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Linkin Park - New Divide

Not that I liked this song a lot or anything, just felt like posting this song somehow....

and with that ends my posting on this blog for the month of June and looking forward to the month of July. Well why July is so special? Watch this space to find out.... =)

No More Stories EP

I just don't know how this ep got leaked out ahead of schedule but yeah, I got this somewhere and just had to download it. As a big fan of Mew I can't turn down the offer to try and listen to the ep and give my comments about some of the songs that were included in the ep....

The ep itself is like a preview of the album "No More Stories...." (which by the way is a really really long title) and 2 out of the 5 songs in this ep is supposed to appear in the album. The first song, titled "Introducing Palace Players" was the first song I've heard about a month or so ago, and thought the way the song started was quite something but as you expect from Mew, it has to be different. Even when the lyrics just doesn't make sense, somehow the song was quite "catchy" in a way.

I thought that song was good, until I started to listen to "Repeaterbeater" a few days ago also which is the second song in the ep. I don't know why I quite liked it, maybe its because of the tempo and overall sound that kinda reminds me of their earlier albums, or maybe its the lyrics again that made it sound so good. I don't care though, it is just another good song that I'll be looking forward to in the album. As for the rest, they are all mostly just B-sides songs that would not make it into the album and mostly compromise of just some short instrument tracks and demo.

Overall, the ep might be short but it does give a good indication how good the album is going to be when it comes out this August. So if you just can't wait for the album to come out until then you could always get yourself the ep and listen to that while you wait for the eventual release of:

No more stories are told today,
I’m sorry, they washed away.
No more stories the world is grey,
I’m tired, Let’s wash away.

(told you the title was long!)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen review

After watching this movie today, all I can say is that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is in my honest humble opinion, one of the worst movies I've seen ever!!!! Don't know about you guys but I felt like I've just wasted my time, money and effort queuing up a damn freaking long line just to get a crappy seating place and watch a crappy movies about crappy robots doing crappy stuff.....

....... and whatever I've just said before was just plain b/s. I mean in all seriousness I didn't really mean all of that but absolutely the complete opposite or should I say I'm just contradicting myself on just whatever I said myself. But yeah, enough about confusing you readers already and get to the point. This is probably one of the biggest movies of the year and definitely one of the very few sequels to an already awesome movies that everyone wants to watch. Having not one but two (yes, as in 2!) theater rooms full for almost 3 days straight since the release of the movie does really say something about this movie.

Anyway, point being this is a movie that is a definite must watch if your just a movie goer or a die-hard Transformers fans and general fan of these kind of movies. You would be totally pissed if you didn't watch this movie in the theaters I can tell you that. So what was so good about this movie that everyone keep talking about? Well apart from what I mentioned earlier, another thing that needs to be mentioned is that the whole story has been more broader in terms of storyline, characters and of course the casts. Almost everything about this movie is just perfect to a certain extent and it seems nothing is out of place in the movie.

(spoiler here)
As always, it is again the same thing as in the first movie which is the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons over who could control the power that could save or destroy all of mandkind. In the first movie, we saw how Megatron was killed and all of the Decepticons managed to "escape" from the Autobots and save themselves right? Well in this movie they somehow got back to earth, and they are even more powerful then they were before with The Fallen making an appearance.

So as the story progresses it showed Sam Witwicky and his family, at home packing up all of Sam's things to be brought to college it seems. Then when Sam went through his other stuff he found one piece of the Allspark, and when he touched it he adopted Allspark's knowledge. After that there were several scenes in college where he met Leo Spitz, there were all sorts of actions taking place and at one scene Optimus Prime got killed by Megatron.

Skipping some parts here, Sam then learned about the Matrix and then tried to revive Optimus with it as well as several ensuing battles happened in the process. Optimus was alive again and with the help of Jetfire sacrificing itself he managed to kill The Fallen and Megatron and Starscream has to escape once again. Sorry if this part was kinda confusing and short and all, but I'm just too tired to write everything in fine details. Just read the rest of the plot here.
(spoiler end. Note: there could be more spoilers below, just read with care....)

With that part on now I can comment more on the finer things about the movie. Maybe one of the most disappointing part about the movie (which I hate to say really) is that at 149 minutes long (or 2 hours 29 minutes) it was really quite a stretch to watch the whole thing nicely. The opening few minutes of the movie was okay to me, but the Sam Witwicky part when he was at college was pretty much a waste of time, and also the part between him finding the Matrix and him meeting Optimus was just a drag (so says my friend....) and was probably the most boring part of the movie. Another thing was sad and noticeable was the dialogue. A few far and between as well as lacking that "certain something" kinda made some certain conversations quite boring and misunderstanding, but luckily the one off scenes as well as the awe-inspiring cg fighting scenes kinda made up for it.

So what else is there to say? The cast? Oh yeah, that. Don't think I need to say much about that. Most of the regular casts from the first Transformers were as good as they were before, and Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox reprising their roles as Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes is really memorable. Ramón Rodríguez (Leo Spitz) however, even with a few of his memorable and funny moments, is something of forget. The characters as always been quite spectacular and was perfect so I don't think I need to say more about that.

Best scene/moments for me? (I never did this for my other reviews, but I feel like saying this) Hehe, well it was the part when Sam got knocked unconcious by one of the explosions and after he was awake and put the matrix into Optimus, that was the part that really did it for me. I cried "manly tears" on that part, honestly. I still feel like crap crying over such a scene like that and should have just not written this at all. But who cares though. =)

Final conclusion, I'm just speechless on describing this movie as a whole. Good? Great? Spectacular? None of that, I mean even those words could not describe the awesomeness that is Transformers. I say this easily beats The Dark Knight by quite a bit. There is a reason why it is the highest grossing Wednesday released movie in history. Also, I think there will be several people who is gonna hate me for saying this but I just have to give it a rating of 9.0/10 for this movie. I cannot imagine a good movie like this not being rated goodly. Of course, another reason why I gave it that is also because I actually followed the first movie (which I didn't with The Dark Knight) so that has influenced a part of the review as well.

Its Over 10,000!!!!!!

LOL, over 9000 joked failed. Yes, I mean finally I've got over 10k songs on my iTunes now. But yeah, I'm not bragging or anything as I'm sure there are people who has way more music on their computers than I do, but this is an achievement that I never thought would happen when I first got my iPod a few years ago.....

Well I mean really, when I first got my iPod Classic 160GB my brother and sister told me that I just wasted my money buying it and will never fill it up. But somehow over the years I managed to collect and fill up my iPod with so many different songs from many genres and almost listen to something different everyday. (well, until I got addicted to J-core and hardcore dance music. Doesn't mean I don't listen to anything else though) So like yeah, maybe for a normal person 10k would probably be too much to listen to but for a music addict for me even this is not enough. There is still tons of music out there I would love to listen to and if I have the chance even to buy the CD!

Yeah yeah, certainly none of this would've been possible if I didn't have a bigger HD or an iPod. If I was still stuck using a CD player and just burning 1 album per CD, it would get me nowhere like where I am now. So yeah, thank god for technology. Also, that 10k on my iTunes is not exactly all the songs I have. Currently I have like 16k or so music on my hard drive, with like several hundreds that needs to be "sorted" out before I synced them into my iPod.

Feminists, Equality Now, and Eroge?

Skip the thoughts on the title and read below...

Well I know most of you average people would have no idea who Eqaulity Now are or what case they have been bringing up in Japan over the past few months that caused plenty of controversies concerning eroge being deemed "violent" or depicting acts of cruelty to women and such. But yeah, I'm not posting this to explain all of that but I did have a fellow Sankaku Complex member that made a post about how "she" (yes, a girl) views things from her perspective on this case.

A bit of warning though, the post might be a little hard to read or understand at first but her insight on the whole situation is really intriguing to say the least. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did..... ^_^

They’re Coming To Take Me Away: A Female’s POV On Eroge Bans and Neo-Feminism


Well I never thought I would do this, but I guess I can't help it. Would be kinda neat if I had some sort of tag search on my blog, and after seeing Ichiro Ino's site I kinda wanted to try the widget this as well. So after browsing Google for a while and trying to customize the widget I finally got it done. If you noticed the tag search is on the left of my blog, and got to say it looks fantastic!!!

Well if anyone else wants to use the widget on their blogger you can always visit this site below. A note though, it might not work the first time you try it and also there were several bugs with the tag search so it is not perfect after all....
Blogumus: a flash animated label cloud for Blogger!

All I need to do now is to sort out my tags.... >_<

My Toolbox

I got my toolbox kit last week at college, but just didn't have the time to post it up until now. I know it is nothing much or anything but yeah, whatever then. Enjoy the pics and be grateful that you didn't have to spend a lot much money on this and bring it in college everyday....

So how much does it cost in the end? Well according to the pamphlet that I got, the normal price would be around RM1750 but as a TOC student we got the discount for RM1200. Yeah, still quite expensive but then again there are several other courses which could be more expensive, such as photography, or ICT and such.

School Days

It has been quite a while since I last watched anime and I mean really, has been like almost 2 months since I last watched anime on my computer and glad I finally had some time to watch something. Well I know it is not something recent like K-On!, Valkyria Chronicles or the new episodes of Haruhi Suzumiya but was interested to see School Days first so I went with it. I just got to say, I mean even as I typed this I still can't stomach what actually happened at the end. More on that later though....

First of all though, I just need to get my head right out of that last scene and talked about the beginning part of the story. (yeah, spoiler here. Stop reading here if you don't want to spoil yourself) The story follows a guy named Makoto Ito, who is a high school student (I presume anyway) who at the beginning had a crush on this girl named Kotonoha Katsura. After taking a picture of her in her cellphone and kept it as a wallpaper, another girl named Sekai Saionji noticed the picture and tried to find out what was the relationship between her. After doing some research she helped the both of them to be together and bla bla bla, yada yada yada, etc. etc. etc. I don't feel like talking about the rest of the series lol.

Not to say that I can't, but even as interesting as the story is the middle part is kinda boring to explain so I'll just try to summarize to the most important point of the anime. So like, they get together, know each other well and even considered themselves as a couple. Then trying to get intimate, Makoto tried to practice on Sekai and develop a relationship between them. After than he made several relationship with the other characters in the story and near the end was the talk of the school when Sekai found out that she was pregnant.

At the end of it all (and this is probably the most sickening part of it all to type) was when all the trouble happened, Makoto rejected Sekai and prefer to be with Kotonoha. When that happened, Sekai was instructed to go see the doctor (which was later found out that she didn't) to see if she was pregnant. Then she messaged Makoto she wanted to see him at his house do discuss something. Makoto wanted to make some tea, but Sekai insisted she wanted to. When she was boiling the ketlle she took a knife with her and then wrote a message to Makoto. Makoto realized his phone rang, he went to his room and see who it was from. When he was reading the message, Sekai from behind stabbed him several times and instantly killed him. Being shocked she quickly left the house and went back to her house. A few moments later Kotonoha appear at his house to find him lying on the floor dead.

As the story goes on, Sekai then noticed her phone was ringing and read the message that was posted on her phone that asked her to meet at the roof of the school building. When she reached on the roof of the school she was greeted by Kotonoha, with a odd looking bag on the bench. After a conversation took place she opened the bag and to her shock finds Makoto's head inside. Then before she could even answer Kotonoha's question (about whether she was pregnant or not) Kotonoha took the same knife Sekai killed Makoto with and killed her. When she was laying motionless Kotonoha cut her stomach open to see that there was no "baby" inside and that she was lying. Near the end there was the "nice boat" scene (which I know caused tons of controversy when it was aired in Japan) and there was a scene where Kotonoha was hugging Makoto's head saying that they are now "together" peacefully with no on else around. The ending then showed school was back to normal, minus the 3 main characters and repeating what Makoto said at the start and that was it.

Okay, still think it was too long? Yeah, I thought it was very long as well but I just had to write it. Well as for what I think about the anime, it is indeed awesome to watch and is really different from all the romance anime I've watched so far. Maybe at first it just seems like normal but as the story progress the story took a twist and become really really interesting, and I mean honestly the ending will live my memory scarred for a while now. Seriously, if I ever know a girlfriend could be that psychotic you better not mess with her man. Also everything else seems quite good as well, so I don't think there will be any complaint from me here. Final verdict is if your into any romance anime this is definitely a must watch, even if you don't follow the game before like I do which kinda reminds me I need to play this game someday....

Also yeah, there is still 2 OVAs of School Days I didn't watch yet so I'll probably will have to watch that someday as well but I think it is really not that important to watch. So yeah, I'm kinda happy that I get to watch anime again, and also a little bit shocked and disorientated after finish watching the anime. There is one thing I can say about myself is that sometimes I get too emotional when I watch my anime, and sometimes I get my feelings get the best of me. I mean right now I just feel like crying just by watching Makoto and Sekai die like that. Oh god, why do I have to be like this..... =(

Red Bull dominates Silverstone

Seriously, they did. Well congrats again to Sebastian Vettel on his third win of his career, and also the first to win on a full dry race (he won in Monza last year and at Shanghai this year in the rain if you believed!) as well as the second Red Bull 1-2 this season. The Brawn GP cars were nowhere near the Red Bull Racing team in the race, with Rubens Barrichello finishing 3rd almost 42 seconds down on the Red Bull cars. They were just that fast.....

Then what happened to Jenson Button then? He was all the way down in 6th place, with what is to be said his worse race of the season so far. After finishing on the podium for 7 consecutive races this is definitely a setback for him, but it is kinda funny how last year he was nowhere near as good as he is now. Certainly even with this lackluster performance he did his best to score some points and try to maintain his lead in the overall championship. As for the race itself, this will be probably the last British Grand Prix that will be held at Silverstone as they will move the race to Donnington Park next year. There were a few good battles during the race, and sure will be a race to remember for the years to come.

Don't know about you guys but Silverstone has always been home to F1, and pretty much the longest remaining grand prix circuit in F1 along with Monaco and Monza, Italy and would be a big shame if they don't come back to Silverstone in the years to come. What the hell was Bernie thinking of moving to Donnington Park for....

Anyway, you can read the rest of the race report here and there will probably more news about the ongoing power struggle between FOTA and the FIA in the weeks to come.
Vettel leads second Red Bull 1-2

Formula One as we know it....

.... will never be the same again. Just read on the newspaper earlier today about the ongoing battle between the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) and the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) over the proposed budget cap of €45m for the 2010 World Championship come to and abrupt end when FOTA announce of a breakaway series just yesterday. I really don't know what will happen after this, but all the team will still race in the 2009 World Championship until the end of the season, and then would leave F1 to make their own race series. There are several reasons why FOTA took the liberty to separate themselves from the FIA, as they had been rejecting the €45m budget cap since the FIA announced it a few months ago. But after many discussions and meetings they still cannot come into agreement and well..... this happens.

Sad to see this actually happening, for such an extremely stupid reason at that. I mean if the budget cap was such a concern the FIA (specifically, Max Mosley) should just listened to FOTA and accept it. FOTA did present tons of ways to cut cost in F1, but Mr. Mosley just didn't buy it and state that the budget cap was the only way to cut cost in F1. I mean really, politics just ruins everything in my opinion. Budget cap or not they should just concentrate on racing and making the fans happy. No one would suffer from this more than the fans, as most of the casual followers of F1 would just have no idea about where F1 is heading, will it lose its status as the top tier of motor sports and become a laughing stock or become even better than it is now and continue to push the boundaries of innovative technology in auto racing....


I am emokid.

Seriously, I don't know what got into me but I'm turning emo again. *sigh* Don't know what happened really, maybe stress and pressure just got the best of me and now am in a state of depression as many times as a leaf falling down from a tree during autumn. Also currently listening to Saetia for that ultimate emokid feeling that I've been craving for so long, so it does help me feel a little bit more depressed than usual. Well if making myself feel more depressed makes me better, then why bother complaining.....

Missed my anniversary

Just realized I missed my 1 year anniversary of my blog by a few days. Originally made this blog on Monday, June 9, 2008 just for the fun of it back then and never really thought my blog would actually attracted anyone. How so many things actually happened in just a year....

Ever since that very first post there has been a lot of things that has happened, with this blog being the sole proof of the many changes. I made many new friends, followed several other blog/news sites as well as developing several new interests and knowledge in the process. Yeah yeah, enough about all the crap already. Here is my best wishes on hopefully another great year of blogging lol....

Peugeot beat Audi at Le Mans!!!!!

Well done Peugeot, all those hard work just to get their car competitive at Le Mans has finally paid off. Took them 3 years of development and racing and getting a 1-2 after 24 hours must really be something special for them. This also marks the last time that Peugeot won at Le Mans 16 years ago, which surprisingly has the Brabham family in the winning car....

Sorry for the late post here people, my internet connection went a little cuckoo yesterday and that meant I cannot go online the entire time. Stupud ISP screwed me up big time now, and just hope the internet stays a little stable now so that I can stay online for much longer. Also that means I just lost the will to type the race report to be honest, although I have a lot to write on my mind about the race but lets just face it, it is gonna be pointless isn't it?

Anyway, never mind. A summary of the race is that Peugeot won the race with a car that was developed 3 years in the making while Audi debut their new R15 at Le Mans with just very few testing and only 1 race done back in Sebring earlier this year which meant there was bound to be tons of problems for them to encounter during the race. Aston Martin did a splendid job bringing the #007 car back home in 4th overall, and was the best petrol powered LMP1 cars in the field. Not gonna touch on any other classes in particular or how the race progressed throughout the race, just read the rest of the report in this links:

Blood: The Last Vampire review

Oh wow, I don't really know where to start this review at lol. Just got back home after watching about an hour ago and I'm still shocked after watching it, not because it was scary or anything but the entire movie was just plain wack unbelievable. I mean could probably be one the best movie I've watched so far this year. With that said though I do have to admit (and I know I'm gonna get flamed for saying this) I never watched the actual anime series or movie yet!

I do know what the story of Blood was, and I'm pretty sure I know how the story goes as well. Its just that I never have the time to actually take the time to watch the anime on TV or even download and watch it on my PC in crisp quality. But well never mind that, even if you didn't follow the anime anyone could watch it and still follow the the storyline, even if seems just plain odd or mind boggling at times. As both me and my friend agreed when we watched this together, the movie does in a way follow the actual anime very closely especially in the early part of the movie. Unfortunately this is where the similarities end, as about 2/3 way into the movie the whole plot seems to be skewed and kinda left me in despair when the show ended. Not to say it was that bad or anything (okay I'm lying, it was that bad if you actually followed the anime very closely) but it was just that the movie felt somewhat kinda rushed near the end, that is all.

Good thing though that there is plenty of fighting scenes and several moments in the movie that would be interesting to watch to say the least. Gianna Jun did an amazing job playing the role of Saya and her performance was just breath taking. From start to finish I think she did a wonderful job portraying Saya just like in the anime. Sadly I think she was the only person that was good in the movie, the rest of the cast were probably a bit meh and boring. Don't think I have to say much about the specific scenes or anything, cause I'm trying my best to write this review without spoiling anything. (especially for myself since I didn't watch the anime just yet....)

Anything else that I should mentioned here? Well hopefully that is it cause I really am tired right now and I don't have much idea on what to say about the movie. If I really do feel like wanting to write more about it I'll probably have no choice but to slip in a few spoilers just to get my point through. Fair enough, I'll just end my review here. All in all the movie is quite enjoyable for both the average movie goers or the ones who actually follow both the anime series as well as the anime movie prior to this, but for the ones who knows how the anime storyline goes will probably be a little disappointed that, although the movie kept true to the anime storyline, some of the scenes were drastically changed and almost feel too westernized compared to the anime.

Furthermore it just felt plain short for what is exactly a movie that is based on the whole Blood series. 1 hour and 30 minutes does feel a little short for me, and the way the ending was done does give a bit of a hint of a sequel so I just hope (and only hope) that this is not the last and have a bit of continuation of the story based on the series. Maybe they should keep it more in line with the anime and everything should be better that it is now.....

For my rating I'll give it a 7.5 out of 10, considering that I haven't watch the anime just yet and that I felt it was pretty good for an adaptation. Certainly an 8/10 would've been possible, but that would just be too generous in my opinion. Haha, but at least it was not anywhere near as bad as Dragonball lol.

Yuna - Dan Sebenarnya

Totally different than my last post, this is another song that I got addicted to since a few weeks ago. Heard this song so many times on the radio in my fathers car when he sends me to college I kinda got used to listening to it and actually started to like it.....

At first I thought it was Estrella that sang this song but after searching at several radio websites I discovered it was another band called Yuna that sang this song. Both of them does have similar style of music and both are kinda similar in their background, so was probably surprised at that. Although this song is sung in Malay, they do have made some english songs as well but I haven't listen to it yet.

For more info just visit their website. =)

Been talking a lot about music lately huh? =P


No, not that Panic At The Disco song! They is a sreamo/hardcore band from Towson, Maryland in the United States. Yeah, finally starting to listen back to emo songs now after listening to J-Core more months on end lol. Still do listen to J-Core, but now trying to mix it up with emo/screamo, indie and the usual mainstream stuff and occasionally metal songs as well. Haha, my taste in music is pretty weird considering where I come from....

Anyway, I found them while I was browsing it-leaked like usual and just got interested to them because of the name (yeah yeah, I fall for it all the time) and since I haven't had any good emo/screamo band to listen in a while I just thought I gave it a try and listen to their songs. To my surprise it doesn't suck! I mean at first I tried to avoid listening to it but after a while I just went meh and download the album right away lol. The EP album itself wasn't that bad, although quite short the band does have a lot of potential to improve and probably write better songs....

Whatever it is if your interested please do support them and try listening to them. If you liked it then at least support the band by spreading the word around, keeping the scene alive. Long live emokid....


24 Heures Du Mans weekend

You know its that time of the year again. The Le Mans 24 Hour race is about to begin tomorrow, with 55 cars from 4 classes racing around the Circuit de la Sarthe is going to be awesome.....

As always in Le Mans these couple of years it will be the battle of the diesel powered LMP1 cars of Audi vs. Peugeot at the forefront of the field, and odds are Audi might win this one just as they did many years before. But with Peugeot in their third year with the 908 as well as a change of team personnel this could be the year Peugeot could snatch the winning streak away from Audi. With their performance in Sebring anything to go by, it could very well be an even battle with the Audi. Hopefully they did sort out some of the minor problems they had at the start of the year and have a reliable package with them this weekend. Another worthy mention is also that Aston Martin Racing has entered 3 cars into the LMP1 class to celebrate their 50th anniversary of their Le Mans win back in 1959. Although not as fast as the Audi or Peugeot, they are pretty much the "best of the rest" in the petrol powered cars. But who knows, anything can happen in the race so we all just have to see and find out.

Don't think I have to mentioned the other classes as much since they are not as highly anticipated as the LMP1 class but it is sad to see the GT1 class only having 6 cars in race, as compared to previous years before. Who knows what GT1 will be like next year, as most of the manufacturers has moved to either to the LMP class or GT2, GT3 and even GT4 this could mean the end of the GT1 class as we know it now. Not sure what the major changes are gonna happen in GT1, or maybe they will bump up the GT2 cars into GT1 and GT3 into GT2 and so forth, or change the GT class completely.

As for qualifying, it was the combination of Stéphane Sarrazin, Sébastien Bourdais and Franck Montagny that brought the #8 Peugeot home in first position, followed by the #1 Audi and the #7 Peugeot. You can view all the qualifying positions for all the classes here

For any more info or coverage you can always visit these sites for the latest news:
Official Le Mans site
Radio Le Mans
Speedhunters Coverage of Le Mans

Six out of seven for Button

Do I need to say more?

Don't think I need to though, this season has almost been dominated by Brawn GP and looks like there is nothing is going to stop them. It is already a 1/3 of the season gone but the Brawn GP has already ran away with the constructors championship, with 96 and the nearest rival (which is Red Bull) with 56.5 and Ferrari and McLaren with only 20 and 13 points respectively. Although Sebastian Vettel did qualify 1st for the race, an early mistake gave the lead to Jenson Button and never looked back since. A good day for Button as one might expect, but Barrichello probably had the worse of the two Brawn GP driver. A slow start to the race followed by several collision with the other drivers means he was nowhere near as competitive as Button and with 11 laps to go he just had to call it a day and retire.

I'm too lazy to right everything about the race for this week so just follow the link as usual for the full story.
Six out of seven for Button


Pure flushness

Why isn't there any Ah Bengs doing this on their Civics? No, why isn't there anyone in Malaysia doing this on their cars? So far I've seen quite a few that can be considered "flush" but have not yet seen anyone rolling with +0 offset rims or pulled fenders. I mean it is more cheaper to get those done then to fiberglass the whole car and do some s***y modifications. Not to say all are bad, but its just that I've never seen any Malaysians done this kind of car mods before....

If I have the money, I would definitely pull of the flush look and make a statement about it! Who gives a f*** about speed bumps , potholes, rough roads or steep incline/decline roads, only a pu$$y would care about scratching their car. Unfortunately it is only a pipedream for me.... =(

More Photos

What games are you looking forward to most?

I know I didn't really have much interests in video games as I used to, but can't help but write about this. With so many titles being mentioned at this years E3 it would be almost impossible to list down which titles are the best. There is so many good games at the convention that almost all of them should be mentioned here lol.

For me though, one of the biggest news has got to be from Sony. Not only was the news about the PSP Go! blew my mind away but seeing the gameplay footage of Gran Turismo 5 as well as the news of Gran Turismo Mobile (or whatever it is called now) put a big smile on me from ear to ear. Well there are also several games that I was interested in, like Forza Motorsport 3, Halo: Reach, Halo: ODST, Soul Calibur Broken Destiny, God Of War III, Need For Speed: Shift, Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIV.

There is many more that I should list down but that would just be too much so just have a look at the news and clips from the shows here:
E3 Insider
Gamespot E3 Coverage
E3 Traliers

With all that said, what games are you looking forward to now?

My (Not So) New Phone

Well it is new to me anyways. It is a Samsung SGH-Z240. Used to be my fathers phone before this, then he got himself a new phone (a Nokia E71 and gave his old phone to me. Well I needed another phone anyhow since my N-Gage keypad started crapping out and the phone at times goes haywire and stuff. Got it a few days ago and been trying to get used to it since I never used any other phone besides Nokia prior to this.

Funny thing is, my dad used to use Samsung phones for quite some time and now switches back to using a Nokia. I really don't know what to say about the phone so I'll just copy some short description about the phone:

  • 3G Phone with Quad Band
  • 1.3 Megapixel & VGA Camera
  • MP3 Player
  • USB/Bluetooth/Sync ML
  • MicroSD external memory

Well not bad considering that my father bought this phone about 2 years ago lol. Everything about this phone is good, and I never thought how good the phone could actually function. Sure the camera is a but meh, but the phone speakers were just awesome. Almost as good as the Sony Ericsson Walkman phones or the Nokia Xpress Music phones. Another thing I liked is probably how small and light the phone is, compared to the phones I used before this.

Still haven't tried using the 3G connection yet, and I don't think I could afford to pay for it either. But yeah, the screen is quite nice and the keypad seems okay. Not much I could say about the phone really....

.... but compared to my older phones it is definitely better than any other phone I've used so far. So starting from the left you can see the Samsung SGH-Z240, Nokia N-Gage QD, Nokia 3660, and the Nokia 3210. I did have a few other phones before this (a Nokia 2600 and a Nokia 8250) but sold them off.

Don't know what other phone I might think of getting later, but I just hope my current phone can last for a few more years, the N-Gage lasted almost 3 years worth of abuse and this phone has been used by my father for 2 years so if anything I need to make sure that it will last and not overabuse it like my Nokia phones....

A guy is fine too....

I really don't know how it happened, but suddenly this started popping out of my head for no reason. I mean its not that I'm gay or anything, but after looking at this video I just can't help but like guys!!!!

With that said though, it does bring up a good topic to discuss about. So what do you guys think, is it okay to like a guy who looks as good as this? If lets say that you really never had a chance to go out on a date with a girl or just having a hard time getting to talk to one, would you be happy to settle with this instead? Doesn't really need to be involved really deeply, but you get the point. I did make a thread for this on Sankaku Complex so if you want to read the posts over there or even join in, be my guest.... =)

My Trip To Penang

Sorry to post this a few days late, my internet went haywire on Monday and I was out nearly the whole day as well as having my cousin staying over on Tuesday means that I didn't have time to go online and do things that I wanted to do. So yeah, kinda feels like a bad start to the month but hopefully things are gonna be smoother from here onwards. As for the holiday, don't think I really have to say much as most people would probably already know the place...

Stayed at Penang for 3 days and 2 nights, came on Saturday and went back on Monday. Well I really did nothing much there at all throughout the time, didn't even buy anything there. On Friday just mostly stayed at the Evergreen Hotel (pictured below) and on Saturday mainly spent the whole day at Gurney Plaza as my parents went to do their shopping. On Sunday we checked out of the hotel, went to Chowrasta Market in the morning and left after that. On the way back we did stop at Kuala Kangsar to have lunch, but that was about it. Here are some rather random snaps I did over there, not a lot I guess, but at least it was better than nothing:

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