well... what is there to know about me? Obviously my name is Muzaffar Musa and welcome to my "sort of" long-running personal blog called Muzaffar's Blog. I've been blogging for pretty much several years, but I kinda stopped updating this blog at the end of 2010 and kinda blogged elsewhere instead (such as my Tumblr and Wordpress. I decided to restart this blog after meeting up with someone who was also an avid blogger and with a little bit of words of encouragement, I decided to start back and even went as far as redesigning my blog. (which is now in its third iteration) But yeah... my blog is nothing much apart from posting random stuff such as my person life, stuff that I do or any interesting things I find on the internet which is related to my interest. (which can be quite a lot I guess)

Although I don't think I will blog as much as I do last time, but I'll try my best to post a few updates each month at least, even if its just a single post for that whole month haha. If anything, you can shoot me a question on my Formspring or Ask.fm or even here if you can even comment. (not sure what is wrong with the Blogger system though, I've had a few complaints saying they can't comment on my posts but I might have to take a look at that sometime soon)

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