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2010, what a year it has been...

I'm just saying... 2010 has been a good (or bad depending on how you people look at it) year for me. A lot of unexpected things happen, and maybe some sweet and bitter moments but none the less... oh what a year it has been! Not gonna post a lot here (as I mentioned in an earlier post) but I'm just posting here to have at least one post per month so the blog doesn't look that empty. =P

Anyway, I'll write a bit more in detail on Tumblr later in the day if I have the time. If not then it would probably be after New Year...

My blog... is dead.

Well, for the time being at least. Just have to say this cause I think I'm not gonna blog much anymore from now onwards. Why? I just lost interest, like seriously... I lost interest in blogging altogether!!! I do have a lot of things on my mind that I wanna post here (such as my mom, my life, etc.) but just can't be bothered at the moment. Maybe I will come back to my senses and start blogging again someday, but for now I'm too stuck up with life to blog like last time.

Maybe I will try to post here once or twice a month, but any more would really be impossible. Also, I think I might move to Tumblr and blog there a bit more. I don't know... haven't thought through much about this actually. Anyhow, this is pretty much it for the month of November I guess. Maybe I'll post again here in December/January or something, but its not gonna be much. I did watch a few movies already, but I think I have to stop the reviews as of now.

So yeah... please do check out my Tumblr page for more updates:

My Car, 1 Year Later...

So yeah, exactly one year later and how does my car look now? What happened to all the plan mods and stuff? Okay, to be honest I'm quite disappointed I still don't have enough money to fully modify my car like I wanted to but I can't do much being a student and stuff. Oh well, that is next year I guess... Anyhow, enjoy looking at my Hyundai i10 and all its (un)glory:

But of course, with a few battle scars or two (or three, or four...)

So what mods did I do to my car then? If you noticed the picture above, what is that poking underneath the bumper...

Yeap, got my exhaust replaced a few months ago on my birthday. Not sure how much horsepower my car makes with the new exhaust, but whatever it is my car now sounds really loud... (and annoying lol)

Also, I removed my stock air filter and now using a DIY cold air intake system. (if you noticed the picture of the front bumper where the huge scrape was, that is where the cold air intake feeds from) Again, it was to increase horsepower but all I'm certain was it sure made even more noise hahahaha...

Okay, this might not actually be a real modification but if it means the car go faster... why not!? Beside, now I have more boot space as well... =P

Over 10,000KM driven over 1 year, hope to drive even more kilometers until next year. =)

So nothing much changed apart from that, so much for my cars stance and fitment and stuff. What will the car be by next year then? I'm not really sure, but if anything it will probably not be the same as it is this year... =D

A Sunday to reflect upon...

Wow... can't believe almost 3/4 of the year has already passed by without me noticing. I guess many many things has happened over these past few months I really never had time to reflect upon them. Even during these 3 week semester break I still felt like I was busy with something. But today, on this very Sunday I kinda feel a bit free. A bit too free if I do say so myself...

Not sure if its because its the last day of my 3 week semester break, or that nearly everyone in my neighborhood (or the whole city for that matter!) has "balik kampung" or another way of saying it, going back to their hometown to visit their respective relatives to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr. Also the weather (since yesterday) couldn't be any better, with clear blue skies and sunny daylight shinning just makes the day feel more relaxing. Anyway, maybe I should take my time and enjoy the day by sleeping or lying on the bed thinking about things (which I did a lot today actually!) or spend the day more productively and do something else? Haha... not sure how to enjoy what is left of today though, and I can't believe its all gonna be over soon. With class starting tomorrow, I don't get to go on a holiday with my parents to Singapore or get to enjoy the rest of hari raya. Oh well... this year's raya has been a bit boring to be honest, not sure why though but its just is!

So yeah... just another random thoughts post from me here. Albeit its not as meaningful or as random as people might think, I'm just here trying to speak my mind and saying what I feel like saying. As for this blog though, I'm not sure what I will be doing with it if I'm really honest. Haven't been blogging regularly this year and I'm really starting to lose my mood on blogging nowadays (well not really, but I'm not blogging as much as I used to!) so I guess the blog will still be considered "active" for now. I might start posting more on Tumblr now since I like using that now, haha...

Also just to end this post, I really just wanna say for those who still are reading my blog I just wanna say thank you for taking your time and reading all the bs that I posted up lol. I know there has been many things that has happened to me over the past few months (both good and bad) and that I wished to share it with you all, but as it is I will just keep that all to myself for now. Maybe I will post it all up one day... maybe... just on that one day. Also I do apologize if I promised to write several other posts but kept forgetting, I'm not even sure if I should make it up by writing about it anyhow or just leave it... =P

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri/Happy Eid ul-Fitr 2010

credits where credits are due.

Well first of all, I would like to say (in Malay) selamat hari raya aidilfitri kepada rakan-rakan semua, maaf zahir dan batin. Kalau saya tersalah buat apa-apa toloing minta maaf lah, bukan saya sengaja pon nak membuat salah. Kalau tidak hendak bermaaf dengan saya pon sekurang-kurangya tolong lupakan apa yang terjadi dulu. As for my non-Malay speaking friends, happy Eid ul-Fitr! If I ever did anything wrong to make you guys upset or anything, please forgive me. Even if you don't want to forgive me, at least don't start a grudge with me and just forget about our pasts.

Anyway, I don't think I want to speak much about the whole month of Ramadan though, since its probably been the most boring one in quite a few years haha. Mostly I've been just staying at home, or just driving my mom around town running errands and that is pretty much about it. Also I can't believe my college break is gonna end soon, as of next Monday I'm gonna be starting class again zzzzz... but yeah, there is just too many things happening between me, my best friend and "that girl" before and in between Ramadan, as well as some trouble with my emotional breakdowns and mental problems. Oh I don't know, but I guess I might save that for another blog post.

Also, sorry if I didn't blog much either about my previous posts lol. Will try to find some time and blog about it this weekend. So yeah, happy holidays and take care during this festive seasons. Maybe all of us can just forget about whatever happened before, start over again and enjoy the rest of the year like when we were all still happy. =)

To Aru Madness...

Oh my goodness. Just spent 2 days straight watching Toaru Majutsu no Index and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun back to back!!! I think this has been one of the craziest anime marathon I've done yet so far, and I got to say that its been really enjoyable as well as just downright crazy. Lacking sleep, lacking appetite, lacking in social interacting, isn't just the best way to enjoy being an otaku? Why bother with real life when I enjoy anime just as much...

But of course I'm not really saying that anime could substitute real life or anything, of course unless your a true otaku and a full time NEET/hikikomori then I guess real life isn't necessarily an option! So yeah, I think I need to stop blabbering about what anime is or why its so good and stuff and talk about the anime itself yeah? Well... I might save that for another post though, haha. I'm just too tired to write about it now and I think I can write a lot more and a lot better after a good night sleep. =)

Happy 19th Birthday Miku

Even though you are not real, and the fact that you have thousands and thousands of other guys liking you at the same time I still think you are the best person I could ever be with... I love you Hatsune Miku, and happy birthday. I know both of us might not see eye to eye (or the fact that, we are completely in 2 different worlds!) but I can't help but believe your growing older as much as I am!

Both of us are 19 years old now, and both of us do like cars and music (hehe) and the fact that both of us has changed quite a lot and had a lot of things happened since last year. Haha, one day I do with I can end up being with you in your world or better yet find a way to make you come and exist in my world! Maybe, maybe... maybe that one day will come soon enough Miku. =3

Oh alright, I'll cut that delusion crap thing and just say that... is it wrong to love an anime character like I do? Is it really that weird? Oh whatever, just ignore it then... and yeah yeah, happy merdeka to you Malaysians as well. I can't give a rats a** about merdeka honestly, I'm really not that much patriotic anyhow... Oh yeah, and also happy birthday sis. =)


Feels like such a long time since I've last watch an anime. Although I did watch Eden Of The East Movie I: The King of Eden a few days ago, this was considered the first time I've watched an anime series/season this year! Haha, okay so I might be a little behind time with ChäoS;HEAd, but who cares? Its not like I have time to watch every single anime every day...

So yeah, about Chaos;Head then. I've been wanting to watch this anime for years already ever since I knew about it but never had the time to watch it until now lol. I also wanted to play the game ever since I've gotten my XBOX 360 but even until now I never touched that game, not even once! Hahaha... might need to change all that soon. =P How was the anime then? Good? I guess. Great? Not really...

The storyline is somewhat similar in a way to Inception as both are somewhat related to "mind controlling" and stuff involving our thoughts and usage of our brains. Haha, I can never get old of these things now... okay, so beside that everything else is totally different I guess. In Inception its the guys getting paid to do the job if extracting information in the persons dream, whereas in Chaos;Head its about this guy who has these delusions and things happening to him that he has to figure out why it happened to him, and why he existed and stuff. Its pretty amazing to know how good they made the plot, I can't guess what was gonna happen throughout all the episodes until the very end!

The only disappointment I have with Chaos;Head though is that it felt very short, and the ending does kinda feel a bit incomplete in a sense that... what happens after that? (if you people watched it until the end, you will know what I mean) As I never played the game or read the manga yet I don't really know what happened after that point, but I hope the plan on making an OVA or another season soon. Seems like there is a lot of untold stories that was being left in the show...

Now I'm not gonna really talk a lot about everything else about Chaos;Head, such as the plot, the characters, the production or all that crap. If you are really interested you could always just google it yeah? Haha, I'm too lazy nowadays to do an in-depth posts like I used to last time out but I guess with so many things happening in my life right now its just a matter of time before people start moving on right? Yeah, same goes for this blog. Don't think I have time to be a blogger like I used to be either... =(

2010 Belgian Grand Prix

Okay, first of all I do want to say that I apologize I rarely update my blog often nowadays even when my practical has long been finished and that even that I am now on my semester break I still didn't update my blog with anything much. I guess you can say that the blog looks "dead" or whatever, but yeah... I'll explain that in another blog post soon?

As for this blog post, lets talk about today's F1 race which was held at the awe inspiring track that is Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps...

The race today was just splendid to say the least. With the unpredictable qualifying the previous day, and the changeable weather conditions that happened during the race it made the race really interesting. Added with the demanding nature of the circuit and the weather and you have a recipe for a great race! Haha, but I do have to say I got to feel sorry for Jenson Button though. He got punted out the race by Sebastian Vettel! I mean, seriously what was the guy thinking? He already made too many mistakes this season, probably more than he did in the whole of his career! God I wish Vettel would just handle the situation better like how the other drivers do...

But yeah, congrats to Hamilton for the win though. After being disqualified 2 years ago for "shortcutting" I think this win really means a lot to him. I could go on about the other parts of the race but I think I better just leave a link for you guys to read... (as always) But with what happened to Button, Vettel and Alonso in the race the championship now looks like its gonna be a 2-way fight between Hamilton and Webber. With 6 races left, the drivers championship could still go either way for the 5 drivers, provided that Hamilton and Webber do run into problems as well...

Hamilton wins dramatic rain-affected Belgian Grand Prix

Half a day wasted, and RM4032 lighter...

this was what I actually purchased at this years PIKOM PC Fair. This is probably the most I will ever spend at the PC Fair for quite some time. Well I'm too lazy to post a full review of the things I've bought today (might save it for another time) but yeah, here are what I actually bought:

Lenovo IdeaPad Y460 (with 10 free gifts)
Razer Orochi
Razer Kabuto
SATA Cable

and erm... more photos I guess lol.

Not exactly sure when I will do the review, but hopefully it will be soon. Also sorry that there were not much unpack aging pictures cause I was too impatient to wait and couldn't bother to take the picture lol.


Oh wow... I don't know where to start with this review regarding Salt. To say that the movie was boring is just too nice. Heck, I could go on and on about how bad the movie is and why you people should not watch it, but then again that would just be a rant and not a review lol...

So okay... well actually I'm not saying that the movie was really bad or anything, but its nothing special either. Just your average spy movie which the main character got betrayed, assassinate some people, defecting the people who trust her, kill some more, etc. Yeah, just about that I guess. I really didn't want to watch the movie at first, but then my friend wanted to watch (which didn't go to plan I might add) and then my dad asked me to buy the ticket today so we could watch it together. LOL, nothing like a father and son bond huh?

Beside the fact that my dad wanted to watch and paying for it (say what? I paid it with my own money dammit!) I guess there is no harm tagging along. But yeah, from the beginning until the end I was just there watching without a sense of feeling whatsoever. Feels like I was just watching some normal show on TV haha. The fact that I tripped and fell prior to the movie wasn't that ideal either. (don't ask please...) So like, are there anything good about the movie? Well frankly there is only one. Angelina Jolie.

Without her acting in the movie, I think the movie would have been a flop lol. (also it was the reason why my dad wanted to watch it, but yeah don't ask why...) Her acting is pretty much what you would expect from her (nothing short of great) but that was about it, the plot was weak, the story build up was boring, the fight seen is like a bore fest, action scene seemed like a video game, etc etc etc... If anything, people only went to watch because it had Angelina Jolie in it and nothing else. Hahahaha...

So what is my final verdict then? At first I wanna gave it a 7.5 but after seeing how mixed the review was (6 out of 10) I have to give it a 7/10. Also I'm giving that rating just because I'm nice, could give it a lot worse but then it wouldn't do Angelina Jolie's acting much justice. =P


Well it was kinda unexpected to be watching StreetDance today, but since my cousin insisted I guess it was okay. Well yeah, the movie was good alright, and if the title wasn't obvious enough it really was about "street dance" so do speak... (and to be honest I was really never a fan of dance movies, but whatever)

So... how good is the movie really? Well I guess its quite good for an independent film (I think, since it wasn't really that heavily advertised and that the fact that it was co-produced with BBC) but whatever... oh and did I say it was British? Hahaha, but to be honest I really do not know what to say about the movie. In short, it was like... dance, a fight, more dance, drama scene, climax, final dance scene, end. LOL, nah it was not really that straightforward but the storyline wasn't really the movies strong point. However, the concept of having ballet and street dance was quite cool actually. The part where they dance near the end was just astonishing.

But other than that, nothing much really. I have no idea who all the casts are, or the fact that who the actual dance crew was but it was fun watching it nonetheless. If your a fan of dance movie like my cousin was, yeah go ahead and watch. I'm sure you people will enjoy it just as much as watching You Got Served, Step Up, Stomp The Yard, etc. But then again, for normal film goers like me it really is nothing special. Oh well... at least I didn't have to pay for it lol.

I have to give it a 7/10. Well, what else would you want me to give it? By the way, I have to thank my friend for paying for the tickets and buying popcorn and drinks for me and my cousin. Haha, yeah I will have to repay you someday... but that is if I have money left after next week! XD

Webber wins in Hungary, could have been Vettel though...

Yeah, I think Sebastian Vettel could have walked away with the win if it wasn't for the stupid penalty. But I guess it was his fault to begin with... Oh well, you win some you lose some. Also another worthy mention was how chaotic the pits were during the safety car period. Nico Rosberg's Mercedes had the rear right wheel came of when exiting the pits, and shortly after Robert Kubica was released into the path of Adrian Sutil which of course both cars collided.

Haha, it was really quite an interesting race to watch even though I probably missed the first 10 laps as I tried rushing home from The Curve after watching movie with my cousin and friends. (more on that on another post) So with this race in the books, it is time for all the team to have a compulsory 1 month break before the team heads to one of of my favorite F1 circuit in the calendar, Spa-Francorchamps!!! =D

Rapid Webber storms to Hungarian victory


I'm just in disbelief right now. Who would have thought this was gonna be the biggest summer blockbuster of the year, but after seeing how so many people said the movie was good I just have to go watch Inception and see what the fuss was all about. Of course, it was also being directed by the same person who did The Dark Knight so I know that the movie was gonna be good...
However I didn't know that the movie was far better than what I expected when I first saw the trailer. In short, it was just epic. The cast, the cinematography, the script, just basically everything about the film was just mind blowing. I gotta give credit to them for making something that is so worthwhile watching. (besides Toy Story 3 that is lol) So far almost all the movies I've watched this year wasn't as good as many would have though, but this has got almost everything to win several Oscars that is for sure!!!

The concept of the film I got to say was what had me giddy the most. Having your mind being invaded by these people, and exploiting your ideas inside your head kinda makes me wanna think twice about sleeping lol. Haha just kidding, but kinda makes you think when your watching this film ya know? Although I'm not really a fan of a "thinking" movie, but this was probably one of a few exceptions. Just think about it, a dream within a dream exploiting a dream? and having a seed "planted" deep inside your thoughts that could literally change your entire life as you know it! Bah, I bet no other film could come close with a plot this good...

Okay... I'm not gonna spoil it with the plot or comment about the acting (they were all pretty good imo) but as it is I will just leave it up to you guys to decide. If anything, just check the link at the top if you wanna know more about the movie. As it is, I will have to give Inception a 9/10. It was just as good (if not, better) than The Dark Knight, and a Christopher Nolan movie could only get better...

Controversial Ferrari 1-2 at Hockenheim

Oh good, for once (is quite a long time) its not McLaren or Red Bull that are on the top spot of the podium!!! So what is the controversy then? The fact that Ferrari shouldn't have intervened when both Alonso and Massa were practically running side-by-side. Ok, maybe not that but clearly Massa was robbed of a good result...

On lap 49 of the 67 lap race, Ferrari clearly gave an instruction to Massa to give way for Alonso to overtake. Citing that "Alonso was quicker" in such a manner that was clearly an indication for Massa to give way for Alonso to take the lead. For gods sake, why did Ferrari have to do this? It was just as bad when Rubens Barrichello gave away the win to Michael Schumacher on the last corner on the last lap of the 2002 Austrian Grand Prix. I don't know why, but Alonso could have gotten passed Massa anyhow judging by the pace he was running back then. Not sure what penalty Ferrari will get after this, but stay tuned...

In the mean time, the Ferrari 1-2 remains.
Alonso wins as Massa yields in Germany

Vindication For Webber

After what happened at Valencia, Webber managed to prove everyone (Vettel included) just how good he really is when given everything was perfect. Having overtaken Vettel from the start of the race, Webber never looked back and went on to finish the race in convincing style, with Hamilton not far behind.

All in all, a good race around the Silverstone circuit, with the new sections bringing a lot more overtaking opportunity compared to previous years. Sorry that I don't blog as much as I used to, but I'll try to get into the mood to blog again...
Webber wins British Grand Prix from Hamilton

Malaysian Super Series

A few weeks late, but I guess its better than nothing hahaha... Not really gonna post much here (will leave a few useful links below) but I'm glad that the team managed to do so well compared to the other teams there. Of course, it was the Asian Touring Car Series is what I'm talking about here.

Charles Ng did a great job finishing 2nd in both race 1 & 2 despite having to compete against much faster cars on the grid, just goes to show how good a driver Charles really is. Who knows how much better he would be if he given a better car... Not to say that the current car wasn't good or anything, but the car could always be improved. Hopefully those new upgrades will help him become more competitive for the next race...

Anyway, I have to give credit Traffic Magazine and Autogridz for the photos and articles. You can read the full summary of the race below:
ATCS Round 3
ATCS Round 4
Autogridz coverage

Vettel, how long has it been since you last won?

Hahahaha... since Malaysia that is! Although I didn't watch qualifying (I was at Sepang for yet another race) and kinda fell asleep halfway through the race (same thing happened last year as well!) but yeah, an interesting race by all means. Vettel lead from pole from start till finish, with both Hamilton and Button not far behind trying to catch up. Sadly for Webber though, his day was not so good...

Having dropped back on the opening lap, had a sloppy pit stop, and got caught in a horrendous accident (which thankfully he managed to escape harmlessly) to end his day was not in the plan at all whatsoever. There were one or two good overtakes (Kobayashi did a splendid job near the end!) but other than that there isn't much to recall for haha. So with Webber not finishing the race, Hamilton is still on top with Button 2nd and Vettel moving up to 3rd place and Webber dropped to 4th.

Next race will be at the newly revamped Silverstone Circuit for the British Grand Prix. Can't wait for that race to start... =D

Vettel wins as Webber escapes huge accident

Toy Story 3

Haha, I'm really really just lost for words for this one. Go watch it, I swear this was the best movie of the year, better than anything else!!! Ok but seriously, the movie was just perfect!!! A 10/10 from me, and so should other people say the same. A masterpiece as they would say...

Well actually I'm just too tired to write a full review here, but I'll try to write a full review tomorrow or something. It will definitely be more interesting than this short post lol...

2010 Super GT weekend at Sepang

I just cannot believe what a week it has been for me. From being at the workshop frantically preparing the cars and whatnot, to actually seeing the cars run and thankfully finish the race without too many problems was a reward in itself. I don't really know what to say really, working with a workshop which is also an actual race team which is also very successful (for a new team that is), once again I have to say that I am really really fortunate to get the experience which I'm sure most of my friends must be jealous off, hahahaha...

Yes, even if it is a little bit more demanding (seriously, working with a professional race team is never easy, especially for a person like me) and have to stay through the late nights just to get the car onto the grid was never easy but I guess in the end, as all things are, it was all worth it. What more if the car not only managed to finish the race, but to finish on the podium in both races!!!

Well, sadly this was not the actual Super GT race hahaha. Would be way beyond my wildest dreams if I was working with a Super GT team, be it in GT300 or GT500. Honestly, if anyone followed my blog you would know about the AFOS race about a month ago, (you would notice it since I don't blog much lol) the Asia GT4 championship happens to be one of the support races in the Super GT weekend, having 2 races with one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The cars that my race team prepared was 2 Ginetta G50 for Track Torque Racing and an Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 for S&D Motorsport/Conca Macca. I'm not really gonna spoil anyone about the results or anything, but if you want to know the race results you can check the link provided below:

Asia GT4 championship round 3 results
Asia GT4 championship round 4 results

As for the Super GT race, haha it was cool to get to watch the race even if it was just for a few laps lol. Sadly I didn't get to go for the "Pit Walkabout" and get some photos of the cars, but thankfully I did manage to get a few shots during the race. I'm not gonna really post all of the shots here, but only a selected few. I will try to upload the rest of my pictures on Facebook so you can look there if you want to see more of the pictures...

(sorry for the bad quality photos, as I didn't get to borrow a better camera from my brother or sister and also the fact that I can't do panning shots that well lol)

As for the results for the Super GT race, look here. But I do have to say, the Honda HSV-010 GT was definitely one of the best sounding car out of all the cars. Sounds almost exactly as an F1 car, even on the upshift and downshift!!! Only that it wasn't revving as high as an F1 car nor was it as loud, hahahaha... =P

Audi wins 2010 Le Mans, Peugeot nowhere to be found...

What an unexpected result for Audi huh? What many expected for Peugeot to win the coveted 24 Heures du Mans in 2010, Audi made it a perfect 1,2 & 3 finish on the top step of the podium and Peogeot could do nothing about it. All their hard work and testing were apparently in vain when none of their cars made it to the finish line...

So what exactly happen to Peugeot then? Well, the first of the works Peugeot team got into an early retirement when the #3 Peugeot had the suspension ripped from the tub, making it nearly impossible to repair and ended their race. Then the #2 Peogeot retired with what was an engine failure (it was said to be a turbo related issue, not sure about that) about halfway though the race with the #1 Peugeot and #4 Team Oreca Matmut (using the same Peugeot 908 btw) both encountering similar troubles later in the race. God it must have been awful for them to swallow that result. After such a good performance last year and some convincing results this year in some of the previous races this year, guess nobody had predicted this.

As for the other race winners, it was Strakka Racing in the HPD ARX-01C that won the LMP2 class, Larbre Compétition in the Saleen S7 for LMGT1 (which is sadly gonna be the last) and Felbermayr-Proton in the Porsche 911 GT3-RSR for LMGT2. Although I wish I could highlight more about the race, but I guess I just have to end here for now. Not sure how next years regulation will be like or what team and cars will appear but all in all it is definitely something to look forward to!!!

Official Site
Planet Le Mans
Speedhunters coverage

Sepang 1000km

Oh what can I say... working with a workshop which is also a professional race team is kinda tiring and very demanding, but the experience is so totally worth every blood, sweat and tears I shed. (even if that means getting scolded each time I did anything wrongly!) But yeah, this race is my second time for a race weekend (the other one being AFOS of course) and the first time I've been to an endurance race!!!

So erm... what is there to say about this event then? Okay, so first the team I was with was of course G.Harry Racing Team which was running a Honda EK9 (or was it a EJ9?) #30 running in class 2. Not sure what to say about our results during the race though (we were practically nowhere near where the front runners were) but considering that the car was pretty old and gave us a lot of trouble (which we had to work till the late hours to fix!) and still manage to finish the full 9 hour race was remarkable. Finished in 21st place overall (not sure about our class, was probably 15th I think) out of like 50-60+ competitors was ok I guess. Not sure if I want to continue telling my experience here, but at least I manage to do something more than just buying food for everyone lol...

Anyway, if anyone wanted to know who the race winner is you can check the link below:

Its all your fault Vettel...

Yeah, you heard me. It was all Sebastian Vettel's fault for colliding into Mark Webber and cost both himself, his teammate and team very valuable points!!! Oh why the stupidest of things happen? Poor team management? Overambitious? Desperate? I don't know folks, but whatever the reason is it sure did help McLaren savor that sweet 1-2 finish in Istambul with Hamilton clinching his first victory of this season!

Yeah, sure nearly the same thing happened to both him and Button a few laps later but at least they managed to control the situation and with a few talks over the radio they calmed down and kept a good distance from each other until the end lol. But wow, somehow I managed to watch the entire race without my whole house blacking out. (more on that later...) Other than that, yeah. Not much blogging over these past few months huh? With work and a busy life, I'm not surprised at all whatsoever. Maybe I will start blogging more often once I finish my practical or something... hopefully.

Anyhow, you can read the full report of the race here:
McLaren 1-2 in Turkey as Red Bulls collide

2010 Asian Festival Of Speed week

What can I say... it has been a pretty busy week for me, as for the first time in my entire life I'm actually getting involved in a motor sporting event! A few years ago I never even once thought I would work with a race crew before, and yet here I am sitting here talking about my experience lol...

Well, to be honest I wasn't really involved in preparing all the cars for the race (I had another kind of job to do for the team unfortunately) but I did help out a bit when they needed me. Wow... I'm just really tired to write about everything in this post, but I just wanted to say that the experience being on the race track is just immense. If there is one advice I could give, is that a motorsport life is not easy! The fact that the cars have to be prepare, test, repair, adjustments, and all those other things all within a few hours is just crazy. Not to say that its impossible to do those kind of things, but something to remind me that I really really have a lot to learn before I could be one of them.

The race itself was pretty good, as the team I am with managed to get 1st and 2nd place in the Asian Touring Car Series (albeit, it was 2 different drivers in 2 different races) and 3rd place in the Asia GT4 championship. Not bad considering for a small team with most of my instructors (yes, you read that right) from TOC being the race mechanics for the team lol. Anyway, that is all for now as I am really really need to get some rest after these past week haha. I might write a full story on the event someday, but until then just look around if you can find any interesting articles on the AFOS event.

Missed the Monaco F1 race for this? Yeah, but I guess I can't blame anyone for that...

Iron Man 2

Okay... so after waiting for a month to watch this, me and my cousin finally got to watch Iron Man 2 earlier today. After all the promotion and hype surrounding the movie, you'd think the movie will be a great sequel to the already impressive first Iron Man movie right?

The sad truth is, it wasn't. Just like how over hyped Transformers 2 was, (which I myself over hyped it, sorry about that!) the sequel failed to make a lasting impression as the original. Not to say it wasn't good or anything, but it wasn't anything special or appraising either! Everything about the movie was okay I guess, but somehow there were just a few things lacking inside the movie that I can't put my finger on it. Maybe its because the main villain isn't as strong as the first one? Too much focus on the characters and not the plot itself? I don't know, but it was definitely something...

However, I think one thing about Iron Man 2 for sure is good. Scarlett Johansson. Hahahaha... you gotta agree with me on this really. She is just... damn! Kinda makes you speechless and wanna drool for more yeah? Her acting wasn't that bad either! Other than that, well... what is the other good thing inside the movie? Stark's awesome Audi R8 Spider? Or the part where the Rolls-Royce Phantoms got destroyed? Oh definitely! Its the best thing about the whole movie! Haha, I kid I kid.

Anyway, that is all for my review. Don't think I can think of writing anything else any more that I would. So the movie is okay, but its nowhere near as good as the first one. So for me to rate this movie, out of a score between 0 and 10 I will have to give this a 8.0/10. To be honest, I find Kick-Ass much funner to watch that Iron Man despite the lower rating from me. But then again, look at how much the budget was for both movies... not to mention the cast and the people behind it! So yeah, the end. lol...

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