Posted by : Muzaffar Saturday, November 7, 2009

Should have posted this a little sooner, but I just had TOO MUCH FUN playing Forza 3!!! Anyway, will just leave you more pictures of my "L337BOX" roflmao....

So why I call it L337BOX anyhow? Well I don't really know actually. Saying that I have a Microsoft XBOX 360 Elite is pretty lame, dull and boring so I thought that name was kinda more fitting! XD

Difference between a normal 360 and the Elite:

Here is a photo of everything out of the box:

With all the plastic wrapping taken off:

Doesn't it look nice?

What the L337BOX looks like beside my farking old and trusted PS2. Yeah, kinda looks like crap now after years of abuse. Also notice how much bigger these newer consoles are compared to their older counterparts?

Well that is about it I guess. Now to continue back playing Forza 3 and then maybe try playing Skate 2 afterward...

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