen hanger (which I have no idea what is used for, thought it was for the headset but it was too flimsy) .

Here are several view of the headset:

Nice eh?

and finally a picture of the volume control and the microphone. If you noticed the mic is actually pretty long, think it was about 2 meters like that. Was really surprised it was actually that long, but it didn't matter though. The mic also has a clip which could clip on your shirt or on the headset wire, could probably clip it almost anywhere I guess. Okay, lets now move on to the performance of the Siberia.

After using it for almost a day I am really happy with the performance, considering how well it looks it perform just as good! The Siberia was really comfortable to use with the big and round headset design as well as the fact that you don't need to adjust the headset to suit your head size which is really a plus for me. The Siberia also does well when it comes to sound canceling, with me not being able to hear anything apart from my music or video games lol. But that is to say it is nowhere near as good as my Sennheiser unit, which almost completely blocks out the outside noise so much so I can't even hear myself speak!

Sound wise, the Siberia is build with gaming and performance in mind so you wouldn't expect anything less from it. Listening to several songs as well as playing Counter Strike just now I was really pleased with the performance. The sound quality is slightly more noticeable than the Sennheiser and have a more surroundsound feel to it, which makes listening to music and playing video games more enjoyable. Although with that said, some improvements could be made to make it better. Not to say it is bad or anything, but after using a Sennheiser I really have some problems trying to use another brand other than Sennheiser.

With the good points being taken I want to get to the more disappointed bits about this headset. First of all the one thing I was really upset about was the length of the cable. At 2.8 meters it is really far short compared to the 4 meter cable that I got for my Sennheiser. That is actually 2.8 meters with both the headset and the volume control. The headset was only at 1 meter, while the volume control adds another 1.8 meters to the length to the cable. It also means that the volume controller most of the time would be dangling on the floor when I'm using it on my computer, which is the one thing I must try to avoid doing in the future. The second problem would probably be, how long would this thing last? Well I have to admit I did destroy a lot of my headset over the years, and the cheap ones wouldn't probably last a year. My Sennheier almost laster a few years before the cable got worn, but the headset itself was pretty much okay even after I dropped it on the floor a few times. I will try to take care of this as much as I could, but tripping over the cables could still happen one way or another.....

So thats about I guess, can't say more about the Siberia. You would just have to test it if you want to know how good it is. As for me, I think it is okay and would probably be a steal since I got it cheaper than the list price but overall there are probably much better headsets out there than this one. Maybe they are not made for gaming, doesn't look as nice or even have a microphone included but the do however provide better sound and build than this. Not going to give much of a verdict but here it is anyhow after using it for 1 day.

Overall I would give it an 8/10. It is good, but like I said there are probably others that are better than this, especially Sennheiser.

Gamer @ <3

Bought this today at the PIKOM PC Fair. Have tested it there over there and was quite surprised how comfortable and good the headphones are. It is a SteelSeries Siberia headphone in Special Edition Red. Hehe, well I'm too lazy to write about it now but will try to write a review on it tomorrow. So this is my third consecutive purchase at the PIKOM PC Fair, and probably is the most satisfying yet! Been surveying on this pair of headphones for a while already, but most of the shops were selling it for a really high price. It was a good thing I had enough money to buy this, or else could just be stuck using the cheap one I bought last time.

Also, this is my third branded gaming peripheral I owned. With Logitech, Razer and now SteelSeries, I really have no idea what else should I buy next...

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

Woohoo! Finally finished watching Code Geass R2 a few moments ago in under 2 weeks lol. Just one word to summed up the entire series and that is...... inexplainable! Yeah, I'm just totally lost for words on how f***ing amazing Code Geass was. Almost everything about it was just perfect, the character, the story, the seiyuu, the staff, I mean everything! You couldn't ask for a better anime to watch than this. There was a reason why it won so many awards (which I explained in my earlier post) and even until now there are still people who can't stop talking about it.

Okay, enough about that rubbish. Lets get straight to the point yeah? Being the second series some might say that it wouldn't follow up as well as the first right? Well with R2, it probably did an excellent job combining the two seasons together to make it one hell of a show. Maybe for me I did get confused at first as to how the story started in R2 with Lelouch almost forgotten about the whole ordeal between the Black Knights and Brittania, and even has a little brother with him! But after I watched a couple of episodes I did understand the whole situation and actually praise how the way the story went. I'll probably just leave it at there for you to imagine....

Then with all the chaos and corruption for power, the United Federation of Nations was formed, Brittania got pissed and wage war against the Black Knights and the United Federation of Nations, Lelouch found out about his past, managed to meet his parents eye to eye, kill them, bla bla bla.... Roflmao, think I should just talk about the ending cause I don't feel like telling everything lol. Anyway, I think the ending was greatly done and like how Death Note ended, with the main protagonist dying in such a way that even when everyone wants to hate them just couldn't help but feel bad about them. Which kinda reminds me, both Lelouch Lamperouge and Light Yagami do have something in common, should I write about them later? Yeah, will think about that soon.....

So onto the ending now, and wow was it really really really dramatic. Nunally managed to open her eyes and managed to see Lelouch's face after 8 years!!! (in the story that is) After some fighting scenes it ended with Lelouch managed to become the emperor of Brittania, the leader of the United Federation of Nations as well as the 2nd in command of the Black Knights. Then during a parade Zero appeared and killed Lelouch in front of everyone. I was like "holy s***...." and was just gobsmacked. Well to be honest I was already spoiled when I heard Lelouch was gonna die in the series but didn't expect it to end like that at all. Well whatever, it was enjoyable and had a great time watching it. Don't need to recommend or comment if you rather watch or not, the anime speaks for itself. Once you watched the first episde you will be totally hooked till the very end. (which sadly, is the type of person I am)

I really could go on and on about this anime, but I'll save that for another time. So yeah, a little sad that such a great anime has come to an end, but happy that now I can go watch Suzumiya Haruhi tomorrow. Might even do a 1 day marathon like I did with Wangan Midnight! Should be awesome.....

My Mouses...

Well just felt bored and wanted to show my gaming mouses lol. The Logitech MX-518 (which I got a newer version after my old one got spoiled) and the Razer Boomslang C.E. Actually these were taken about a month or so ago, but was just too lazy to post it up. Both mouse do feel great and serve its purpose when it comes to gaming. Although I do have to say the Boomslang is a bit hard to use if you have a small hand, but the left and right click feels more comfortable (and responsive) than the MX-518 and has the well known Raser Synapse on-board memory. On the other hand though, the MX-518 is better suited for right handed gamer (like most of us) and is much more easier to setup than the Boomslang.

Idolmaster SP

Well after downloading this game from a torrent site a few days ago, I finally get to play this game!!!! =D

Not sure if many people know what is Idolm@ster (or Im@s for short) or what kind of game it is, but if you are a fellow otaku or someone who follows the general Japanese anime/gaming scene should know what this game is all about. Anyhow, just started to play this game today and only about a few minutes into the game and got to say the game is quite addictive. I know that there are 3 versions of this game (Missing Moon, Perfect Sun and Wondering Star) and fortunately the torrent has all 3 games in it! Yeah, I choose to play Perfect Sun simply because it has ribbon-chan in it!!!! As for the gaming itself, it is pretty much what you expect from a Japanese visual novel game. Very long scenes where the character talks to you and have Japanese scripts written below (which I can't understand!) and make decisions in the game which would affect the outcome of the game, etc. But the main point of the game is definitely the part where your Idol actually have to perform on stage. Hehe, but I haven't really played long enough so I really don't know how to explain that part. Also the mini games inside were nice as well and I think the replay value of this game is just fantastic.

But only downside is I'm missing out on what they are saying in the game, and I just found out that there are a people who are trying to translate them texts into English (which is always nice) but are only a few % into subbing it. Oh well, at least the gameplay is nice though. Will try to make a video review in a couple of days....

Fast & Furious 4 review

Just watched it earlier today at Summit USJ, and even before I even got my ticket a freak accident happened. (yeah, just proves bad luck DO happen when I'm around lol) I was just queuing up to buy my tickets like everyone else, and when it was my turn to buy the ticket the computer started acting up LOL!!!! The person at the counter started to freak out when the computer wouldn't respond, but after a few minutes she got the computer working again and I got the ticket. The usual price was RM10 for adults but I did request for a student rate and got RM6 for the tickets, she didn't even check my school card (which was my high school card, still didn't get my college card yet) and just accepted my money and gave back the change. After that, bought some popcorn and soft drinks and entered the theater.

Well sorry for that weird story, onto my view on the movie. This is seriously one of the best "Fast & Furious" movies I have watched so far out of all the 4 and out of the 3 I've watched at the cinema. (didn't get to watch Tokyo Drift at the theaters unfortunately) I'll admit I am a big fan of F&F ever since the first movie came out back in 2001 and the formula that made it so interesting hasn't changed much at all. Its not about the casts or the beautiful ladies in the movie or the story or even about the action scenes (but yeah, it is actually what made it interesting to say the least) but it was always all about the cars. No doubt this one has definitely had the best cars in the series so far. Will not go much into details about that, but cars like the Ford RS200, Kaizo R34, Subaru Impreza and the Dodge Charger was probably the cars I liked the best in the movie.

Onto the cast now, and the return of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker as Dominic Toretto and Brian O'Connor respectively and boy oh boy what joy it brings to have them together again. In my mind no F&F movie should be without them and with Tokyo Drift having the lowest gross out of the 4 films just proves it. They are like what Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are in Rush Hour, irreplaceable! However, the antagonist in the story (John Ortiz as Ramon Campos/Arturo Braga) was quite unconvincing. Not to say the acting was bad or anything but compared to the other bad guys in the series he really isn't the baddest of the bad.

As for the story itself, it was good to say the least but it isn't the best I've seen from F&F either. F&F4 does well to cover the story between the first F&F and 2F2F and almost everything seems in place, except for the cars. (couldn't care though, they just HAD to have them cars in the movie anyhow) There were probably a few parts where the special effects was too much, but other than that the racing part was quite amusing and fun to watch over and over again. Also the fact that they used a GPS for the race was quite unique for a street race, never thought that would ever happened in a F&F movie. Everything was good and enjoyable and most people would probably understand what the whole movie was about at the end.

Overall I really don't know what to say about this movie really. Definitely one of the "better" of 2009 and never fails to disappoint me like how the other movies so far, but if your not interested in cars, babes or action movies in general then this probably isn't the movie for you. There were probably one or two parts that were quite poorly done and the fact that so many cars were wrecked in this movie, (lost counted how many it was lol) it was definitely worth the money (for me) and I would definitely go watch it again if my friends were to ask me to go watch it.

As hard as for me to say, I'll give it a 6.5/10 rating. Even that is with me being kind about the movie....

A Bizarre End at Sepang....

Who could've predicted the end of the race would turn out like this? With just 33 laps completed they had to "red flag" the race and stopped at the starting line because of the bad weather. Well it was disappointing really that the race had to end like this but no one predicted how bad the weather it would be. Almost everyone says it would rain but mother nature had other plans in mid and threw completely one hell of a storm. Although I do have to say those 33 laps before the red flag was pretty awesome. Its just sad that half points are awarded since they didn't completed the required 75% race distance but then again I don't think most of the drivers would risk taking their chances racing with the weather as bad as this.

Again it was Jenson Button's week who qualified on pole and to win the race for the second time this season, but he did not lead the entire race at the front and had to fight for the position against the like of Toyota and Williams. In the end with the right strategy and Button's sheer pace on the track what gave him back first position even when Timo Glock had the better tires during his stint. But the biggest surprise for me has definitely been Nick Heidfeld who was in 10th and managed to finish 2nd at the end of the race, with remarkably just 1 pit stop! Another job well done for quick Nick eh?

Was quite weird really that the storm actually went this bad but then again with Malaysia being in the center of the equator and currently during our monsoon season it does rain quite frequently during the evening with the occasional thunderstorms, having the race at the normal time could have avoided the race being a totally wet race and could just been better for everyone to enjoy.....

Button wins halted Malaysian Grand Prix

A Storm Brewing in Malaysia?

Well it was just last week that most of us witness history as Brawn GP took their first ever win on their debut, and now have to do it all over again in Sepang, Malaysia. The weather forecast for the weekend will probably be overcast with almost a big percentage of rain during the evening. But as we all know in F1, anything can happen in F1 and it usually does.

Williams topped the time sheet in the first practice session with Nico Rosberg being on top followed by Kazuki Nakajima in 2nd. It was however a different story in the second practice session as it was Ferrari who took the spoils and made it a 1-2 at the end of the session, with Kimi Räikkönen setting the fastest time of the day (a 1:35.707, almost 0.5 seconds faster than Nico Rosberg) with Massa came close in 2nd being under 0.1 seconds off. Well as for the others, both Brawn GP and Red Bull have been consistent in both practice sessions with being in the top 10, while teams like McLaren and BMW looking like they are struggling to keep up with Ferrari. But it is still early days and tomorrow and Sunday might yield some results for them. However McLaren has got to be in the center of attention after they were disqualified from the Australian GP for "misleading information". Also earlier today Lewis Hamilton was also give a fine for speeding in the pit lane, so McLaren really need to overcome their bad start to the weekend with some solid results.....

As always, here are the results:
first practice session
second practice session

Happy April Fools Day!!!!

Hahahahahahahaha, yeah yeah I know its old but even after 2 years this was the best meme in recent history! Could have rick rolled people still and would still be awesomely funny if it worked. Since it should be April 1st around the world, there is no excuse not to be pranked now. Besides this today is also my cousins birthday (sorry x wish awal sikit, paham2 lah....) and well just wish he got pranked at school really good lol. Returning to the subject of April fools day, what do you guys think about it now? Even though April fools day would only last a day, some would say it would last a month while a small minority will drag this to several months (which is sad really) so just be prepared if you don't want to be rick rolled, pranked into traps or the usual stuff that you expected to be pranked with, I'm sure will gonna get one sooner or later (but it is just isn't the same like it was at school, hahaha.....)

Well to the readers here who are into this, happy pranking guys/gals! =D

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