Posted by : Muzaffar Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I got my toolbox kit last week at college, but just didn't have the time to post it up until now. I know it is nothing much or anything but yeah, whatever then. Enjoy the pics and be grateful that you didn't have to spend a lot much money on this and bring it in college everyday....

So how much does it cost in the end? Well according to the pamphlet that I got, the normal price would be around RM1750 but as a TOC student we got the discount for RM1200. Yeah, still quite expensive but then again there are several other courses which could be more expensive, such as photography, or ICT and such.

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  1. wah!!.. asl aki xdpt lg bnda tu????

  2. Muzaffar says:

    Mana aku tau doh....
    Tag nama pon x dpt lg.... =P

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