Posted by : Muzaffar Monday, June 15, 2009

Well done Peugeot, all those hard work just to get their car competitive at Le Mans has finally paid off. Took them 3 years of development and racing and getting a 1-2 after 24 hours must really be something special for them. This also marks the last time that Peugeot won at Le Mans 16 years ago, which surprisingly has the Brabham family in the winning car....

Sorry for the late post here people, my internet connection went a little cuckoo yesterday and that meant I cannot go online the entire time. Stupud ISP screwed me up big time now, and just hope the internet stays a little stable now so that I can stay online for much longer. Also that means I just lost the will to type the race report to be honest, although I have a lot to write on my mind about the race but lets just face it, it is gonna be pointless isn't it?

Anyway, never mind. A summary of the race is that Peugeot won the race with a car that was developed 3 years in the making while Audi debut their new R15 at Le Mans with just very few testing and only 1 race done back in Sebring earlier this year which meant there was bound to be tons of problems for them to encounter during the race. Aston Martin did a splendid job bringing the #007 car back home in 4th overall, and was the best petrol powered LMP1 cars in the field. Not gonna touch on any other classes in particular or how the race progressed throughout the race, just read the rest of the report in this links:

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