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As either the coming days of summer arrives or the end of a celebration of freedom, July is gonna be over. With that said, I never had the time to post anything on my blog over these past few weeks, and I'm kinda disappointed at that so I guess this is how the month is gonna be over eh?

Never mind that, I think by far the month of July has been really kind to me. A lot of things has happened, made several new friends (especially a certain Japanese DJ and producer) and had tons and tons of new music to sort out through once again lol. Well of course the month of July had the good and bad things happened to me (as it has ever been) and I just don't know what to think of all the situations I got myself in. How does being 18 feels like? A P.I.T.A. if you ask me.... but whatever, I don't care about that nor do I care what myself, others or just basically anyone wants to think or imagine my life as it is. Weird, special, or just plain stupid, I don't care. Like I said to myself many times, "whatever happens, happens" and "everything happens for a reason, whether you like it or not".

Just got the PC Fair left this weekend and hopefully I can buy something that I always wanted..... (yeah right, like that is gonna stop me from being satisfied....)

McLaren and Ferrari are back!

Well it was to be expected though. McLaren and Ferrari are back at the front of the grid and now have the task of catching up with Brawn GP and Red Bull. But of course, it will not be an easy task....

Lewis Hamilton finished a comfortable 11.5 seconds ahead of Kimi Räikkönen to clinch his first win of the season as well as making history as the first KERS powered F1 car to win a grand prix. Mark Webber did a good job bringing the car home in 3rd, in what can arguably be the best that they could manage this weekend, but at least fared much better compared to the Brawn GP car, with Jenson Button finishing a lowly 7th after in what can be describe as an ill handling car. But of course, the biggest news of the weekend was the accident of Felipe Massa during qualifying yesterday.

With the tragic loss of Henry Surtees (son of the great John Surtees) who sadly past away last week at Brands Hatch, and Massa's crach is another reminder that no matter how safe you think motor sports is, it just takes the smallest of things or just the slightest of errors for everything to go wrong. But that is the life of a race drive for you. The rest of the race report as well as Felipe Massa's condition here:

Hamilton wins first race of the season
Felipe Massa

Halo Legends

This is just epic. A Halo anime? Seriously!!!!? Bones, Casio Entertainment, Production I.G., Studio 4°C, and Toei Animation involved in the actual production? I'm just lost for words here.... *throws all kinds of expletives* Haha, damn.....

I'm seriously shocked to find this out on Sankaku a few days ago, and got to say I can't wait for to come out whenever that may be. Been a big fan of Halo, even though I never had an Xbox and so far have only played Halo 1 on the PC lol. I also have several Halo books that my brother gave to me, so I'm sure he will be excited to hear this as well..... =D

via Kotaku


Been listening to this song almost everyday ever since I listened to The Chemical Brothers feat. Midlake - The Pills Wont Help You Know on my iTunes a few days ago. Thought it sounded quite nice actually.....

Don't really know much about them, but they are a band based in Denton, Texas. Just look up the links to know more about them:
Official Site

Man Utd Asia Tour 2009

First of all I really didn't expect to be watching the match at all yesterday. But after what happened with the bombing in Jakarta a few days prior meant that Man Utd had to cancel the match at Indonesia and instead have another match against Malaysia on Monday. My brother came to visit me last Sunday and asked me if I wanted to watch the match and I was like "okay". Didn't really expect a lot of people to be there or what, but boy was I totally wrong.....

After my last class at college finished (which was about 4.30) my brother picked me up at college and drove me and a friend of his to Bukit Jalil (which took about 45 minutes to arrive there). As soon as we arrived, there were probably thousands of people over there queuing up just to enter the stadium. Also as a Man Utd fan I just had to wear my Man Utd jersey there lol. So once we got to enter the stadium we had to search for a good seat (which were fortunate enough to find!) as we bought the cheapest ticket on sale (RM58 and free seating). Even though it is on the opposite side of the stadium where the players would come out, but I'm not complaining whatsoever.

Anyway, we waited for a good 2 hours or so before the game kicked off at about 9.00pm and luckily enough had eaten some food while we waited there. A few minutes into the game and Man Utd were probably dominating the game, and it took about 10 minutes or so before Man Utd scored the opening goal with Federico Macheda scoring past the keeper with ease. Then on the 13th minute Michael Owen scored again for Man Utd and made it 2-0. Well, that was the only goals in the game sadly. The first half has always been (and probably the entire game to be honest) dominated by Man Utd, with Malaysia having far and few chances to capitalize on the possession of the ball. Even when Malaysia had the ball they seem to lose it just when the have the goal in sight.... *sigh*

The second half wasn't as good as the first half, with both sides having many chances to score only to either have the ball cleared, blocked or just completely missed the goal. However near the last 10 minutes or so to the end Malaysia were probably playing at their best and had one or two chances to actually score past Ben Foster, but I think everyone know by then it was just too late to do anything. None the less it gives us locals something to support to though, hahahaha. As the game ends the crown all applaud the players and the players were waving to the fans and stuff.

Game ended at 11, got back to the parking lot and got out of the parking place in 15-20 minutes or so, took another 20 minutes to drive to Subang Jaya, had a late dinner at McDonald's (yum)and arrived home at about midnight. Bloody hell, I don't think I could actually believe how tired I felt, I mean I do still feel tired even as I'm writing this! Well that is about all I guess, sorry if there is no photos or videos or whatever, cause for one I didn't bring my camera and/or video cam there and even though I took a couple of shots on my camera phone, the quality was probably next to terrible and thus feel a bit pointless to post it here. If you want pictures, video, full report, etc. just go on Google and search it yourself!

DaiCon galleries

Okay, it might me a good 1 week late but I did promise to link the galleries. So just click over the links below and enjoy the pictures and highlights. I also would like thank them for posting it up since I didn't get to really stay there for long and get all of the photos....

The Envoy
Danny Choo

and well as several random gallery I've found:
Anime Shrine forum

USAO - Red and Deep

Sorry that I haven't posted much on my blog these days, been real busy with college now with classes from morning till evening from Monday to Thrusday! Argh, why did I even torture myself like this, would have been better I became a NEET and just stay home....

Anyway, been addicted to this song ever since I heard on on OHR2 and never stopped listening to it ever since. Got to say USAO does make pretty dope jumpstyle tracks, just listen to the bass kick at 3.38, just makes you wanna jump!!!! Haha, lol. Don't think I could stop listening to this for a while..... kinda wished I actually have time to watch K-On! though. Already downloaded all the episodes and is sitting on my hard drive, but lack of time means it will probably be there for a while....

Webber clinches first Grand Prix win

After 8 years of racing and 130 starts Mark Webber has finally clinched his first win of his career with Red Bull. Even though he qualified on the front of the grid and was being bogged down at the start and having a drive-through penalty given to him he did an incredible job of gaining back his place and to finish the race on top. I'm sure everyone will agree that Webber drove fantastically today.

Also for the second race in succession Red Bull has been more competitive than the Brawn GP after finishing yet another 1-2 this race, with Button and Barrichello finishing a lowly 5th and 6th respectively. Don't really know what happened to them really, they were pretty much struggling with the tires on a cool track and have problems heating up their harder tires and making them grip. Just hope that they do make a comback on the next race.

GP Update

My Trip To DaiCon

What a day, what a day. After having listened to Otaku Harcore Revolution 2 this morning (with the epic music sets mixed by USAO and DJ Sharpnel) it was then time to head over to Cyberjaya and go to the Multimedia University (MMU) for the DaiCon exhibition. All I got to say is, I am just tired and a little disappointed about the whole ordeal.....

Well not to say it sucked or anything, the event itself was pretty okay and all the booths and show was good considering the budget and the fact that it was mostly volunteered by the students over there. Was hoping for a lot more things there, but as it were there was just not much things to look at. Plus the fact that there were a lot of people and the venue was quite small it made things a little difficult. Took me like an hour or so just to see the Kareshi Kanojyo no Mise (KKnM) booth! Of course I had to purchase something there, and probably went for the cheapest thing there:

Which is a Death Note paper folder. (as you can see on the left of the picture) Of course they did sell other stuff there like T-Shirts, keychains, posters and such but they were clearly out of my budget. Also there was The Figure Mall figure exhibition showing all sorts of figures that was available at the time. Most of them were just for show and only like a few were actually sold. Also was a little sad that they don't have the Drossel figma that I so wanted to buy there, but I guess you can't have everything. So like yeah, I don't think I need to say much about the event since I just go there and enjoy myself and not taking note (or pictures for that matter!) of everything that happened over there. Enjoy the rest of the pictures here of the figures, even though I do expect other people to have better coverage of the event than me. Sorry if they look blurry and all, I just suck at taking pictures to be honest. Don't blame the camera, it works just fine when my brother used it....

Of course, an otaku event wouldn't be complete without....

A Storm Trooper?

Well that is it from me, I don't think I will go there tomorrow or even have the slightest thought of posting anything else. Instead I'll just post the coverage of the event covered by my friends.... =)

18 Today

Well that is all I wanted to say. Not that it is not important or anything, but once again there has to be something unfortunate to happen to me on my birthday almost every year. But I'm just gonna leave it at that and just forget about today. Tomorrow I will hopefully go to DaiCon with my brother and have a dinner with my family later that night, so I'll looking forward to that instead of being down and emo as I always do....

Other than that I practically did nothing much to be honest. But something good did happen today, I finally got hold of Skybombers - Take Me to Town. Woohoo!!!!

Otaku Hardcore Revolution 2

Can't remember if I posted it here yet or not, but I'm totally looking forward to it. So what is "Otaku Hardcore Revolution 2" about then? In short, it is the best hardcore party ever!!!!

Lol, but seriously that is really not it to be honest. Like the picture says, it is an online radio event hosted by none other than Shingo DJ himself (a.k.a Round Wave Crusher) and will be performing during the event along side several other DJ's as well including the likes of DJ Sharpnel and USAO. Well if the first OHR event is anything to go by this would probably be an even better event than the previous one. Haha, yeah maybe I'm just a little overboard with the event but I just can't help it...... =P

J-Core all the way baby!!!!

Otaku Hardcore Revolution


Well I first found out about this event when I was reading through The Envoy's blog regarding the event. Thought it sounded interesting and try my best to go there. I did talking about this yesterday, but thought I would give a further explanation about the event. So what is Daicon exactly? Quoting an excerpt from their site:
DaiCon is an expo, being organized on a scale rarely seen in Malaysia. It is an expo that has been created for the sole purpose of showcasing the latest and most innovative in the world of modern Japanese visual culture, from audio to video, print as well as interactive media.

Sure it might not be as great as the actual events like the ones in Japan (Comiket being the biggest of them all) but it is kinda nice to see something like this being held in Malaysia. The last Japanese related exhibition I've went to was the AXN Anime Convention held at Mid Valley Megamall many years ago with my brother.

There will be of course many activities being held over there (see link at the top or below for more info) and I'm sure it would be a fun and exciting event to go to. Just right now I'm not sure who to go with though. If worse comes to worse I might just have to go there myself, but then again I already did many things alone and would probably make me look more independent lol. Anyway, not sure how to go there yet or how the hell I'm going to plan everything if I'm going alone so looks like I have a lot of things to think of about now.....

For more info:
DaiCon site

July, July!

A great song to start the month with don't you think? Haha yeah, the song might be kinda lame and all but I kinda liked them even before I started to liked all this hardcore techno hardstyle J-core stuff that I'm listening to almost everyday now. Well at least I know the "indie" part of me will never die....

Enough about me though, and talk about this very special month of July. So what is so special about this month to you guys? Well apart from my birthday or 4th of July (America's Independence Day for those who don't know...) it is the start of the second half of the year. There might have been tons of things happened during the first 6 months this year for me, but the following 6 months from now on is gonna be an even bigger challenge for me as I'm turning 18 this year! Sure, might not sound like much for those who are older than me, but for me it is something special....

Well I'm not gonna bother telling what is so special about being 18 until I've become 18, so just give it a few more days if you want to know my point of view on what being 18 is all about. Anyway, other than this I'm also looking forward to these 2 events being held this July:

DaiCon - 11th - 12th July 2009
PIKOM PC Fair - 31 July - 2 August 2009

Well there might be more things being held besides those 2 events during this month, but these 2 are probably the ones that I'll definitely try to go to! =D

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