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As one of my cousin put it, "totally unexpected". Why you say? Well, when we (as in me and my cousins) first went to buy the tickets, we thought it was some sort of superhero comedy film (well, not sure like what but something like Superhero Movie I guess) but wow, it was just everything but comedy! Well it is a bit, but Kick-Ass was just that, it kicks ass!!!

No, I am not bothered to write much about the movie (as always haha) but just want to point out that, this film was just bloody awesome! And I do really mean it lol. The movie started out nicely and funny like how a comedy film should be, but the second half of the movie was pretty violent. How violent it is, I have no idea... maybe as violent as Grand Theft Auto? Pretty much I guess, haha. Lots of violence, profanity (beats every other movie I've watched so far in recent years lol) and a lot of explicit stuff. All of this, only in the theaters no less! Can't wait for the uncut DVD version to come out, as I'm sure there were many parts being edited out in the theater. Zzzzzz...

So yeah, how would I rate the movie then? Probably a 6/10 if I'm honest. Everything was okay though, but its not exactly the type of movie that I like watching. Would have been better if I went to watch Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D rather than this, but since all of my cousins agreed to watch this I guess I can't complain though. Oh well, at least I got to hang out with them more this time. A good family bonding yeah? Okay, maybe not that kind of bonding but erm... yeah, had a great time, and even if I had to spend my own money on them it was all for a good cause, haha. =)

McLaren 1-2 in Shanghai

It was a fantastic drive by Jensen Button to bring the car home in first place, and Lewis Hamilton for giving the best performance on track as well as finishing in 2nd to achieve McLaren's first 1-2 finish this season. Sadly the Red Bull and Ferrari was nowhere to be found, and Mercedes did a good job despite poor Michael Schumacher not having the same level of competitiveness compared to his younger teammate Nico Rosberg.

Although I got to say, if it wasn't for the rain the Red Bull would have definitely been on top. Also the fact that many teams made the wrong decisions on their first pit stop (to switching to intermediates too early) had a bad consequences later in the race and gave advantage to those who opted to stay out a bit longer before pitting for the tires. Heh, I could probably write a bit more but I was totally busy after watching the race with my cousins coming over to my house and then hanging out with them at their house after that lol. Yeah yeah, just read the report below for further details:

Button leads stunning McLaren 1-2 in China

TOC, Aston & my (sad) life...

Okay, so if anyone read any of my tweets on Twitter, Facebook, or Myspace then you might be wondering what I was going on about then right? Well, if my recent tweet is anything to go by, then you would have probably clicked on the link and wondered... TOC OTTO Camp?

Well if you were wondering, its nothing much really. Its just some sort of introduction to the automotive world and the college for those who are interested. (anyone can go and visit I think) But what is different from all the other previous OTTO camp was that this time the workshop that I'm working with is involved. Just yesterday night they sent the Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 to my college for a demonstration, and well, today they (as in my boss and sifu) even had a
conference (or talk, not sure what is it that you call it) with everyone in TOC, and said that I was the first person in TOC to actually be working with them. My sifu also told me today that I'm currently working at one of the most expensive workshop that any TOC students had ever worked with!

Damn, I'm not sure what to say though. Maybe I'm lucky or maybe I'm unfortunate but I'm just... speechless! I mean, I'm probably the only student in TOC (well, as far as I know at least) who is working with a racing team (S&D Motorsports is what my workshop is associated with) and get to work on high end sports cars on my first on-job training. Who else has gotten the opportunity to do this? LOL, but anyway even as good as it sounds I just with I had a normal workshop like everyone else. I don't know, not saying that I don't appreciate working with this workshop (I really do) but I just don't get it. Why me? Why not anyone else? Its not like I have a good past experience (I never worked before in my life prior to this) nor do I have good results to show for it. Seriously, I feel like my classmates deserve to get this place more than I do. All I can do is just f*** things up! *sigh*

TOC, the workshop, my family, my friends, and probably just about anyone I knew has high expectations for me. Why oh f**king why does it HAVE TO BE ME!!? What the f*** did I do to deserve this? As with anything in life I guess, all I can say is whatever and just move on. I don't care. If I let anyone down its not my problem, you people are just expecting too much from a person like me. I cannot deliver any results nor am I gonna make anyone proud, all I can say is just accept it as it is. I would rather die than having to put up with all this pressure...

Anyhow, sorry for posting that crap. I just want to clear some things up with you people. I know that I might be repeating some stuff here (as usual) but bear with me, I'm just trying to let my feelings and thoughts go on this post just to make myself feel a "little" better. But if anyone is interested, please do go to the OTTO camp. I might be involved, I might not but at least you can get to enjoy being there and learn something!

Aston Martin in TOC OTTO Camp
The Otomotif College

How To Train Your Dragon

To be honest I really didn't expect to watch this movie much, but since I went out with my cousin last night (or should say, just a few hours ago) to hang out and do some stuff, then he told me he wanted to watch some movie together. At fist I actually thought of watching Evolusi KL Drift 2 but since my cousin suggested watching How To Train Your Dragon, I just followed what he said and went along with his plan. Got to be said though, the movie wasn't bad at all!

Not sure how to put it, but it was just fun to watch. Although it wasn't really the best looking computer-animated film out there but the story line and characters just made it for me. Story was really good, the character development was splendid and seeing how the story unfolds throughout the movie was just something else. Its just indescribable I tell ya! You should just go watch it, and trust me if any of the current reviews are to go by then you'll know how worth it this film really is.

I'm not gonna tell all the plot here (go read Wikipedia), but just to summarize it further the film is about a teenage boy who wants to become a viking like his father and slay dragons, and after managing to capture one of the dragons he encounter the dragon and tried to kill him only to have a change of heart after seeing how the dragon was just in the same situation as he is. He then befriends the dragon and learned more about how similar the dragons were to humans, etc. But yeah, its not really accurate in terms of a summary but you get the point... and oh, it is based off a children's novel by the same name as well. The voice cast ain't bad either, with Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, Gerard Butler, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Craig Ferguson, and David Tennant in it. All of them did a great job voice acting each of the character and somehow made it feel more "Scottish" than it is Scandinavian lol. (well not that I'm complaining, but it was somehow funny in a way)

Okay, so what does this all mean in terms of rating then? For me, I just have to give it a 7.5 out of 10. Its as good as it gets for this type of film, but there are several areas that could be improve (not sure what exactly, but you will know once you watch it) but who knows, maybe there will be a sequel in the near future? There happens to be more than one novel on the "How to Train Your Dragon" series, so seeing how good the movie is there should be demands for a sequel right? Haha, I don't know, I don't know if it will happen at all...

3rd time lucky for Vettel in Sepang

Yeah, after having a spark plug issues in Bahrain and a failed torque drive in Australia, Sebastian Vettel took the lead from Mark Webber on the first lap and never looked back. A well deserve victory for him after having leading the first 2 races only to have his victory slipped by. So congrats to both Vettel and Webber on getting the 1-2 finish at a lively race in Sepang...

But of course, the race was strangely enough not affected by the rain as somehow the entire race was practically dry on Sunday after what was a really soaked qualifying session on Saturday. Plenty of overtaking and retirements did happen, proving that Malaysia is never a dull grand prix be it on a sunny day or a torrential downpour like it was last year. So like, 3 different winners in 3 races so far? 2010 is shaping up to be a very unpredictable season indeed, even if people complain that the race is a bit "boring" with the ban of refueling in the race that didn't stop the race becoming any less interesting. Sure the race in Bahrain can considered to be boring, but Australia and Malaysia proved that was unlikely to be true...

The next race will be in Shanghai for the Chinese Grand Prix on the 18th of April with Felipe Massa leading the points standings and the top 7 just separated by less than 10 points. Will there be more action and drama happen then? Will there be yet another different winner? Anyone's guess is as good as mine I'd say, hahahaha...

Vettel heads Red Bull 1-2 in Malaysia

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