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Photos from Terengganu

Haha yeah, once again I forgot to post up the pictures again. Just kinda had too many activities last week and also that I feel sick this week and even as I type this I didn't recover by much. Hopefully I'll get better over the weekend. =)
As for the photos, like I said earlier I didn't actually capture that much pictures and the picture quality is crap but yeah never mind. I will only post a few pictures here out of all the photos I took, as the other photo are probably crappier than this lol.

Like I said, not much indeed and some of the photos actually come out more worse than I expected. A 4MP camera is a little crap nowadays compared to the newer cameras out there, oh how I wish I do have a proper camera.....

Hamilton Wins 2nd Night Race in Singapore

It was to be expected to see Lewis Hamilton win the race is quite a comfortable margin. Having been competitive throughout the practice session and haven't put a foot wrong all weekend he really did deserve to win the race. Of course it did helped a bit when all his closest rivals drop off with penalties and whatnot but none the less a calm and consistent drive by Hamilton.

Kinda have to feel sorry for both Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg though, as both of them do look like they could very well challenge Hamilton for the top spot of the podium. But certainly a drive through penalty for both of them (for crossing the white line on pit exit and exceeding the speed limit in the pit late respectively) was quite harsh and did hurt their chances of a good finish. However I think Red Bull had come off worse this weekend as now they are even more far behind the Brawn GP team in both the drivers and constructors championship. With only 3 races left in the calendar it might take more than a miracle for them to challenge for both the titles.

Next week it will be a welcome return to Suzuka for the Japanese Grand Prix, where in 2006 Fernando Alonso took an unlikely victory after Michael Schumacher had an engine failure in mid-race after leading for most part of the race and ended his chance of winning his last championship title and where Alonso secured his 2nd title of his career. All things considered it is gonna be exciting to see how good Suzuka is gonna be this year. =D

Hamilton wins night race in Singapore

Petit Le Mans 2009

It was really unexpected to be honest. I thought when the race was red flagged it would resume later on or something (when the race was red flagged I just went straight to bed) and when I woke up this morning to read the news on the results I found out the race didn't continue after it was red flagged lol. Surely it was not the way that everyone wanted to race to end, but with the rain being really heavy and almost the entire track was flooded it just could not be avoided...

Even though I didn't get to watch the entire race it was expected to be quite a race with Peugeot and Audi at it again out at the front of the field. Throughout the race it was between the 2 manufacturers and when the track did dry up (before it rained again that is) Peugeot manage to outpace the Audi and snatch the top spot of the podium before the rain got really heavy and brought the race to a premature end.

For the full coverage of the race weekend you can view it here:
Petit Le Mans Coverage on Speedhunters

Watch Me Bleed

I don't have to say anything. The song and lyrics just speaks for themselves, truly is such a touching and emotional song from Scary Kids Scaring Kids.

The Lyrics:

The silence keeps it easy
Keeps you safe for the moment
As you're walking away
Your footsteps get louder
All you needed was time
But now time will destroy us

It will all be over and here we are
We're stuck inside this salted earth together
You'll pierce my lungs
My limbs go numb
As my colors fade out

You watch me bleed
You watch me bleed

I gave you everything but die with a smile
All you wanted was to live for a while
You took everything but it left you empty
You can't replace me, you can't

It's almost over and here we are
We're stuck inside this salted earth together
You'll pierce my lungs
My limbs go numb
As my colors fade out

You watch me bleed
You watch me bleed

It will all be over and here we are
We'll die inside this salted earth together
You'll pierce my lungs
My limbs go numb
As my colors fade out

You watch me bleed
You watch me bleed
You watch me bleed
You watch me bleed

The week is almost over....

Haaaaaaaa..... it was only last week that I celebrated Aidilfitri with my relatives and friends and before I know it one week has passed and its time to get back into my normal routine and do the usual stuff like college and whatnot. Almost feels it was only like yesterday that the holiday actually started, hahahaha.....

Spent the whole week visiting relatives in Johor as well as going on holiday in Terengganu for 4 days (as that was the reason why I didn't go online for these past few days) with my parents, just lazying around at the resort we were staying as well as went around town and bought some souvenirs as well as taking a trip around the Terengganu River along with seeing the Crystal mosque and the Taman Tamadun Islam although it was only for a short while because of the intense heat.

Might post some pictures of the place later but I don't think I actually took that many pictures lol. =P

Happy Eid ul-Fitr & Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

I'm too lazy to type long sentences about today so I'll just copy what I posted on Facebook:

In English: Happy Eid ul-Fitr to all my family and friends and I seek forgiveness physically and spiritually if I ever did anything wrong.

In Bahasa Melayu: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua keluarga dan rakan-rakan sekalian dan maaf zahir dan batin kepada atas segala kesalahan yang saya buat.

Well as for the artwork, it was something I found on deviantART. Sorry if I didn't get to find a better one..... (or yet, make one myself)
Selamat Hari Raya by ~game-flu


*drools* I just can't get enough of this Honda S2000! So clean and yet so "flush", I just love almost everything about it! From the custom paint job to the clean Work Meister wheels, and of course the beautiful stance of the car..... each time I see a picture of cars with good offsets and stance it just makes me want to start modifying cars in video games, or in real life!

Damn, I just wish I can get my Hyundai i10 sooner so I can be one of the first few to actually modify that car in my area (even though I have no money to start modifying whatsoever). With just some suspension mods and a new set of wheels and tires it will surely be something....

More photos of the S2k
Khris H. photos


Was browsing the *chans yesterday when I found this. Obviously, it was from 99chan and thought the plate number was just epic as the car itself.

Although with that said, I have no idea if that is an actual plate number or just photoshopped. I'm guessing it might be the latter since..... well, I've seen this car on another magazine before this but I can't remember which magazine it was.... (Super Street or Modified if I'm not mistaken)

New pair of kicks!

Earlier today I went out to Sunway Pyramid (again!) with the same friends as I did last week to buy something, and as I was looking to get a new pair of shoes I decided to get these. After looking at several shops and unable to find anything that is cheap and have my size I ended up settling on this pair of shoes from Puma.

To be more specific it is a Puma Drift Cat II SF (with SF being Scuderia Ferrari) and it cost me a hefty RM300!!! That certainly burned a deep hole in my wallet but considering that this was the cheapest shoe I could find for my size at that moment (there were others that costs over RM400) I just have to settle for it. So basically this is what I was talking about as a "driving shoes" yesterday on another post and what Puma called it as a "motorsport" shoes which is just primarily used for driving. Yeah sure I don't have a car yet and the car that I'm getting is not exactly anything close to going fast, but at least driving using this shoe would feel better that wearing a skate shoe or my crappy pair of Converse lol.

Actually maybe it doesn't make a difference to a normal person but to me (at least) when you have a proper pair of shoes that is just meant for driving you have better grip on the pedals, can pull of heel-toe downshifting much easier (yeah right...) and you can feel the power of the car and the bumpiness of the road on your feet, giving you better feedback over the control of your car. (Haha, I'm just making myself look silly by saying this. I don't think even actual race drivers are gonna say these to you people)

On the other hand, the shoe also does look quite nice and would make a statement that you are rich (which I'm unfortunately am not!) and that you are a passionate tifosi (yeah, but I don't pick favorites in F1 anymore) and also does show that you are interested in Formula One, motorsports in general, love for driving or just have a great taste in branded shoes. (all expect the last one I think) Also it is quite comfortable to wear (although I'm not sure how comfortable it is yet to wear on long distanced walking) especially for driving. Also it does make quite statement when you wear them (really?) and almost screams for attention. (and likewise, a primary target as being stolen)

Ehhhhh.... enough bulls*** already. I don't know f*** about this shoe nor did I even wear them yet (I just bought them, what did you expect?) so just look online for other peoples opinion on this shoe..... Also I do have to say that this is the most expensive shoes that I have ever bought 2nd being my Reebok shoe (forgot what it was, costs about RM240) followed by my Etnies Kingpin (which was about RM200+) so yeah, that is about it I guess.

Brawn GP 1-2 at Monza

Yup, Brawn GP has gone back to their winning race in Monza and with Red Bull only manage (luckily at that!) to score a single point on what can be considered a terrible weekend for them. With 4 more races to go this season it is still not over for both the Drivers Championship and the Constructors Championship but it is gonna be hard for Red Bull to not only close the gap to the Brawn GP but to preserve their cars in the process...

Sebastian Vettel was lucky to finish in 8th place after Lewis Hamilton lost control of his car and crashed out on the penultimate lap and probably cost him and the team some valuable points which the worked so hard to get this weekend. That meant Kimi Räikkönen (who was 4th) manage to inherit 3rd place and Adrian Sutil finished in 4th and once again proved that the 2nd place at Spa wasn't a fluke and that Force India are competitive as all the other top teams. Good to see them finally to not only achieve their dreams of scoring points, but to be challenging the likes of Ferrari and McLaren with sheer pace must be rewarding as well.

The next race on the F1 calendar will be the ever popular and unique night race at Singapore in 2 weeks time. Until then you can keep up with the latest news in Formula One on GP Update as I do!

Barrichello leads Brawn 1-2 at Monza

Attention Attention.....

Wow, I totally lost it today. Been extremely emotional today for all the weird and wonderful reasons that I can't quite normally explain. I don't know if I can say that I'm extremely happy or so deeply depressed at the same time! Yeah, you heard me right. There is just too much things happening today that you just have to read this. Also I do need to apologize if I insulted everyone today, I'll say it again. "I just lost it..."

Alright, so what is the first surprise for me today? Well it started out about yesterday when my father said he was going to service his car to get his car tire changed and he had to visit one of the Hyundai showroom where he bought the car to get the tire ordered (or something like that). So he told me there was a 2nd hand Hyundai i10 (pictured below) for sale and if I wanted to see it. Thinking that I'll probably do nothing staying at home I just tagged along and said "yeah, why not?". Then earlier this morning my parents wanted to go to the showroom (which was at Mutiara Damansara, near The Curve there) and I just followed them since I need to go buy some clothes as well.

When we reached there we were greeted by this one Chinese lady who worked at the showroom and kinda showed us around the whole car and told about who was the previous owner, the condition of the car, etc. The Hyundai i10 was apparently a KDM import model and not the locally assembled like the most of them on the road. Although there was not much difference between but at least I had something to brag about lol. The car is about 1 years old (according to the lady anyhow) but the amazing thing was it only covered 5000km so practically its almost brand new! Had a test drive for a bit after that and then after that my father said "do you want this car?" and I was like "its up to you...." and then my father agreed and bought the car. He already made down payment and now is waiting for the insurance to be approved, then it will probably be my car (although as a 2nd owner of course). I was like WTF!!!? I mean I'm getting the car this early? But then again I'm a bit sad afterward since its not really the 1st car that I always dream of having and I was kinda pissed off deep down inside myself.... (will talk about this further below)

So after that we headed to The Curve and checked out several stores there and bought several things over there. Of course for me I was there just to buy my clothes, and was looking for some new shoes as well. In the end I just end up buying 3 pairs of shirt, one from Kitschen (the middle one) and 2 from Debenhams (the other 2) which quite frankly was not "cheap" even though supposedly it was on sale. As for the shoe, I went to the shop that my friend said was selling Macbeth shoes but when I went to the shop they said that they stop stocking the shoes already so only a few pairs were left, and they ain't cheap either!

Then seeing I saw a computer hypermarket store there I just went and bought myself a new usb drive since my old one stopped working a few weeks ago after it got washed in the washing machine but luckily it still managed to work for a bit and transfer all my files to the PC, then after that it finally died. Oh well, it was only 1GB anyhow compared to this 8GB and yet both of them cost exactly the same! (I bought the 1GB about a few years ago though) So after that just went to Subang Parade for a while and then went back home. Still not sure what else to buy now, still am looking for a new shoe to buy but since I'm getting a car soon I might be thinking of getting a "driving" shoe just use for driving. Haha, I know it sounds stupid but when I talk about driving I do tend to get serious about it. Sorry but that is just my ego acting up, ahahahaha....

As I said earlier about me getting pissed off, I just feel really bad that I'm getting a car that is almost brand new as my first car. Always thought I was just gonna get an cheap and old car and save some money but my father complained that he wanted to drive the car as well, and then he said I can't even modify the car that I'm gonna get soon. Plus he just said that he cannot spend any money on anything else as well and that was probably when I "snapped" and kinda got all emotional and being me, I started talking crap about why I'm in despair and want to kill myself, cancel buying the car and all sorts of crap. I really did wanted to get the laptop first but now since my father bought the car already I guess I just have to steal a laptop now from lowyat. Nah, but seriously I'm missing out on all the good games out there so much and I envy almost every single person out there who can play the latest games on their computer, PS3 or XBOX 360. As a fellow gamer this is just ironically sad....

But what is there to do? That is just reality comes kicking you in the head telling you that all things in life is not easy, and there is always people more and less fortunate than you so I just have to accept that and do whatever I'll have to do to keep myself from getting all worked up by watching.... erm..... ermm.... uhhhh.... well I can't post it here for some reason but if you followed my tweets or read my post on Facebook then you would already probably know. ;)

Asus G51? Do want but...

as you would expect from an unemployed 18 year old student coming from a middle-class family in a third world country called Malaysia, I definitely have no money to buy this laptop or anything for that matter! I'm just that f**king poor! Okay, maybe not that poor compared to other poorer people (not to insult anyone or anything) but considering my social status (and also where I live) you'd think something like this could at least be affordable...

Enough about that anyhow, it doesn't really matter if I could get this or not since I know my father is having a hard time trying to pay his debt, as well as paying for my college fees plus the fact that he is trying to get my a car earliest by next year as well as taking care of the family and such. I wish I could work and save up the money to buy what I want without using my parents money (okay, say what you want about me being spoiled but I swear there are more rotten people out there than me!!!!) but my parents insist me to keep continuing study and bla bla bla bla bla....

*sigh* I don't really know what to say about my situation right now. I'm practically old enough to take care of myself and yet I'm being confined with my parents, and even if I could become a full time hikikomori I'd still wanna go out and see the world. Yeah yeah I know I'm weak, lame, pathetic, emo, what ever it is that you people call me but that is just how my life runs at the moment. I can't do anything about it and just have to live with it.

Okay, as for the laptop I still think getting the Asus G51 is nothing but a pipe dream (just like all the other things that are in my mind) and even if I manage to get one it will all likely be just a dream. You know, sometimes its just better to dream for what you wish for than to actually try and achieve it. Why bother working hard for it when all your effort will go in vain anyhow when you die? I might as well be an hero and do what I want in the afterlife, whether it is in heaven, hell or god knows where my soul ends up at. At least I know I can enjoy those things for the whole of eternity.....

Project Destiny & Broken Diva?

I know I should have posted this yesterday but I kinda forgot lol. Yeah, I know I'm not a hardcore gamer as I used to be since I cannot afford to upgrade my PC or buy a next-gen console so I'm a little left behind on all the new games out there. But that doesn't mean I have can't keep up with the latest games on my PSP though!!! I know college has started already (and how crappy the new semester started out) but I still can't stop playing at the moment!

So like if you notice the picture above those are the games that I'm currently addicted to playing on my PSP right now. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA is a music based rhythm game that is similar to DJ Max, Beatmania, Guitar Hero, etc. while Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny is a fighting based game which we all know and love. I got to say both games are pretty fun to play even though most of the time it makes me want to break my PSP in half just because I suck at losing!!!! Maybe I should just play something else eh?

Well maybe I should, since I do have several other video games that I recently put inside my PSP and with more games coming out soon in the next few weeks I do have a lot of games to catch up and finish...

Amazing Because It Is

Well I know I really haven't talked much about what I'm doing lately or even had an intro for the month of September but I guess its been a while since I made "these" kind of random posts. My semester break started about 2 weeks ago and I can't believe it is gonna end soon, and I have to go back to college this coming Tuesday. My life as a NEET/hikikomori is over and I have to go back to being a college student....

Continuing on, I guess if any of you followed my blog, Facebook or Twitter then you'd probably realized that I spend most of my time at home, watching anime (which is obvious), playing video games on my PSP (more on that on another post) or on my computer, watch tv (if I'm really bored) and just simply loaf around at home. Usually I'll be awake from morning till the next morning, (mostly spending my time in front of a computer) which is from 10AM till 5.30/6AM the next morning and probably have been like that for the past 2 weeks lol. Ocasionally I do go out sometimes with my parents to go buy some stuff or just go to the local bazaar during the fasting month near my house and buy some food for buka puasa (or something like that).

But more recently I started going out and hang out with my friends and today we hang out together at Sunway Pyramid (yeah, where else can you go when you have no transport?) and did some window shopping throughout the day as well as buka puasa at a restaurant called Station Kopitiam and Shabu Shabu Train (both shops are next to each other and run by the same people) and the meal was really good and surprisingly cheap! I just ordered some chicken chop with fried rice while my other friends ordered a steamboat set. We also ate something else but I kinda forgot what the shop was called though..... anyhow, after that we went window shopping some more and just look around the shops and see if there is anything good to buy. I was mainly looking for some clothes for Raya and well, that is about it I guess. Tomorrow I had some plans with my friends again about going to The Curve and buy our stuff there, but I haven't confirm with them about it yet as of now.

So regarding my blog, I still have not much plan on what to write about though. I don't know if I'm really busy or just plain lazy to write anything to be honest. I will update it from time to time if I have some interest or when I feel like it, but as it I'm not gonna post anything that is to my interest (after all, this is my blog haha) which might be to your interest. I know I don't get as much readers as my other friends or have that many comments, but at least I do know there are people who still follow my blog even with all the crap that I write lol. Yeah yeah, I think I've said this before alright, but whatever....

Oh I can't believe that I'm going back to college so soon. Feels like it was only yesterday that I started my semester break and in 2 days time (tomorrow is a public holiday thankfully) I have to go back to college. 2 weeks later and I have another 1 week break for Hari Raya, and after that its back to my boring college life.... *sigh*

If anyone knows why I put that title (which has nothing to do with this post, sort of...) is because I'm addicted to this song right now:

Aaron Gillespie, you rock my world!!!!!

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

After watching this almost all of yesterday (and early this morning), and even until now I still cannot describe how speechless I was when I watched Gurren Lagann. I swear I shed many manly tears watching this, it was really that touching. Certainly, it was worth watching as compared to K-On! a few days back. Also I am kinda sad to say this, but how the hell did I get so tired watching this!?

Well its true, I never felt so tired after watching an anime as compared to this. Maybe that shows how epic the anime was? Or maybe it was just me getting a lack of sleep? (I did stay up till 5AM these past few days with little sleep) Never mind that, I just have to say this anime is really freaking awesome to watch. Sure I wouldn't say it is best anime ever out there, and even though the animation was not perfect (they did do quite a lot of mistakes with the coloring) it was still very enjoyable to watch thanks to the story and the characters. For sure, those two things alone would make anyone want to follow Gurren Lagann.

So the story is basically about this kid and his "bro" trying to get out of their village and "seek their destiny" (which is to explore the surface of the earth) but as they did that they had many encounters with other people and with each episode has a bigger obstacle to go through. None the less they tackle each obstacle without fear or regrets and continue on to fight for what they believe in. Funny as I should say this, there is quite a lot of good moral values found in this anime, hahahaha. I'm sure the kids would love it, but then again some characters are just too.... *ahem*

Onto the characters now, and yeah I think you just cannot forget Gurren Lagann for what can arguably say is one hot sexy busty babe, Yoko. I bet almost all of the guys who watched Gurren Lagann would instantly fall for her, I mean she is f***ing hot!!! Not only is she hot, but she knows how to use a weapon as well! But enough of her though, the main characters in the story which are Simon and Kamina, (especially Simon during the later episodes) is what makes the whole anime so lovable. Even though they are not blood related brothers, but their close bonds and encouraging each other to fight each battle till the very end is quite touching, and kinda shows it doesn't have to always be a sexy or moe character to make the story interesting. (although it does help please the eyes.... ^_^ )

I think that is all I have to say about Gurren Lagann, should I leave any other details out you can just read the wiki for this or maybe watching a couple of episodes and judge it for yourselves. I don't think I need to say it more, the anime was just fantastic from start to finish and even though I have a few gripes with the quality of the animation I still think the anime is worth watching. Just watching the last episode at 3.30 in the morning was so totally worth it, probably one of the most intense and memorable anime endings, and even though it was sad to see the anime end I'm quite happy knowing that I learned a lot of things from the anime. (albeit quite pointless, but hey its never too late to learn anything right?)


I don't think I need to say a lot about K-On! (or Keion pronounced in Japanese). Its one of the most talked about anime of this year and probably one of the most over-hyped of them all. I mean seriously, the only thing that was going was the songs in the anime and the character, which almost all of them look so moe....

I really don't wanna ruin the mood for you guys but I think that was probably about it. I mean sure there are a few good moments in the anime (and when I mean few, I mean almost nothing) and mostly its just always (and I mean always) about those cute little girls. Compared to Haruhi Suzumiya (both anime are produced by KyoAni) at least there is some actual storyline going for Haruhi which kept it very interesting, while K-On! is just about these 4 girls (it became 5 in later episodes) starting a band just to save the music club from being abolished.

I'm sorry but that is all I can say about the anime, I don't know how much better/worse the manga is but certainly its nothing that interesting to be honest. Not to say the anime is bad or anything but I don't know, the storyline is kinda "short and sweet" and the characters do look kinda cute (*cough*Yui*cough*Hirasawa*cough*) but if your looking for something interesting this would probably not be it. Well whatever, I really have no clue what this anime is about or what the big fuss is all about people that can't get enough of this anime. All I can say about this anime is just this:

Moe Moe~ Kyun♡

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