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I Want to Learn How to Jumpstyle!

I mean I really do. It is quite fun watching videos of people jumping (jumpen?) to hardstyle music (and pretty much whatever music similar to that) while making it look so easy. Yeah yeah, say whatever you want about me doing it but it looks seriously fun to do even if its silly. Of course then people will think of me being like a shuffler and all, but jumpstyle is so much better than the Melbourne shuffle and looks more "hardcore" than suffling lol. Preferences really.....

Now all I need to do now is to lose weight and learn the basics...

My First Time Driving a Real Car!

Well everything went smoothly I guess, nothing major or life threatening or anything. I swear I could have drive already even before this. Yeah yeah, maybe it wasn't a perfect like I imagined but then again, what do you expect from a person who has never driven a real car like me? (let alone driving a manual....) I managed to kill the engine a couple of times, but things like controlling the car, upshifting/downshifting gears, braking, overtaking and everything else went quite well. I drove around Subang Jaya/Kelana Jaya starting from an industrial parking lot near USJ3, circling the area (and stopped at a gas station at USJ 4 for refueling and checking the car battery), then moving on and drove all the way to Glenmarie, near the Subang Airport before driving to Kelana Jaya to the test course.

At the test course, I learned how to do parallel parking, 3-point turn as well as the uphill parking test (or whatever you call it) and did not bad on all three of them. Parallel parking was easy once the instructors give some pointers, while the 3-point turn even though it was simple I did manage to fail that one but I should have no problem there once I take the real exam (remember not to brake so much dammit!) and finally the uphill parking needs some getting used to, like balancing the throttle and the clutch and stuff like that. All in all, it was a great experience for me to drive a car (even if it was just a Perodua Kancil) and will be looking forward to driving some more next time..... =D

Finally, its done!

Just finished designing the main banner for my site, and got to say I'm quite happy with it. =D Actually, everything was already done that last Thursday but I had to do some touch ups here and there as well as the banner and here it is. Well you can imagine why I called it "Muzaffar's Blog V2" for a reason. This is my second attempt at designing my blog with the first version was the horrible Razer themed blog with the razer green and blue text as well as the razer logo banner itself. (I understand why a lot of people hate it....) This version is a little more extensive, with me editing everything from the background to the color coded borders and texts. Oh well, hope you enjoy reading this blog now. I know I did promise to finish designing the blog by last Sunday, but the internet was shot and kinda ruined everything as the post below this shows...

Oh yeah, tomorrow will also be the day that I'll be driving a real car for the first time lol. Been playing racing games since I could remember from arcades to PC race sims to console games and even handheld games and never drive a real car prior to this.(not even for a centimeter hahahaha....) The instructor would come to pick me up from my house in the morning and from there its quite obvious what I'll have to do (driving of course! Oh, and obey the law while driving, no drift antics or drag racing or burnouts or anything retardedly cool.... =P ) Just hope everything goes well and not for me to f*** up anything at the worst possible moment.

This is just too much!

Well as you might guess, Streamyx has been quite slow these couple of days and has gotten worse over the weekend. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is in frustration here but I mean come on, if there is a problem with the line could you please make an announcement and do something about it!!! Its bad enough they already have to include government tax along with the internet bill (which with the 1mb + phone line package, cost more than RM100 per month!) and yet still do all this stupid things and ripping us off. I'm only thankful that my dad is paying for it and not me. If I was the one paying I would probably just switch to another ISP like Izzi or P1W1MAX. Better still, move to Japan and have 10+mb internet connection for only RM50! (yeah, internet is cheap over there)

I love this song...

I don't know, just can't stop listening to this song at the moment:

As for the new look, hope you guys like it a lot now than the last layout. Not 100% complete yet, but hopefully should be completed by the end of the week at best.

Under Construction....

Well the title says it all, just thought would be fun to redo the whole look of the blog for awhile. While I'll try to make a proper look for my blog, I guess this will just be a temporary theme I'll be using. Not sure how I want to design my blog to look like, could take a while to get the whole thing done though.....

figma, Figma and FIGMA?

Yeah, it is not what you expect to see but who cares? Just went around Starhill a.k.a Bukit Bintang with some friends today and sadly....... I couldn't buy it. Not to say it was expensive or anything..... Okay, I lied. One shop (Time Machine) was selling the Hatsune Miku Figma for RM140 with some other Figma for about the same price as well as having more other figures as well, and the other shop called XL Shop sold a few good figure as well (such as the Fate/Stay night Gift Saber Figure ^.^) but they ran out of Hatsune Miku Figma!!!! Of course, they had other Figma as well, but I only noticed they had Kagamine Rin, Kyon, Ryomou Shimei, TO LUCKY, and Doala. Yeah, I'm pissed I didn't get to buy it today but I will come back someday and buy it for sure.

MONO (Japan)

Was just browsing it-leaked again to find some albums to download and was browsing through the usual things they upload nearly everyday and I was attracted to this. Not sure why, because of the name, that it was "supposedly" sound similar to Envy written in the description (which was NOTHING IN COMMON apart that both bands comes from Japan) or was just me always wanting to find something new to listen that the radio failed to provide. Anyway, just searched some of the songs on Youtube and these 2 were probably the most awe inspiring thing I've heard so far.....

So if your interested as me about them, you could always check out the link below to know more about them or even listen to some of their songs on their site:
MONO Official Site

An amazing to do a sculpture

I'm just shocked at how this guy "sculpted" a wooded block with a set of chainsaws and made Nagi and Miku!!!! You just got to see this to believe it!!!!

Nagi the Wooden Idol: Chainsaw Master’s Nagi & Miku

A word of warning though, the site does have some explicit contents posted there so a little bit of NSFW warning. But I can't do much about it, since the video is from Nico Nico Douga and they don't allow any embedding on any site, only a few are an exception (like this site for example).....

Lemon Drop Kick

Just discovered them after playing The Fast and The Furious on the PS2 for fun. They are a American based Japanese pop/punk band and sound really different from your average band. For one, they sound just like your typical American rock/pop/punk band but with a Japanese vocalist. Not sure about about their background much (they didn't state much on their Myspace) and they were around back in 2006. I know its a little late but at least its better late than never. So far they haven't release any albums and/or EP yet, just some demos and one off tracks on their site. I especially liked their songs "11:40", "All Over Now" and "Forbidden Lover" a lot.....

Check them out if your interested:

Megurine Luka Dominates NicoNico Charts

Just had to post this, was kinda wondering how far Luka fares compared to Miku and got to say I'm impressed. Just click the link below and listen to this songs posted there, I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I did...

Finished watching Death Note!

Just finished watching Death Note a few moments ago and I'm glad how the story turned out. Not in a good or bad way is what I mean, but the overall quality and "feeling" that you get when you watch it from the first episode until the last. It at parts have some suspense, drama, love and even some humor in it. Not to spoil everyone who didn't watch it yet, but just got to say how sad I felt the way how Yagami Light (the main character in the story) got his plans backfired and the way that he actually died almost leave me in tears. (not really, but you get what I mean) In my honest opinion, for those who are into these kind of sick and twisted anime you should give yourself a chance and watch it, even if you like/don't like Death Note in general.....

Now that I finally finished watching Death Note, I'm not really sure what anime I should start to watch next. Since I already have Kanokon on my hard drive, might as well start watching it. Already read a part of the manga and quite liked the ecchiness and the humor found in the manga, so I hope the anime would be much better. I might also start downloading Code Geass and have some catching up to do, not to mentioned several others that I put up on my "to watch list" on MyAnimeList!!! Either way, it will be a great way to past the time sitting at home living my life as a hikikomori, LOL.

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