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Directed by Kenji Kamiyama and produced by Production I.G. there is not much else that can describe this anime. For me Eden of the East would have to be the best anime in 2009 hands down, the animation, characters, storyline, settings, almost everything about this anime is pretty much perfect. Might not be the most popular, most talked about or even have the most DVD/Blu Ray sales but does it matter when the anime is this damn good? You simply just have to watch this anime, otherwise you are missing out on something that is beyond the word "epic".

I mean seriously, this is not your usual everyday anime either. Knowing Production I.G. previous work, this is an all original series which means everything in the anime was all done from scratch! Not only that, but the whole animation was done digitally and the quality is significantly different from normal anime. The sound effects and composing was pretty awesome as well, with the OP being "Falling Down" by Oasis and the EP "futuristic imagination" by School Food Punishment.

If that wasn't good enough, the plot itself also makes it kinda interesting to watch. The story plot is mostly based in Japan during the year 2010 and it is about this guy named Akira Takizawa and 11 other characters who are given these really really awesome cell phones that bounds them to the Selecao. They are given 10 billion yen (yes, thats right! 10 billion f'king yen!) in digital currency (which cannot be exchanged with real money) but have the task to use that money in any way to "save" Japan in its currently horrible state. As wacky as the story is it is quite "realistic" in sense that it mostly revolves around real world topics like technology, politics, economics, NEETs and everything else that involves with real life.

Haha, don't take my word for it and just watch this damn anime! Certainly you would not be disappointed, and its probably more easier to understand since it doesn't involve a lot of fantasies or nonsense most normal anime are. Although it is only 11 episodes in total, there will be 2 more movies (one in November 28, 2009 , one in January 2010) plus 1 movie which recaps all the 11 episodes prior to the 2 other movies. I certainly will try to watch this at the theaters if they do ever release it here (I do sure hope it does) and if that "Noblesse Oblige" phone do ever get sold, I must have that phone!!!!

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    It's an anime about Johnny.

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