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The PIKOM PC Fair 2008

Well to be honest, it was really nothing. Lol, not really but as expected there was a lot of people who went there today even if it was the last day of the event. So liked me and my friend arrived at KLCC at around 3p.m. and walked to the KL convention center which is just a few meters away from KLCC. Anyhow, as there was many people and was short on time we didn't exactly have time to see everything. Rather than waiting we just walk through some of the booths and only stopped at the booths that we were interested in. There was surprisingly a lot of booths there, pretty much most of the PC brands were there.

So anyways, the only thing we ended up buying was a headphone from Sensonic and my friend bought a Kingston 2GB thumbdrive and some cheap mouse for his Laptop. But yeah, it was pretty much disappointed at the event, not because it was boring or anything but there was just TOO MANY people there and the fact both of us were out of budget (we only had like RM100+) Yeah, it sucks not to work and have little money. I was going to buy an 8GB Memory Stick there, but the price was just too expensive (something like RM200+) and when I found the cheap one (which was RM120) I just didn't have the guts to buy it, thinking it was fake or easily get spoiled.

Anyways, nothing really much there like I said earlier. The long walk around was really tiring and really am exhausted from just walking around looking. No photos from the event and no long review because it is just not worth it.....

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