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Oh wow, I don't really know where to start this review at lol. Just got back home after watching about an hour ago and I'm still shocked after watching it, not because it was scary or anything but the entire movie was just plain wack unbelievable. I mean could probably be one the best movie I've watched so far this year. With that said though I do have to admit (and I know I'm gonna get flamed for saying this) I never watched the actual anime series or movie yet!

I do know what the story of Blood was, and I'm pretty sure I know how the story goes as well. Its just that I never have the time to actually take the time to watch the anime on TV or even download and watch it on my PC in crisp quality. But well never mind that, even if you didn't follow the anime anyone could watch it and still follow the the storyline, even if seems just plain odd or mind boggling at times. As both me and my friend agreed when we watched this together, the movie does in a way follow the actual anime very closely especially in the early part of the movie. Unfortunately this is where the similarities end, as about 2/3 way into the movie the whole plot seems to be skewed and kinda left me in despair when the show ended. Not to say it was that bad or anything (okay I'm lying, it was that bad if you actually followed the anime very closely) but it was just that the movie felt somewhat kinda rushed near the end, that is all.

Good thing though that there is plenty of fighting scenes and several moments in the movie that would be interesting to watch to say the least. Gianna Jun did an amazing job playing the role of Saya and her performance was just breath taking. From start to finish I think she did a wonderful job portraying Saya just like in the anime. Sadly I think she was the only person that was good in the movie, the rest of the cast were probably a bit meh and boring. Don't think I have to say much about the specific scenes or anything, cause I'm trying my best to write this review without spoiling anything. (especially for myself since I didn't watch the anime just yet....)

Anything else that I should mentioned here? Well hopefully that is it cause I really am tired right now and I don't have much idea on what to say about the movie. If I really do feel like wanting to write more about it I'll probably have no choice but to slip in a few spoilers just to get my point through. Fair enough, I'll just end my review here. All in all the movie is quite enjoyable for both the average movie goers or the ones who actually follow both the anime series as well as the anime movie prior to this, but for the ones who knows how the anime storyline goes will probably be a little disappointed that, although the movie kept true to the anime storyline, some of the scenes were drastically changed and almost feel too westernized compared to the anime.

Furthermore it just felt plain short for what is exactly a movie that is based on the whole Blood series. 1 hour and 30 minutes does feel a little short for me, and the way the ending was done does give a bit of a hint of a sequel so I just hope (and only hope) that this is not the last and have a bit of continuation of the story based on the series. Maybe they should keep it more in line with the anime and everything should be better that it is now.....

For my rating I'll give it a 7.5 out of 10, considering that I haven't watch the anime just yet and that I felt it was pretty good for an adaptation. Certainly an 8/10 would've been possible, but that would just be too generous in my opinion. Haha, but at least it was not anywhere near as bad as Dragonball lol.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In the anime series (not the anime movie version), there was Diva (Saya's sister) and chevaliers, which are basically "higher level" chiropterans, being formed directly from the direct drinking of Saya or Diva's blood and not like the rest which are created from human experimentation with Diva's blood.

    I am intrigued by this live action though. I am never able to turn down an opportunity to watch a vampire movie.

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