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Happy 18th Birtday Hatsune Miku

Well I know this is kinda weird but I just couldn't help myself! Just thought it would be the least I can do for her.... =3
Well anyway, happy birthday my beautiful waifu. Hope we can meet each other someday and maybe even do a collaboration on some songs or something, hahahahaha.... *dreaming for this day to come*

So as of this day, she is now 18 years old (the same age as me!) and I think the both of us are a perfect match for each other. Both of us love music, and I think we do share several other interest as well. (not stated here for obvious reasons) I don't care if she is not real, that didn't stop the other otakus liking their 2D characters either! Also, if your interested in the 3D version here is a cosplay of Hatsune Miku done by Saya.

and to see more of Hatsune Miku you can see many more artwork of her here:

Yeah, I know I should be posting about Hari Kemerdekaan (Independence Day in Malay) or at least mentioned about my sisters birthday but those things really doesn't matter to me as much as her. So just excuse my ignorance and just accept reading this, even if it is kinda far-fetched or pointless. Also I did want to post a couple more pics of her but I think its just better leave it at that....

That 1st place was close Fisi...

Forget about Kimi Räikkönen winning the Belgian Grand Prix, I think the performance of Giancarlo Fisichella and Force India throughout the weekend has been nothing short of fantastic. Not only did they qualify 1st, but managed to lead the race, and keep up with the Ferrari when they were overtaken. I would never have thought of them being this competitive and came very close to winning the race on just pure pace. It has been a long time coming for them to score a championship point in F1, but certainly this is a very surprising result for the whole team....

So again, congratulations to Force India and a well deserved 2nd place. Hope this is a sign for things to come for the team, and with this confidence boost certainly they will become a race winning team in the near future. But enough talking about Force India, and move on onto the championship standings. With Jenson Button retired on the 1st lap, team mate Rubens Barrichello and both the drivers of Red Bull Racing, Sebastian Vettel & Mark Webber, are catching up Button in the drivers championship. Only with 20.5 points separating the top 4 with only 5 more races in the calendar the drivers championship can not be any closer. Just who will come out on top it can be anybodies guess.

The next race will be at Monza for the Italian Grand Prix in 2 weeks time, and for sure there could be several rumors in between regarding Luca Badoer being replaced as well as the confirmation that Fernando Alonso could be moving to Ferrari (or maybe, even earlier that expected?) and replace either of the Ferrari drivers, it will be interesting what will become of this during the next 2 weeks. As always, for the full report, results or any F1 related news just click on the link below:

Räikkönen ends losing streak at Spa

F'kin Flushed Ody

Sick fitment indeed, just look at that rear camber! Couldn't get any better than that, and certainly Japan knows how to make a normal, boring Honda Odyssey into such an eye candy.... (or eye sore whichever you look at it)

found via Crazu Knights

Eden Of The East

Directed by Kenji Kamiyama and produced by Production I.G. there is not much else that can describe this anime. For me Eden of the East would have to be the best anime in 2009 hands down, the animation, characters, storyline, settings, almost everything about this anime is pretty much perfect. Might not be the most popular, most talked about or even have the most DVD/Blu Ray sales but does it matter when the anime is this damn good? You simply just have to watch this anime, otherwise you are missing out on something that is beyond the word "epic".

I mean seriously, this is not your usual everyday anime either. Knowing Production I.G. previous work, this is an all original series which means everything in the anime was all done from scratch! Not only that, but the whole animation was done digitally and the quality is significantly different from normal anime. The sound effects and composing was pretty awesome as well, with the OP being "Falling Down" by Oasis and the EP "futuristic imagination" by School Food Punishment.

If that wasn't good enough, the plot itself also makes it kinda interesting to watch. The story plot is mostly based in Japan during the year 2010 and it is about this guy named Akira Takizawa and 11 other characters who are given these really really awesome cell phones that bounds them to the Selecao. They are given 10 billion yen (yes, thats right! 10 billion f'king yen!) in digital currency (which cannot be exchanged with real money) but have the task to use that money in any way to "save" Japan in its currently horrible state. As wacky as the story is it is quite "realistic" in sense that it mostly revolves around real world topics like technology, politics, economics, NEETs and everything else that involves with real life.

Haha, don't take my word for it and just watch this damn anime! Certainly you would not be disappointed, and its probably more easier to understand since it doesn't involve a lot of fantasies or nonsense most normal anime are. Although it is only 11 episodes in total, there will be 2 more movies (one in November 28, 2009 , one in January 2010) plus 1 movie which recaps all the 11 episodes prior to the 2 other movies. I certainly will try to watch this at the theaters if they do ever release it here (I do sure hope it does) and if that "Noblesse Oblige" phone do ever get sold, I must have that phone!!!!

Ouran High School Host Club

Ah yeah, it has definitely been a while since I last watched an anime, especially a episodic anime like this one. Damn I'm so freaking tired right now after watching a marathon on Ouran High School Host Club for almost the entire day. Watched all 26 episodes in succession (albeit with short breaks in between, not to mentioned what happened last evening) and I got to say I had probably one too many laughs watching each episode. Now you can tell why I'm tired lol....

But enough about that, lets get to the interesting part of what I am about to write here. When I first started watching the first episode earlier today I really didn't have much expectation about the anime, but as I keep watching more and more I somehow got "pulled" into the anime and kinda had many sorts of emotions going through me while watching (mostly which is laughter) and I don't know how I could put it into words but I kinda liked the whole story line! Yeah, a cross dressing girl in a host club which are all males in a "rich kid" school? Haha, greatest setting ever for an anime!!!!

Nah, but seriously I don't think its all that great if you want to compare it with all the anime releases out there but there is a certain charm that the anime brings which is unique in itself. For one almost each character has their own personalities which bring up the whole mood of the story, and just seeing how each character develop during the story with a little flashbacks thrown in it does feel quite heart warming in a way if you know what I mean....

Out of all the characters in the anime, I think Haruhi Fujioka stood out the most. (for obvious reasons really) I think her character is pretty strong and independent. She also complements all the members in the host club. Tamaki Suoh also is another character that I liked, since he is a complete idiot and at times very awkward and clumsy. Probably the funniest character in the story he also has his word of wisdom which would be very meaningful and helpful. I'm not really gonna touch on all the other characters here but like I said earlier, each character has their own unique background and makes the anime more interesting.

All in all, I probably think this is one of the fewer shojo anime that I'd actually enjoyed watching. Sure it probably isn't for everyone, but if you liked shojo anime, romantic comedy or simply something interesting to watch then you can give this a try and watch how the first few episodes are like. Sure it might be a little hard to understand at first but once you've passed episode 4 things would get even more interesting from there. I don't know, just watch it yourself and see if you like it. =D

Nani? Hatsune Miku raibu de ensou!!!!?

Oh yeah..... this has definitely had my jaw dropped the moment I say the video. I mean I seriously know that Hatsune Miku was popular, but to even have her own concert? This is is absof'kinlutely epic. For what is considered as only a singing synthesizer application software with a character based on the software, it sure does have a sort of attractiveness.... *ahem*

Well yeah, I knew you'd probably know that I'm a big fan of Hatsune Miku and I feel really really disappointed that I will never have the chance to see this in person as far as I'm concerned. I don't know, maybe I'm just a ronery otaku or a complete loony, or whatever you guys might be thinking of me but whatever.... I love her and I don't mind if she is my "waifu" in the 2D world, hahahahaha. Her birthday is coming soon, so I might do something special for her.... ^_^

If anyone is interested in finding out more about this:
Hatsune Miku’s First Live Performance!

Its about time Rubens....

After watching for almost half a season I was thinking that Rubens Barrichello would never win another race again. Oh boy was I so wrong..... Barrichello managed to win the race after a fumbled pit stop for Lewis Hamilton at the 2nd pit stop, and Barrichello never looked like he was gonna give up that top spot on the podium. What an excellent race that is got to be said, certainly it is much more exciting than the Valencia race last year....

Overall it was McLarens' race to lose as they probably had one of the best cars during practice and qualifying sessions, but somehow managed to lose it all near the end of the race. Not sure what actually happened to them but it is a shame on what could have been a McLaren 1-2 on the podium, but unfortunately is wasn't meant to be. Also the saddest thing I have to witness is Luca Badoer's lackluster return to F1. He was slow in practice, qualifying and was absolutely horrible in the race. Well I know he hasn't raced in F1 for quite a long time (about 10 years to be exact) but still some of the mistakes he did was even far worse than an F1 rookie. But yeah, it might be a dream come true for him to race in a Ferrari, but with performances like that I don't think he will last long in that seat. Should have given the seat to Marc Gené, at least he did have some racing under his belt...

Well whatever, just have to wait and see what will happen next week when F1 moves to Spa Francorchamps for the Belgian Grand Prix.

McLaren pit error hands Barrichello victory

The Last Shadow Puppets

Was just browsing through Wikipedia and Youtube about the Arctic Monkeys and discovered that Alex Turner had a side project called "The Last Shadow Puppets" during the time between Arctic Monkeys' 2nd album "Favourite Worst Nightmare" and their newly released 3rd album "Humbug".

Well I don't know how they actually sound like, maybe you can say its like "Arctic Monkeys" with a bit of a retro sound to them. Whatever it is I still think fans of Arctic Monkeys or Alex Turner alike would really like to listen to this. Also I can't wait to listen to their Humbug album when I get my other albums sorted out first lol.

Official Site

Selamat Berpuasa

Note: This message goes out to all my Malay and Islamic friends, so if you don't understand just ignore this.

Assalamualaikum rakan-rakan semua, saya nak mengucap selamat berpuasa pada bulan Ramadhan ini. Tak kisah lah kalau nak puasa penuh ke tak, pergi sembahyang terawih ke atau nak gi pasar ramadhan beli makanan pastu curi-curi makan dekat padang asam, atau nak buat dajal macam sial ke apa, janji dapat mesra pada bulan ramadhan nih. Haha, tak guna pulak tulis nih, tak dapat pahala nanti lol.

Aku pon tak tau kalau tahun nih boleh puasa penuh ke tak, dengan selsema babi atau dikenali sebagai virus AH1N1 campur jerebu dengan cuasa Malayisa nih, entah lah. Harap boleh lah puasa penuh tahun nih. Pastu nak buka puasa dengan kawan macam tahun lepas best gak, harap ada lah masa nak jumpa kawan-kawan sekolah lama nanti hehe.

Dah lah, entah apa aku merepek nanti tak masuk akal pulak. Nih tinggal berapa jam aje sebelum sahur. Mampos lah kalo aku tak tido skarang, tido lepas sahur sampai esok petang best gak, hahahahaha....

Drifting Missile

I really don't have to explain what a "missile" is in drifting, judging by the picture you would probably know why it is called as that. Anyway, was just browsing Noriyaro like I always do and Alexi did come up with a good topic to discuss about:

WEEKEND EDITION: Anti-missile missile

I already stated my opinion there, but I still felt that I had a few more things to say. For instance, why do most people think that cars like this are an eye sore and think that the cars are of no use? I mean sure it does look kinda horrible to look at and might be a little bit dangerous to drive at that condition, but if you don't have the money to do all the repairs what is there else to do? Some people just like to drift for the fun of it, and some pro drifters even use these kind of cars to practice on! But most importantly of course is that, if anything happens to the car (be it a crash, accident or an off) it wouldn't be as bad as having your favorite car, with all the expensive mods and whatnot being wrecked....

Ah forget it. My opinion wouldn't probably matter mmuch, its just a load of b/s to begin with anyhow. What really matters is what you actually think, if you think it is alright to have a car like this for drifting, so be it! If you don't like it, just go drift somewhere else if you don't like seeing car like these around! Whatever your opinion is, just remember to have fun doing it and not feel bad about yourself when other people criticize you. =)

Comiket 76

Well yeah, I know this event is in Japan and the odd and chances of me being there is absolutely zero but thought I would just post what I'm expecting from Comiket this time around....

As the name implies (which is short for Comic Market) you'd think they would just be selling comics over there but if you think that you'd be wrong. Sure the majority of the things selling over there would still probably be dōjin comics, as well as other dōjin products related to anime (note: dōjin just means fanmade/unofficial products which are made by "circles") but of course my main interest is the dōjin music, specifically J-Core. Here is the list of the albums that are on my wishlist:

[TANOCD-0010] HARDCORE TANO*C – Hardcore Syndrome 3
What can be arguably said the album that is on everyone's mind in the J-Core scene. All the best J-Core artists with their different styles combined into one mind blowing album, its just a recipe for total epicness!!! With the previous 2 "Hardcore Syndrome" anything to go by, this is just gonna be as good (if not better) than what the last one had to offer.

Another "V.A." compilation album, full of J-Core songs that are top notch. Not as good a lineup as TANO*C but none the less with names such as M-Project, DJ Sharpnel, DJ Aura Qualic, M-Neko as well as several others in the album, it is something to look forward to. Especially when there is Aura Qualic!!!! =D

[SRPC-0024] DJ Sharpnel - 妄殺オタクティクス
Don't think I have to say much about why I love DJ Sharpnel. After hearing DJ Sharpnel played his set on Otaku Hardcore Revolution 2 I'm just completely sold over why he is considered on of the best in the J-Core scene. Wish I had the time to listen to more of his songs on my computer....

[DARKCD-0007] Druggy's Acid RacK - Pain Continues
Another J-Core compilation album, with probably even less known artists as the first two mentioned above. But of course with kenta-v.ez. and t+pazolite in it I just got to have this album, bringing their nu-style sound to a whole another level. Of course the other artists in the album is worth having a listen to as well, certainly something a little different from the more mainstream J-Core sound that is usually being played.

[MSTBL014] Mob Squad Tokyo – J-CORE MASTERZ VOL.5
Again, same s*** with J-Core and all but this time its more on the Mob Squad Tokyo crew. Only thing I'm looking forward to in this album (like almost every other MST albums lol) is Round Wave Crusher (a.k.a. Shingo DJ) hahahahaha.....

[ACED-018] ALiCE'S EMOTiON – Colors
J-Core with Touhou mixed in. Like almost every other Touhou music arrangement albums you'd think it would just suck right? Well yeah, I guess it kinda sucked but since its REDALiCE it probably wouldn't be all that bad. There is always one or two tracks that I would get addicted to right away and have a hard time stop listening to it. (which does happen quite often to me)

[IBCD-0009] Sound Online - Nostalgia
and lastly this. Something similar in a way to ALiCE'S EMOTiON album (being a Touhou arrangement album) I don't think I have to say much about the album. With that said though listening to a Tsukasa composed song is pretty good....

Well yeah that is all I have to list down right now, would have like to added more to the list but that would take up so much time. Also I know there is also many other things I would like to cover that is coming up at Comiket (like the comics and figurines) but I don't think I have much interest (or the money for that matter) to talk about them. Unlike music which is easier to find and get (if you know where to look) I have a very little chance of obtaining those other stuff here. If you guys want to know more about the other albums being released at Comiket or just want to know Comiket in general, just check out the link below.

Upcoming Releases
Comiket website


Well I can't help but join Twitter today, was a little surprise that it took me this long to create a Twitter account, considering what other social sites I have been using lol. To be honest I actually thought what was the big fuss about this Twitter thing and all, and thought it seems just like the Facebook/Myspace or whatever other social networking sites have called "feed" updates where you just type your status and stuff....

But after seeing how many of my favorite sites are now doing their feeds using Twitter I can see why it is popular and how the Twitter feeds are different from the other sites, because that is what Twitter is meant to do! Of course it doesn't necessarily have to be used as that, Twitter can be used for quick messages to friends who use Twitter as well which is kinda neat. =)

Anyway, for anyone who wants to follow me on Twitter:

How to Ignore and Be Ignored

Hahaha, was the first thing I found on Google when I was searching for the exact phrase. Just posting this cause its so undeniable funny and true, and also just to post something to fill my blog..... =)

Sometimes you just want to be left alone. Some people make you wish you could be invisible--whether it is the nosy woman behind you in the check out line, an ex, your mother, or the creepy guy who stops you in the hall everyday at work. If you get the urge to ignore people, follow these steps.

  1. Use technology. A cell phone, MP3 player, and PDA are wonderful gadgets for helping us look busy and keep us blocked off from the people around us. Any time you want to ignore people, just pick up one of your trusty gadgets and tune them out.
  2. Look down. In the street, hallway or office if you don't hear someone calling your name you can't offend them by not answering. Walk around as though you have some major business to attend to at all times, and if you are ever accused of ignoring someone just say "Sorry I didn't hear you."
  3. Turn away. Really pesky people that won't take your silence as a reason to stop talking need to be ignored. Just turn your head and act like you are enthralled in the graffiti on the building next to you. If turning away doesn't solve the problem, then walk away. Catch another bus or train to your destination and free yourself of annoyances.
  4. Use body language. Crossed arms and legs are a clear sign that you are not open for conversation. Scowl at anyone who tries to sit near you and never smile. Giving the signs that you are not welcoming any attention will help you ignore people.
  5. Be a snob. Simply turn a blind eye to all that goes on around you. This will allow you to ignore the people in your general vicinity, but also the entire world. Don't watch television, don't listen to the radio and ignore to your hearts content.
  • You may eventually be totally isolated, so be prepared and make sure your situation is only temporary. Don't ignore the world forever!
  • This can also hurt people so make sure you have a good reason, other wise you could make good friends with whoever and never know it!

From wikiHow

My New PSU

Forgot to post this yesterday so here it is:

Well what is the major difference between this and the old one? For one, its brand spanking new of course! But other than that, it is less powerful than my older one (450W compared to 480W) which should make it last longer and uses less power. Also this one has 2 PSU fans compared to my old one, making it easier to extract the hot air from my PC. Now compare that with my old PSU...

Meh, just forget about it. I know I should have taken more pictures (or at least some description on the PSU) but I didn't bother. As for how the old PSU failed, well I don't know what to say about it really. Think the whole PSU got stuffed with dust and the thing just died on me. Tried to on the PC but it just wouldn't turn the damn f***king PC on!!!!

Now I have another problem with the computer, my rear cooling fan failed. Think the bearing got loose and broke itself, causing an extremely loud and annoying sound every time I use the computer. So what I did was just disable the rear cooling fan and just use the front cooling fan and the PSU fan (which does come in handy). But yeah, can't run my PC like that forever and have replace the fan once I can find some time to actually go out..... =_=

2 Minor Glitches

Well not to say it is any sort of computer or system glitch or anything (well maybe it is, I don't know...) but thought the title seems kinda fitting with the situation. Anyway, here is just a quick update about what happened to me in the past week or so...

Just a day after I went to the PC Fair and got my things, my PC power supply unit failed on me (more on that on another post) which means that I was lagging behind my downloads once again. The biggest news however (and probably the most unfortunate that happened to me so far this year) was that I fell sick on Thrusday. Well what sickness is it you asked? I really cannot explain it myself, saying that I was infected with H1N1 would've been kinda extreme, but I think it was just a normal flu, along with a sore throat, coughing, headache and a lost of appetite. Not sure how the hell I got sick at such an awkward moment, because the very next day I had an exam at college and even then I had to force myself to take the exam. If I didn't it would be considered as a fail, and I had to repeat the course again. So I did the exam anyhow and even when I was sneezing and coughing like s***, I managed to finish and complete the exam. Sure I did finish it late and not very sure how well I did the exam, but considering how I was at that time the most important thing for me to do was to get back home as soon as possible and get some good rest. That also meant that my weekend has been completely ruined and I cannot go anywhere and just stay home and recover. Would have been ever worse (and boring) if my PC was still not fixed, but yeah I'm thankful for that! =D

My recent purchase

Didn't but anything much today, just some stuff that are kinda pointless lol. The Avira Antivirus 2009 Premium Edition, a MP3 car radio player, a aux cable, and a 2GB DDR2 RAM for my PC.

Unfortunately though, I don't have enough money to buy the laptop. My father just said he had too many things to settle right now, so I guess the dream of having a HP TouchSmart tx2. *facepalm* Sometimes I just wonder why the f*** I never ever bothered to get a job, especially since I don't have any money whatsoever....

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