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Ah yeah, it has definitely been a while since I last watched an anime, especially a episodic anime like this one. Damn I'm so freaking tired right now after watching a marathon on Ouran High School Host Club for almost the entire day. Watched all 26 episodes in succession (albeit with short breaks in between, not to mentioned what happened last evening) and I got to say I had probably one too many laughs watching each episode. Now you can tell why I'm tired lol....

But enough about that, lets get to the interesting part of what I am about to write here. When I first started watching the first episode earlier today I really didn't have much expectation about the anime, but as I keep watching more and more I somehow got "pulled" into the anime and kinda had many sorts of emotions going through me while watching (mostly which is laughter) and I don't know how I could put it into words but I kinda liked the whole story line! Yeah, a cross dressing girl in a host club which are all males in a "rich kid" school? Haha, greatest setting ever for an anime!!!!

Nah, but seriously I don't think its all that great if you want to compare it with all the anime releases out there but there is a certain charm that the anime brings which is unique in itself. For one almost each character has their own personalities which bring up the whole mood of the story, and just seeing how each character develop during the story with a little flashbacks thrown in it does feel quite heart warming in a way if you know what I mean....

Out of all the characters in the anime, I think Haruhi Fujioka stood out the most. (for obvious reasons really) I think her character is pretty strong and independent. She also complements all the members in the host club. Tamaki Suoh also is another character that I liked, since he is a complete idiot and at times very awkward and clumsy. Probably the funniest character in the story he also has his word of wisdom which would be very meaningful and helpful. I'm not really gonna touch on all the other characters here but like I said earlier, each character has their own unique background and makes the anime more interesting.

All in all, I probably think this is one of the fewer shojo anime that I'd actually enjoyed watching. Sure it probably isn't for everyone, but if you liked shojo anime, romantic comedy or simply something interesting to watch then you can give this a try and watch how the first few episodes are like. Sure it might be a little hard to understand at first but once you've passed episode 4 things would get even more interesting from there. I don't know, just watch it yourself and see if you like it. =D

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    Your love for men never ceases to amaze me.

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