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Oh my god, I'm so in love with Strike Witches right now!!! Nah, more like "Pantsu Witches" if you have actually watched the DVD version of this anime like I did lol. (more on this later) After almost 2 months since I last watch some anime (well, Gurren Lagann to be exact) I guess I'm glad that I managed to squeeze some time to watch this one, as I've been too busy playing my XBOX 360 during this 1-week semester break which sadly is gonna be over soon..... =(

Anyway, after watching this anime from about 10pm yesterday until about 4am this morning I do feel a little tired and sleepy lol. Well with each episode being 25 minutes long (as a typical series anime would be) and there being 12 episodes plus the fact that I'm watching this late at night/early morning (for obvious reasons) I guess I was kinda asking for it lol. Okay okay, enough about that crap though and lets talk about Strike Witches! So like, what is Strike Witches all about then? To put it simply, its about cute, under-aged girls loli err.... witches who have magical powers (obviously!) and have this propeller like things attached to their legs so that they could fly and annihilate their enemies which are terrorizing their countries.

If that didn't make sense, try reading the wiki link above or read this for better clarification. With that done though, lets now talk about the characters, and the one that I probably like is....... ermm....... ahhhh....... ehhhh.... oh fine, its Yoshika Miyafuji that I liked the most! There I said it! She is kawaii, moe, kire, *insert random words that describes a girl* and so on. I don't really know about the other characters (I mean each of the characters do have their own charms) but I just like her the most! Oh yeah, and about why was it called "Pantsu Witches" again? Well if there is one thing I noticed is that all the witches it this anime all wear pantsu!!! (oh, if you don't know what that is go look it up on Google) They don't wear pants, skirts, or even stockings for that matter, and I think the fact that the DVD has much more fan service than even the broadcast version really shows how desperate Gonzo was trying to get viewers to support their company. But then again, most Japanese anime studios are like that...... *cough*KyoAni*cough*

Seriously, if it wasn't for the characters or even the fan service I didn't think the series would do as well as it does now. Sure the story itself was a little bit interesting, but other that it could have just been yet another mecha anime lol. Okay, maybe my point of view cannot justify anything about how good this anime was but if the popularity of this anime anything to go by (with a second season coming in the near future) then it just shows it is that good. (heck, it got even got a recommendation by The Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs! How many anime do you think actually have achieved that!!?

All in all, what is my final verdict on Strike Witches? GO WATCH IT PLEASE!!!! If you are a fan of....... ah scrap that, just go watch it I'm telling you! Whether you like it or not that is up to you and if you don't like it, erm...... yeah, I guess you just don't like it then! Hahahaha.....

BTW, if anyone is interested in the picture above you can get the full size of it here:
Strike Witches: Profile by Aeroslaughter

(p.s. I apologize if my review is a little bs'ed, I can't think straight at the moment! XD )

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