Posted by : Muzaffar Thursday, September 3, 2009

After watching this almost all of yesterday (and early this morning), and even until now I still cannot describe how speechless I was when I watched Gurren Lagann. I swear I shed many manly tears watching this, it was really that touching. Certainly, it was worth watching as compared to K-On! a few days back. Also I am kinda sad to say this, but how the hell did I get so tired watching this!?

Well its true, I never felt so tired after watching an anime as compared to this. Maybe that shows how epic the anime was? Or maybe it was just me getting a lack of sleep? (I did stay up till 5AM these past few days with little sleep) Never mind that, I just have to say this anime is really freaking awesome to watch. Sure I wouldn't say it is best anime ever out there, and even though the animation was not perfect (they did do quite a lot of mistakes with the coloring) it was still very enjoyable to watch thanks to the story and the characters. For sure, those two things alone would make anyone want to follow Gurren Lagann.

So the story is basically about this kid and his "bro" trying to get out of their village and "seek their destiny" (which is to explore the surface of the earth) but as they did that they had many encounters with other people and with each episode has a bigger obstacle to go through. None the less they tackle each obstacle without fear or regrets and continue on to fight for what they believe in. Funny as I should say this, there is quite a lot of good moral values found in this anime, hahahaha. I'm sure the kids would love it, but then again some characters are just too.... *ahem*

Onto the characters now, and yeah I think you just cannot forget Gurren Lagann for what can arguably say is one hot sexy busty babe, Yoko. I bet almost all of the guys who watched Gurren Lagann would instantly fall for her, I mean she is f***ing hot!!! Not only is she hot, but she knows how to use a weapon as well! But enough of her though, the main characters in the story which are Simon and Kamina, (especially Simon during the later episodes) is what makes the whole anime so lovable. Even though they are not blood related brothers, but their close bonds and encouraging each other to fight each battle till the very end is quite touching, and kinda shows it doesn't have to always be a sexy or moe character to make the story interesting. (although it does help please the eyes.... ^_^ )

I think that is all I have to say about Gurren Lagann, should I leave any other details out you can just read the wiki for this or maybe watching a couple of episodes and judge it for yourselves. I don't think I need to say it more, the anime was just fantastic from start to finish and even though I have a few gripes with the quality of the animation I still think the anime is worth watching. Just watching the last episode at 3.30 in the morning was so totally worth it, probably one of the most intense and memorable anime endings, and even though it was sad to see the anime end I'm quite happy knowing that I learned a lot of things from the anime. (albeit quite pointless, but hey its never too late to learn anything right?)

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  1. karakoza says:

    wow,27 episodes with each having a duration of 20+ minutes..that's about 10 hours straight of anime wonder you're tired lol

    Did you buy the DVD or did you dload it?

  2. Muzaffar says:

    Well I dl it of course. =P
    and yeah, I'm killing myself watching anime like this lol but its the only way of catching up with the anime I missed...

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