Posted by : Muzaffar Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oh wow... I don't know where to start with this review regarding Salt. To say that the movie was boring is just too nice. Heck, I could go on and on about how bad the movie is and why you people should not watch it, but then again that would just be a rant and not a review lol...

So okay... well actually I'm not saying that the movie was really bad or anything, but its nothing special either. Just your average spy movie which the main character got betrayed, assassinate some people, defecting the people who trust her, kill some more, etc. Yeah, just about that I guess. I really didn't want to watch the movie at first, but then my friend wanted to watch (which didn't go to plan I might add) and then my dad asked me to buy the ticket today so we could watch it together. LOL, nothing like a father and son bond huh?

Beside the fact that my dad wanted to watch and paying for it (say what? I paid it with my own money dammit!) I guess there is no harm tagging along. But yeah, from the beginning until the end I was just there watching without a sense of feeling whatsoever. Feels like I was just watching some normal show on TV haha. The fact that I tripped and fell prior to the movie wasn't that ideal either. (don't ask please...) So like, are there anything good about the movie? Well frankly there is only one. Angelina Jolie.

Without her acting in the movie, I think the movie would have been a flop lol. (also it was the reason why my dad wanted to watch it, but yeah don't ask why...) Her acting is pretty much what you would expect from her (nothing short of great) but that was about it, the plot was weak, the story build up was boring, the fight seen is like a bore fest, action scene seemed like a video game, etc etc etc... If anything, people only went to watch because it had Angelina Jolie in it and nothing else. Hahahaha...

So what is my final verdict then? At first I wanna gave it a 7.5 but after seeing how mixed the review was (6 out of 10) I have to give it a 7/10. Also I'm giving that rating just because I'm nice, could give it a lot worse but then it wouldn't do Angelina Jolie's acting much justice. =P

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