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Haven't posted anything much...

Well that is because I'm too lazy to update my blog lol. Not doing anything much right now, just staying home and living a "hiki" lifestyle just like your average anime otaku guys like in Japan. Didn't find a job yet but hopefully when I get my license I'll try to find a job somewhere. Oh yeah, for anyone who is/are from or visiting Muar this coming weekend please do go to this event and support the Palestine:

Bebaskan Palestine - Drift Amal Muar, 30/1 - 1/2

Passed My Driving Exam Today!

Yeah, just wanted to brag about it and say that I passed the theory exam today. Well thankfully I passed it the first time around and don't have to pay another RM50 to retake the exam again. =P Anyhow, I got 43 over 50 out of the minimum score of 42. It was not really hard or anything but was just worried sick about the entire ordeal. So with this done now I can rest easily and move on to the tasks ahead, which is to do the practical exam. Tomorrow I will have to attend the workshop being held at the same place as where I did the course before this (forgot the name of the place still, was in Tanjung Aru or something!?) I guess it will just be another boring day, but of course another step closer to getting my driving license! =D

By the way, I have been listening to many awesome bands on It-Leaked and now have several new bands that I would like to write about some day. Gonna add this to the lists of things to write along with my movie reviews.


Watched Juno Today.....

Okay, it was not to be expected that I would ever watch this movie (was supposed to watch Outlander or something) but in the end my friend wanted to watch this movie and everyone has to watch this movie. What a waste of my money......

Anyway, besides watching Juno at Sunway Pyramid, my and a bunch of my other friends went to play at the arcade to play Wangan Midnight and Daytonoa and also played pool later that day. So yeah, not much to say about today compared to my other posts, but maybe that is because I'm lazy to post anything here at all? Beside wasting money (again) at Sunway, earlier today I got a call from one of my old friends who suddenly decided to come to my house. Well I don't feel like explaining that at all so I'll just leave it at there......

The review for Bedtime Stories, Yes Man (and now Juno) will be posted up when I feel like it.

Two Movies I've Watched Yesterday

Well, I was supposed to post this yesterday but since the internet "crapped" out yesterday I had to wait out until the internet connection was good again. (which is now)

Having this planned just the day before, and Najib called me in the afternoon to confirm if I'm going (which I said yes!) and called a cab and go straight to Sunway Piramid to meet our other friends there. But waiting the cab to come to my house was a little slow (called at 1.30, it came at 2.15) but nevertheless we did get there.

The movies that we watched were both comedy films which was Bedtime Stories (starring Adam Sandler) and Yes Man (starring Jim Carrey) and I got to say that both movies was a letdown to me. Not to say it was bad or anything, but neither was it fantastic or unique. Will give some insight on both movies later..... (still haven't think about writing down my reviews yet, lol)

One step closer to getting my license

and several steps back into oblivion lol.

Anyhow, today was really both good, bad and tiring day for me. Good because I finally done the first step in getting my driving license which was to attend a talk being held somewhere at Damansara, forgot the name of the place. It was primarily about the basics of the road rules, the dos and don'ts of driving and some other related things. It was from 10am to right about 4pm which was why I felt really tired right now. Although there were many people that I didn't recognize there, I did manage to find a few of my friends and schoolmates there and well, I don't really feel that uncomfortable there.

The person that gave the talk was an old Chinese man (around 50 I think) gave the whole talk in English! Well, I didn't really mind that to be honest but I do wonder why does he teach in English when most of the people there are going to take the exam in Malay. =P His speeches were quite funny and some of his so called "jokes" did give me a chuckle but other than that, it was really really boring to go through the entire day. Thankfully I followed Najibs' advice and brought my PSP and iPod with me to past away the time...... =D

Some news and my new years resolution

Well before I finally post up my new years resolution I just want to say that FINALLY I can register to take my driving license. =D Yeah yeah, I know there are those who got their license early and all, but at least its better late than never for me. Also hope the saying is true, "good things come from those who waits....." ;) Will be going to a 5 hour course tomorrow about the license, and Najib said it was really f***king boring and ask me to bring my PSP instead of listening to the talk lol....

Anyway, just a short list of my new year resolution. I know some of them can't be accomplished but hey, at least I tried.....

  • Try to lose weight (yeah right.....)
  • Get my driving license (I hope so)
  • Get a part-time job (this is going to be tough)
  • Get enough money to buy my first car (preferably a rwd car)
  • Tune the hell out of that car....
  • Enter the new season of Star Drift Challenge with said car
  • Also need to find some sponsors for that said event.....

And of course to enter an automotive college or some sort and get a proper job in the automotive industry.

Haiz, so many things to do, and yet so never gonna accomplish them..... =(

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone!!!! Now that 2008 has left us, time to start a new year with hope and expectations. Be it just a short term goal or something that could radically change your life, its something that needs to be done. I really haven't thought about my new years resolution yet but I could think up something in a few days...... =P

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