Posted by : Muzaffar Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well I can't help but join Twitter today, was a little surprise that it took me this long to create a Twitter account, considering what other social sites I have been using lol. To be honest I actually thought what was the big fuss about this Twitter thing and all, and thought it seems just like the Facebook/Myspace or whatever other social networking sites have called "feed" updates where you just type your status and stuff....

But after seeing how many of my favorite sites are now doing their feeds using Twitter I can see why it is popular and how the Twitter feeds are different from the other sites, because that is what Twitter is meant to do! Of course it doesn't necessarily have to be used as that, Twitter can be used for quick messages to friends who use Twitter as well which is kinda neat. =)

Anyway, for anyone who wants to follow me on Twitter:

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