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It has been quite a while since I last watched anime and I mean really, has been like almost 2 months since I last watched anime on my computer and glad I finally had some time to watch something. Well I know it is not something recent like K-On!, Valkyria Chronicles or the new episodes of Haruhi Suzumiya but was interested to see School Days first so I went with it. I just got to say, I mean even as I typed this I still can't stomach what actually happened at the end. More on that later though....

First of all though, I just need to get my head right out of that last scene and talked about the beginning part of the story. (yeah, spoiler here. Stop reading here if you don't want to spoil yourself) The story follows a guy named Makoto Ito, who is a high school student (I presume anyway) who at the beginning had a crush on this girl named Kotonoha Katsura. After taking a picture of her in her cellphone and kept it as a wallpaper, another girl named Sekai Saionji noticed the picture and tried to find out what was the relationship between her. After doing some research she helped the both of them to be together and bla bla bla, yada yada yada, etc. etc. etc. I don't feel like talking about the rest of the series lol.

Not to say that I can't, but even as interesting as the story is the middle part is kinda boring to explain so I'll just try to summarize to the most important point of the anime. So like, they get together, know each other well and even considered themselves as a couple. Then trying to get intimate, Makoto tried to practice on Sekai and develop a relationship between them. After than he made several relationship with the other characters in the story and near the end was the talk of the school when Sekai found out that she was pregnant.

At the end of it all (and this is probably the most sickening part of it all to type) was when all the trouble happened, Makoto rejected Sekai and prefer to be with Kotonoha. When that happened, Sekai was instructed to go see the doctor (which was later found out that she didn't) to see if she was pregnant. Then she messaged Makoto she wanted to see him at his house do discuss something. Makoto wanted to make some tea, but Sekai insisted she wanted to. When she was boiling the ketlle she took a knife with her and then wrote a message to Makoto. Makoto realized his phone rang, he went to his room and see who it was from. When he was reading the message, Sekai from behind stabbed him several times and instantly killed him. Being shocked she quickly left the house and went back to her house. A few moments later Kotonoha appear at his house to find him lying on the floor dead.

As the story goes on, Sekai then noticed her phone was ringing and read the message that was posted on her phone that asked her to meet at the roof of the school building. When she reached on the roof of the school she was greeted by Kotonoha, with a odd looking bag on the bench. After a conversation took place she opened the bag and to her shock finds Makoto's head inside. Then before she could even answer Kotonoha's question (about whether she was pregnant or not) Kotonoha took the same knife Sekai killed Makoto with and killed her. When she was laying motionless Kotonoha cut her stomach open to see that there was no "baby" inside and that she was lying. Near the end there was the "nice boat" scene (which I know caused tons of controversy when it was aired in Japan) and there was a scene where Kotonoha was hugging Makoto's head saying that they are now "together" peacefully with no on else around. The ending then showed school was back to normal, minus the 3 main characters and repeating what Makoto said at the start and that was it.

Okay, still think it was too long? Yeah, I thought it was very long as well but I just had to write it. Well as for what I think about the anime, it is indeed awesome to watch and is really different from all the romance anime I've watched so far. Maybe at first it just seems like normal but as the story progress the story took a twist and become really really interesting, and I mean honestly the ending will live my memory scarred for a while now. Seriously, if I ever know a girlfriend could be that psychotic you better not mess with her man. Also everything else seems quite good as well, so I don't think there will be any complaint from me here. Final verdict is if your into any romance anime this is definitely a must watch, even if you don't follow the game before like I do which kinda reminds me I need to play this game someday....

Also yeah, there is still 2 OVAs of School Days I didn't watch yet so I'll probably will have to watch that someday as well but I think it is really not that important to watch. So yeah, I'm kinda happy that I get to watch anime again, and also a little bit shocked and disorientated after finish watching the anime. There is one thing I can say about myself is that sometimes I get too emotional when I watch my anime, and sometimes I get my feelings get the best of me. I mean right now I just feel like crying just by watching Makoto and Sekai die like that. Oh god, why do I have to be like this..... =(

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  1. kevinlmw says:

    same here.
    Or rather too busy to watch for this month as work is piled up.

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  2. Onoken Fag says:

    go kill urself. kthx.

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