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Weirdest Halloween Day Ever!!!

Quite frankly, I don't even know what happened to me or even say anything that isn't nonsense about today. Practically almost everything that I do today wasn't even planned at all and wow..... surprised? confused? butthurt? rage'd? happy? sad? yes, a very EMOtional Halloween day indeed.....

Woke up in the morning, can't connect to the internet (after waiting for 4 hours to connect to the internet the night before) only to found out that my phone line got short (or something?), rage'd hard (whacked my modem a few good times. Surprised its still working), went to an internet cafe for an hour or two (just so I could go online!), got back home and went to a wedding, came back home, went to watch Michael Jackson: This Is It (more on that on another post), came back home (again) and then proceed to watch the Abu Dhabi F1 qualifying session on TV, on my computer, tried to connect to the internet (which I did!) while the phone line is still down and here is where I ended up lol.

Told ya it was random and nonsense, hahahahaha.....
Not quite sure how your Halloween day is but lets just hope it isn't as weird as mine. With that said, Happy Halloween folks!!! =D

How Low?

That is just wickedly low. The fact that those 2 cars were actually scraping the flat ground even at a very slow speed just says it all. Gotta give credit to the Japanese though, for having the craziest car scene in the world.....

Found this on HellaFlush

You'll Forget Me

Song might be a bit old but for some odd reason or another I just love listening to these song for these past few days!!! Just happened to give Virtual Oblivion a spin on my iPod one day and I started listening to this song, I just "somehow" got attached to it.....

Yeah yeah, just enjoy listening to the upload. Might upload a couple more songs on Youtube if I have some time during the weekends. Oh, and I'll just leave this post with one quote I made up:

"You'll forget me and not evoke myself."


Should I really upgrade to Windows 7?

Hmmmmmm..... maybe its time for me to update my PC after all. Just been released a few days ago, and already many people are saying that Windows 7 is the best Windows OS ever! Certainly a great improvement over the over-hyped and resource hungry (and probably overly expensive) Windows Vista. Seeing people talking about Windows 7 just makes me feel so left out.... >_<

As people might have known, I'm still using Windows XP since the first day I bought this PC (a pirated XP at that!) and still using SP2 for some reason (never bothered updating to SP3 for obvious reasons) and I waited out from using Vista after seeing so many people complaining that Vista is slow, how most XP applications and games didn't work, etc. kinda puts me off from using it. But still, should a move to Windows 7 be a good move? Or should I just stick with XP until it is completely obsolete? I don't care though, maybe I should put my money on upgrading my PC instead of saving that money for a PS3, laptop or car parts. Whatever it is, the world and everyone else just keeps moving forward while I'm the one who is slipping backwards, undecided on what to do because of poverty. (well not to that extent but you get the point)

Congrats Button & Brawn GP!

Oh what a fairy tale ending for Jenson Button and the Brawn GP team. Earlier this year they didn't even know if they were gonna race this season, and when all things are said and done they stand on top as the champions. Gotta give it to them for the effort, for a small and new team to enter F1 and win is quite a feat.

Well of course, the race itself was pretty awesome as you would expect from Interlagos and just like last year it is also where the world championship title is determined. (although this is not the last race of the season) Yeah, good news for Button and all, but I kinda feel sorry for both Sebastian Vettel and Rubens Barrichello. Both of them should have done a lot better to take the championship fight to Abu Dhabi but I guess Jenson was too good to catch up to during the race.

All things aside, Mark Webber and the Red Bull team did a splendid job taking the win in Brazil, its a shame that they didn't get to take the fight of constructors championship to the final round but the odds were stacked against them even before the weekend started. Oh well, there is always next year I guess. So with that all said, should there be anything looking forward to in Abu Dhabi for the final round of the Formula One calendar? For one, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how the drivers tackle the course and see how well the track is designed for racing. Also, it will be the last time for some of the drivers and teams to be racing for this season, as some of the drivers will swap places for next year and with BMWs departure from F1 as of next season it will be a race to savor until the new season starts next year.

Webber wins, Button and Brawn Champions
Jenson Button: World Champion

Wörthersee Tour 2009

Yeah, just finished watching it a few hours ago and I got to say that Wagenwerks pulled out all the stops with this one. The cinematography, the music, the settings and of course, the cars themselves all looked stunning in that video. All props to them for making such an awesome feature on Worthersee....

So how did I get interested in this in the first place? Well it all started when I first watched the trailer on Speedhunters. I do have to say that after I watched the trailer I was hooked straight away and thought of getting it. After that I went to their website and noticed they were selling the pre-order DVD (which comes with said t-shirt and stickers) and I knew I just had to buy this. So as for saying what Wagenwerks are, they are an automotive film crew that are based in the US which focuses primarily on Volkswagen cars and cars that are related to Volkswagen Group. With that said though, I do feel like they left out a lot of things in that video and at about 40 minutes long it does feel kinda short. Not that I'm complaining or anything, it was quite "worth-the-see" if you know what I mean lol. Watch this trailer and maybe you will understand what I'm talking about:

Seriously, all the cars in the video was dope. All the cars looked great, had (mostly) perfect wheel fitment and stance and each and every one of those cars are unique in their own ways. If only more tuners would make their cars more "simple" instead of just bolting parts on the car and having no style whatsoever.

Note: Okay, I know this isn't really much of a review and I know I left out tons of details about the Worthersee event, the tracks, and the cars and whatever else that I forgot to mention but its just up to you to find out more about it or not.

OMFG look what I got in the mail today!!!!!

Damn right I'm excited!!! After ordering it last month and waiting for like 2 weeks for it to ship it here, I finally got this in the mail today. Got it shipped all the way from the United States of America baby! Lol, okay this might not look interesting or anything, so what is all this hype about then? Well just read along if you want to know. =)

Okay okay, first of all I just want to let you know that this is the first time that I actually ordered anything online lol. (internationally that is) But since I was so desperate to get this I got some help from someone *ahem* to help me order it and use his account to pay for it, hehe. So like, what is chopped on that box you asked? Well if you could read what it says on the box it does clearly read Wagenwerks. So what is Wagenwerks you wonder? Well I myself am not very sure how to explain it right now, but in short it is clearly about cars (Volkswagen to be precise) and well, cool looking cars that will make your jaw drop at that. I will explain more on this tomorrow, but for now though I'll just post the contents that is inside the box.

So lets see whats inside the box:

Oh, a paper wrapper with a sticker on it?

Certainly, the sticker does look quite nice even though its just to hold the wrapper in place. Wish they had given me extra stickers for the trouble shipping it here lol. Oh alright alright, lets get to the main content shall we?

..... and here it is! So as you can see, I get a DVD, a T-Shirt and 2 stickers. So whats so special about this? Well if anyone wanted to know, this is a special pre-order of Wagenwerks' "Worthersee Tour 2009" DVD which comes with the limited edition T-Shirt (which only comes with the pre-order) and 2 Wagenwerks stickers. Got to say though, both the T-shirt and stickers looks pretty awesome in person than seeing it in pictures online. The T-shirt quality was quite okay and tried wearing it and was quite comfortable to wear. (not sure though what would happen once I start washing it....) As for the sticker, they just look amazing doesn't it? Had a cool matte/shiny effect on it and I just like how the whole logo looks. Not sure what I will stick it on to though, maybe I'll just keep it and stick on my future Volkswagen? (haha, whenever that may be....)

How much does this all cost me then? Well when I saw the pre-order on the site it says US$49.99 (or about RM169) and with the added cost for shipping, tax and whatnot the total was about RM200. So is it all worth it? I can't say for sure, but for me it is just worth every penny. Not sure if it is for everyone, you just need to have that certain taste for modified VWs then only you will understand. Just need to say thanks to my brother for ordering and paying it first for me (since I don't have a paypal or online cash or my own bank account) and I'll promise I'll pay him when he comes by.

So yeah, thanks for reading my not-so-worth rant about this delivery lol. Well I'll try to watch the DVD tomorrow (if I have time) and give a review about the DVD as well as describing Wagenwerks in my very own words and know more about them, what they do and why VW lovers just need to watch their videos and buy their DVDs.

102 Golds in Gran Turismo PSP

Well I finally did it! After two weeks (maybe more, I'm not sure) of playing Gran Turismo on the PSP I finally got all 102 Golds in Driving Challenges without using any cheat whatsoever! Yeah yeah, I know I'm not the first to do it (think there were several others before me) but still, I'm one of the few that could actually do it this early.....

To be honest, the challenges was quite easy compared with the previous Gran Turismo games (albeit, I still had to retry like a hundred times before I get a Gold on some of the challenges lol) and was quite fun actually to try each of the challenges. Of course the sad part was I didn't get to unlock anything special when I get all gold compared to the console versions (only got a custom BGM option after I pass through a few challenges) and the only thing I get out of it was just extra credit, which wasn't much really (compared to the "test course" race which gets you more money way more faster). Whatever, I still have a lot of racing to do as well as buying more really cool cars in this game!!!!

More photos to prove that I got all Gold for all the challenges. =)

First Porsche Panamera in Malaysia?

Well maybe not exactly the first, but I'm not sure if anyone posted the car yet on the internet so this just might exactly be the first "on the road" shot of the brand new Porsche Panamera!

The car was just released here a couple of days ago and I was quite surprised when I saw this car on my rear view mirror on my way back to college yesterday. Luckily enough the car was going in the same direction as we were (for a short while at least) which was enough for me to get a few shots of the car.

So how much does this car cost? Well the base model (the Panamera S) starts at RM998,000.00 (or about US$300,000 with tax and whatnot). Holy cripes!!!! O_O

Pink Wheels

Anther way to make your ride look more gay lol. But seriously, I think having pink rims just makes your ride stand out with all the "oh so common" wheel colors out there. I might get my "future" set of wheels spray painted in metallic pink, if I could even afford to get new wheels.... T_T

I don't care if its a girls color or even if the only people who do have pink wheels are mostly girls, if you want to be different you just have to do something......... DIFFERENT! Also, with some proper fitment it would really just make your jaw drop and drool in awe.

Pink wheels + HellaFlush = WIN!!!

Go Vettel!

Could Vettel still catch up to Button in the Drivers Championship with only 2 races to go and clinch the title in Dubai? Who knows, after his dominating performance in Suzuka he could still be World Champion by the end of this season, but of course both Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello needs to finish outside the points for Vettel to actually pull this off....

With just 16 points separating the top 3, it is still open for any of the 3 drivers to take the title. Would it happen just like 2 years ago when Kimi Räikkönen won the championship from both Lewis Hamilton & Fernando Alonso (who were both teammates just like Button and Barrichello are now) just by a single point? It could really just happen with the way things are going as it is.

As for the race, Suzuka has always brought excitement, drama and controversy and the race today was no exception. With 5 drivers crashing out on Saturday, a few more drivers received penalties even before the race started and of course the race itself, this definitely has got to be one of the most exciting race this season. Vettel just lead from start to finish without making any mistakes (apart from his first pit stop, which was clearly not his fault) and almost no one could even come close to his pace. The Brawn GP team however couldn't be more the exact opposite, with both drivers receiving a grid penalty for qualifying and had spend most of the day being in the midfield. Luckily both drivers did manage to get some points but still not as much as they would wanted though.

The next race will be at Interlagos for the Brazilian Grand Prix, and surprisingly will not be the last race of the season as this year, it will be Dubai that will be hosting the last race of the season. What will happen in Brazil this year? We will have to wait in 2 weeks time to see and find out.

Vettel dominates Japanese Grand Prix

So yeah, here it is.....

My not so new, not so great, not so flush, not even the owner of this brand new (lol) KDM spec (I think the dealer lied to me, I swear it was an Inokom with all those badges on the car) Hyundai i10. Should I be happy with getting a car? The answer is probably yes & no. Yes cause finally I have a car to drive, but no because this car just looks f**king gay in stock form, and that I can't modify this car just yet.....

Well I just got this car about earlier this morning and to be honest I was really looking forward to actually seeing the car at my house (as I was in college until the afternoon) so once I came back I was quite happy to see the car parked inside my house lol. Also I really haven't driven the car much (only drove a few meters during the time when I went to see the car a few weeks ago) so I can't give much feedback on how the car rides. But since the car is cheap I really do not expect to see some spectacular performances, 0-100km/h times (can this car even go to 100km/h? lmao) or do drifts with it (its FWD, and even if I e-brake drift this car I swear the handbrake would come off if I did that!) but as long as it can go from point A to point B I guess its fine.

And so, here are more pictures of the i10:

As for modifying the car (if it is even possible....) I might just do some simple mods, maybe just do some debadging first and when I have enough info and money I will take it another step. By looking at the cars I posted here you would already know what I'll be doing next..... ;)

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