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また明日転職のカフェ。(see you again, Tenshi no Cafe)

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past month, just been busy with work, Grand Theft Auto V (that I borrowed from my friend), riding BMX and also many other things in between. That and I can't be all that bothered to blog all that much. I won't go into too much details about the past events in November, but I guess this was one of the more sad things regarding the end of November. (there are obviously more sad news at the end of last month, and also my own unfortunate events) In short, I'm just kinda lost for words regarding last month! But enough about me blabbering, I'm just posting this to reflect upon this one "maid" cafe which I loved to go ever since I first knew about it several years ago...

Well... what can I say, I just love this place. I know the whole concept about "maid cafes" in Japan for quite a while now (all thanks to sites like Sankaku Complex as well as the internet itself and social medias) but when I first heard an actual maid cafe opening in Malaysia, I just know I have to go there lol. (I know there are other maid cafes prior to Tenshi as well, but none of those are actually "halal" or is even half as authentic as this one) At first I was a bit curious by the whole "otaku" subculture of visiting maid cafes, but after my first visit (several months after it first opened) I was totally hooked and just can't stop going there ever since. Of course, it wasn't really that near (but for a 1/2 hour drive its not bad than say... in another state!!) and it wasn't cheap either (I never minded the price, but the food portion leave a lot to be desired), but somehow... the atmosphere, and the staff (or maids as you would call them) just makes me happy being there lol. Even if I don't usually eat there all the time, I do try my best to drop by and say hi if I'm around the area.

Made a lot of friends, made even more memories there, but most of all... a part of me is there somewhere in that place. Might not have visit the place as often as I did when it first opened, but I still tried my best to visit when they were making events or if there are any gatherings there with my friends. Its kinda difficult to find a cafe/restaurant that would be this comfortable to do all these activities, let alone having that environment and people around you that makes you feel like yourself. Yeah... really gonna miss this place. Although they did say they plan to re-open sometime next year, but I doubt its gonna be the same. (unless they plan to renovate and re-open at the same place, but by then things just won't be the same in my opinion) Whatever it is, thank you Tehshi no Cafe for existing and thanks to all the staff working there that made the place possible. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is gonna miss this place... =(

Oh, and I also took some pictures while I was there when they were open for the last day. Last Day @ Tenshi If anything, be sure to check out their Facebook page too! Tenshi no Café

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