Posted by : Muzaffar Thursday, April 16, 2009

Its true, I really lost my voice today. With all the activities being done today at TOC near the end of the day I really had such a bad sore throat I can't even talk with a normal voice! My throat hurts so bad right now and really need to see the doctor in a few moments, just hope I would recover by the end of the weekend or something. Also the fact that I only had 4 hours of sleep prior to this and have been awake for 16+ hours without sleep is a little troubling. Hehe, whatever happens happens and really it is out of my hands. Anyway, today a lot of good things did happen besides this and I am glad that tomorrow I could really get some rest. Like I said earlier, will write my experiences on both days of the TOC Orientation day during the weekend so just keep your hopes up and pray that I will write an interesting story lol.

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  1. kevinlmw says:

    no worry, just become a hikkimori for a week. lol

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