Posted by : Muzaffar Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I really don't have to explain what a "missile" is in drifting, judging by the picture you would probably know why it is called as that. Anyway, was just browsing Noriyaro like I always do and Alexi did come up with a good topic to discuss about:

WEEKEND EDITION: Anti-missile missile

I already stated my opinion there, but I still felt that I had a few more things to say. For instance, why do most people think that cars like this are an eye sore and think that the cars are of no use? I mean sure it does look kinda horrible to look at and might be a little bit dangerous to drive at that condition, but if you don't have the money to do all the repairs what is there else to do? Some people just like to drift for the fun of it, and some pro drifters even use these kind of cars to practice on! But most importantly of course is that, if anything happens to the car (be it a crash, accident or an off) it wouldn't be as bad as having your favorite car, with all the expensive mods and whatnot being wrecked....

Ah forget it. My opinion wouldn't probably matter mmuch, its just a load of b/s to begin with anyhow. What really matters is what you actually think, if you think it is alright to have a car like this for drifting, so be it! If you don't like it, just go drift somewhere else if you don't like seeing car like these around! Whatever your opinion is, just remember to have fun doing it and not feel bad about yourself when other people criticize you. =)

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