Posted by : Muzaffar Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just had to post this ever since I first saw it on Speedhunters a few days ago. (could have posted this a few days ago but only now I had the time to blog lol) Anyway, this is has got to be on of the coolest feature months on Speedhunters ever!!! Amazing cars, amazing stance, amazing...... everything! Trust me, once you finished viewing all the cars and events features by the end of the months you will never look at your car the same again.....

*sigh* If only more Malaysians could understand how to do a "proper" fitment and stance on their cars instead of the usual "ricer" look of the 90's that has been come and gone everywhere else in the world. Be creative people!!! I know I could have done my car proper "IF" I had the money (and of course, people who can understand me!) to actually do it! Yeah, all I have now is just a dream and video games to make it real. Haha, sad isn't it?

To know more about what its all about, just go visit the link below to find out:
Slammed Month on Speedhunters

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