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HellaFlush III

Sorry for not posting much this month, just haven't really had much things to blog about lol. Practically been occupied playing DiRT 2 over these past few weeks and couldn't care less about anything else lol! HellaFlush III might have been over a few weeks ago but this video was just released a few days ago and I just couldn't help but post it...

Basically the video was just a summary of the whole HellaFlush III event and I got to say the whole video was excellently done!!! The music accompanying the video is pretty fitting with the theme as well. With that said though, I do wish I could be there and enjoy the atmosphere but then again the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side. *sigh*

Anyway, if you like what you see here then be sure to check out these links below for more HellaFlush III coverage:
Wrong Fitment Crew
(I'm sure there is probably more, but I think this should be good enough!)

New Glasses (again)

Okay, the fact that that this is my sixth/seventh glasses in the past few years since I started wearing them really shows what a careless person I am. My last pair of glasses apparently snapped when I tried cleaning it a few days ago and when I told my father about it he insisted on getting a new one. Damn, should have just kept quite instead if I had known what would happen next...

Anyway, so yesterday I went to the same shop that I usually go where to get my glasses and well I just expected to get a new frame which would fit my old lenses. Then suddenly they asked me to check the power of my eyes and realized my power increased a lot on my right eye! F***, and what at first was just to get a new frame for my old lenses became getting a new frame and lenses! Dammit, that wasn't in the script at all I tell ya. So yeah, fast forward to today and I got my new glasses with the specified lenses. Not too sure if I should be happy, thankful or just a pissy f*ck (haha, I just made that word up yesterday!) but yeah, whatever I guess.....

Here is another view of my glasses, looks quite okay though and don't think there is much to complain about. As you could already tell on the first photo, the brand of the frame is Evisu and along with the lenses it could about RM500 *gasp*.

Meh, I told my father to get me cheaper ones (since eventually I will break them as always) but he was just plain stubborn and wanted to get me these. Again, I couldn't care less anyhow, he was the one paying for it! Errr.... guess there is not much to say other than "thanks dad" now huh? Yeah..... thanks dad. =)

Strike Witches

Oh my god, I'm so in love with Strike Witches right now!!! Nah, more like "Pantsu Witches" if you have actually watched the DVD version of this anime like I did lol. (more on this later) After almost 2 months since I last watch some anime (well, Gurren Lagann to be exact) I guess I'm glad that I managed to squeeze some time to watch this one, as I've been too busy playing my XBOX 360 during this 1-week semester break which sadly is gonna be over soon..... =(

Anyway, after watching this anime from about 10pm yesterday until about 4am this morning I do feel a little tired and sleepy lol. Well with each episode being 25 minutes long (as a typical series anime would be) and there being 12 episodes plus the fact that I'm watching this late at night/early morning (for obvious reasons) I guess I was kinda asking for it lol. Okay okay, enough about that crap though and lets talk about Strike Witches! So like, what is Strike Witches all about then? To put it simply, its about cute, under-aged girls loli err.... witches who have magical powers (obviously!) and have this propeller like things attached to their legs so that they could fly and annihilate their enemies which are terrorizing their countries.

If that didn't make sense, try reading the wiki link above or read this for better clarification. With that done though, lets now talk about the characters, and the one that I probably like is....... ermm....... ahhhh....... ehhhh.... oh fine, its Yoshika Miyafuji that I liked the most! There I said it! She is kawaii, moe, kire, *insert random words that describes a girl* and so on. I don't really know about the other characters (I mean each of the characters do have their own charms) but I just like her the most! Oh yeah, and about why was it called "Pantsu Witches" again? Well if there is one thing I noticed is that all the witches it this anime all wear pantsu!!! (oh, if you don't know what that is go look it up on Google) They don't wear pants, skirts, or even stockings for that matter, and I think the fact that the DVD has much more fan service than even the broadcast version really shows how desperate Gonzo was trying to get viewers to support their company. But then again, most Japanese anime studios are like that...... *cough*KyoAni*cough*

Seriously, if it wasn't for the characters or even the fan service I didn't think the series would do as well as it does now. Sure the story itself was a little bit interesting, but other that it could have just been yet another mecha anime lol. Okay, maybe my point of view cannot justify anything about how good this anime was but if the popularity of this anime anything to go by (with a second season coming in the near future) then it just shows it is that good. (heck, it got even got a recommendation by The Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs! How many anime do you think actually have achieved that!!?

All in all, what is my final verdict on Strike Witches? GO WATCH IT PLEASE!!!! If you are a fan of....... ah scrap that, just go watch it I'm telling you! Whether you like it or not that is up to you and if you don't like it, erm...... yeah, I guess you just don't like it then! Hahahaha.....

BTW, if anyone is interested in the picture above you can get the full size of it here:
Strike Witches: Profile by Aeroslaughter

(p.s. I apologize if my review is a little bs'ed, I can't think straight at the moment! XD )

ﻣﺎﻭﻧﺘﻦ ﺩﻴﻮ

Or as they would say it in English, Mountain Dew. Got this from a friend last weekend when he came back to Subang with a box load of this. Damn what he said was right though, this stuff is really really addictive!!! O_O

Now if only I could get him to import a certain Turkish soft drink into Malaysia as well...


The most overrated movie of the year? To put it bluntly, yes. I don't get why this film was sold out for the first few days and even till today there are still people queuing up to buy tickets just to watch 2012. I mean seriously, I went to the theater yesterday and queued up for half an hour just to buy a ticket for today! (cause yesterday believe it or not, all the seats were sold out!) Before watching it I thought the movie would be quite good or decent, boy oh boy how wrong it was...

I might not write a full summary of the film or highlight anything much from the movie, but I just want to point out some things which I found quite disappointing about the entire movie. But first, what is the movie is all about? Well..... basically the movie is just based upon the 2012 phenomenon that the Maya civilization predicted in their calendar. (not that anyone cares or anything right?) So according to that calendar, in the year 2012 a natural disaster happened and the world is gonna end, the apocalypse has come, bla bla bla yada yada yada. Just means that everyone is gonna die and only a few would be able to survive. Pretty lame and boring huh? Anyway, besides the obvious plot and little to no facts actually being proven in the movie another disappointing thing I found while watching was that all the characters are mostly irrelevant to story (if you did watch it you would understand) and how they portray the main character was being portrayed is extremely disappointing. They could have worked on at least getting some facts into the movie instead of just throwing CG's here and there to make it interesting.

Regarding the characters, the main character (John Cusack as Jackson Curtis) have an immense amount of luck, defying odds and beliefs to survive the whole ordeal with his family (oops, did I mentioned spoilers?) and somehow all the people who help him with his plan all died, wtf!!!? Other than that, some characters do seem out of place at times and during those disaster moments why is it only the focused characters managed to escape and all the other people succumb to the disaster and die? Oh for god sake, does it have to be that cliched? Maybe the only good thing I could say about the movie is that the CG is definitely awesome. Although it was overdone at some parts (okay, maybe the whole movie was overdone with CG, but then again it just wouldn't be a disaster movie now does it?) I think it was quite okay to say the least. Other than that though, I don't think I have much to say about this movie.

The first 15-20 minutes were good with some some actual story and plot being told regarding about the disaster that is going to happen, but after that it was just CG's and seeing the main characters running for their lives and avoid being crushed or escaping death in the most extreme manner. Overall, I thought the movie was just plain horrible and pointless. Even until now I don't get what is so good about the movie, even if people actually told me why it is so good. Why do people still bother to watch this? I have no idea.... I think The Day After Tomorrow was better than this, even though none of this movie are actually make sense. (I mean, will these things actually happen?) Whatever the case it may be, don't bother watching it at all unless you have time and money to waste or simply just a fan of science fiction stuff and overly done CGs.

So with that all said, I don't think I could give much for this movie. Does 6/10 sound fair enough? Or would 5/10 would be more appropriate? Seriously though, I don't care. I could give it a 4/10 and still say this movie just sucked horribly lol.....

Teh L337BOX

Should have posted this a little sooner, but I just had TOO MUCH FUN playing Forza 3!!! Anyway, will just leave you more pictures of my "L337BOX" roflmao....

So why I call it L337BOX anyhow? Well I don't really know actually. Saying that I have a Microsoft XBOX 360 Elite is pretty lame, dull and boring so I thought that name was kinda more fitting! XD

Difference between a normal 360 and the Elite:

Here is a photo of everything out of the box:

With all the plastic wrapping taken off:

Doesn't it look nice?

What the L337BOX looks like beside my farking old and trusted PS2. Yeah, kinda looks like crap now after years of abuse. Also notice how much bigger these newer consoles are compared to their older counterparts?

Well that is about it I guess. Now to continue back playing Forza 3 and then maybe try playing Skate 2 afterward...

Sneak Preview: L337BOX

The wait is over. Finally I have a next-gen console!!! I might be late compared to other people, but then again its better late than never eh? Will do the unboxing and full write up tomorrow after I come back to college. Why? Cause I have damn freaking "Technical English" exam tomorrow morning and I have to study for it tonight (really?) and hopefully not f**k up during the exam.

To be honest, I actually do feel like opening and playing it right now though, hahahahaha...

HellaFlush Awesomeness!!!

Just had to post this ever since I first saw it on Speedhunters a few days ago. (could have posted this a few days ago but only now I had the time to blog lol) Anyway, this is has got to be on of the coolest feature months on Speedhunters ever!!! Amazing cars, amazing stance, amazing...... everything! Trust me, once you finished viewing all the cars and events features by the end of the months you will never look at your car the same again.....

*sigh* If only more Malaysians could understand how to do a "proper" fitment and stance on their cars instead of the usual "ricer" look of the 90's that has been come and gone everywhere else in the world. Be creative people!!! I know I could have done my car proper "IF" I had the money (and of course, people who can understand me!) to actually do it! Yeah, all I have now is just a dream and video games to make it real. Haha, sad isn't it?

To know more about what its all about, just go visit the link below to find out:
Slammed Month on Speedhunters

Season Finale at Abu Dhabi

What a way to end the Formula One season ain't it? Under the floodlights in the night race in the overly sophisticated and modern Yas Marina Circuit it is definitely something else. Not like in the past few years where the title was on the line on the last race at the very last lap, but this race was a lot calmer and more relaxed than the last few season. But of course that didn't stop the race from becoming more exciting!!!

Too bad Lewis Hamilton had retired from the race with brake issues after looking almost unstoppable during practice and qualifying, but then again the Red Bull were looking good as well. A good way for them to end the season by finishing 1-2 ahead of the Brawn GP cars after a hard fought battle between Mark Webber and Jenson Button near the closing stage of the race. Haha, a great race none the less.....

So with 17 races all completed I guess its a well deserved rest for all the teams and the start of the rumors about which drivers going where, which teams will compete next year (if BMW Sauber could fill in the grid that is) as well as seeing the newer teams unveiling their cars and whatnot. Its been a great season for this year and just hope next year would be just as great! Not suree if I will cover all the races like I'm doing now though, but I'll try if I'm up to it. =)

Vettel closes season with superb victory

This Is It

Went to watch this video (albeit, a little unexpectedly) with my brother and sister yesterday and as much as I hate to say this but..... you just got to watch this!!! Don't matter if you are a fan of Michael Jackson or not (or heck, even if you don't f**king know him!!!) you just have to go watch it, even if you know you could just download this somewhere or already know what the movie is all about...... go watch it as a tribute to the great man himself, the king of pop....

Now I know I'm not that much of a fan of MJ compared to my brother or sister (both of them went to the concert that was in Malaysia a few years back) but after watching Michael Jackson's This Is It I'm convinced that maybe I should probably drop my ignorance and actually appreciate his music a little more. Anyway, if you didn't already know the movie was basically just a documentary of MJ doing some rehearsals before performing This Is It live concert in London. Sadly though, he passed away just a few weeks before the first concert was supposed to be performed and somehow only the people working with him on the rehearsal were the only people who managed to see his last performance.

Don't know how to actually describe the movie (or documentary) but it is interesting to see his on stage performance in different perspective. As well as performing some of his most well known songs (too many to list down, but you would probably know what the songs were) there were some insight of how everything was being prepared, from the choreograph to how the stage was prepared, the costumes, etc. Its amazing how much work they actually put into this just so the fans could witness what is probably be MJ's last ever concert.

Enough about me talking about it though, its no point talking about it unless you actually go and watch it. Trust me, its worth the time and money to see this once in a lifetime movie. Its gonna be aired only for 2 weeks (starting from October 29th) in theaters so do go watch it if you have the time. In conclusion I'll probably rate this movie an 8/10. Sure it is not as perfect as I would like it but you just have to witness the awesomeness that is "The King".....

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