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After watching this movie today, all I can say is that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is in my honest humble opinion, one of the worst movies I've seen ever!!!! Don't know about you guys but I felt like I've just wasted my time, money and effort queuing up a damn freaking long line just to get a crappy seating place and watch a crappy movies about crappy robots doing crappy stuff.....

....... and whatever I've just said before was just plain b/s. I mean in all seriousness I didn't really mean all of that but absolutely the complete opposite or should I say I'm just contradicting myself on just whatever I said myself. But yeah, enough about confusing you readers already and get to the point. This is probably one of the biggest movies of the year and definitely one of the very few sequels to an already awesome movies that everyone wants to watch. Having not one but two (yes, as in 2!) theater rooms full for almost 3 days straight since the release of the movie does really say something about this movie.

Anyway, point being this is a movie that is a definite must watch if your just a movie goer or a die-hard Transformers fans and general fan of these kind of movies. You would be totally pissed if you didn't watch this movie in the theaters I can tell you that. So what was so good about this movie that everyone keep talking about? Well apart from what I mentioned earlier, another thing that needs to be mentioned is that the whole story has been more broader in terms of storyline, characters and of course the casts. Almost everything about this movie is just perfect to a certain extent and it seems nothing is out of place in the movie.

(spoiler here)
As always, it is again the same thing as in the first movie which is the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons over who could control the power that could save or destroy all of mandkind. In the first movie, we saw how Megatron was killed and all of the Decepticons managed to "escape" from the Autobots and save themselves right? Well in this movie they somehow got back to earth, and they are even more powerful then they were before with The Fallen making an appearance.

So as the story progresses it showed Sam Witwicky and his family, at home packing up all of Sam's things to be brought to college it seems. Then when Sam went through his other stuff he found one piece of the Allspark, and when he touched it he adopted Allspark's knowledge. After that there were several scenes in college where he met Leo Spitz, there were all sorts of actions taking place and at one scene Optimus Prime got killed by Megatron.

Skipping some parts here, Sam then learned about the Matrix and then tried to revive Optimus with it as well as several ensuing battles happened in the process. Optimus was alive again and with the help of Jetfire sacrificing itself he managed to kill The Fallen and Megatron and Starscream has to escape once again. Sorry if this part was kinda confusing and short and all, but I'm just too tired to write everything in fine details. Just read the rest of the plot here.
(spoiler end. Note: there could be more spoilers below, just read with care....)

With that part on now I can comment more on the finer things about the movie. Maybe one of the most disappointing part about the movie (which I hate to say really) is that at 149 minutes long (or 2 hours 29 minutes) it was really quite a stretch to watch the whole thing nicely. The opening few minutes of the movie was okay to me, but the Sam Witwicky part when he was at college was pretty much a waste of time, and also the part between him finding the Matrix and him meeting Optimus was just a drag (so says my friend....) and was probably the most boring part of the movie. Another thing was sad and noticeable was the dialogue. A few far and between as well as lacking that "certain something" kinda made some certain conversations quite boring and misunderstanding, but luckily the one off scenes as well as the awe-inspiring cg fighting scenes kinda made up for it.

So what else is there to say? The cast? Oh yeah, that. Don't think I need to say much about that. Most of the regular casts from the first Transformers were as good as they were before, and Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox reprising their roles as Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes is really memorable. Ramón Rodríguez (Leo Spitz) however, even with a few of his memorable and funny moments, is something of forget. The characters as always been quite spectacular and was perfect so I don't think I need to say more about that.

Best scene/moments for me? (I never did this for my other reviews, but I feel like saying this) Hehe, well it was the part when Sam got knocked unconcious by one of the explosions and after he was awake and put the matrix into Optimus, that was the part that really did it for me. I cried "manly tears" on that part, honestly. I still feel like crap crying over such a scene like that and should have just not written this at all. But who cares though. =)

Final conclusion, I'm just speechless on describing this movie as a whole. Good? Great? Spectacular? None of that, I mean even those words could not describe the awesomeness that is Transformers. I say this easily beats The Dark Knight by quite a bit. There is a reason why it is the highest grossing Wednesday released movie in history. Also, I think there will be several people who is gonna hate me for saying this but I just have to give it a rating of 9.0/10 for this movie. I cannot imagine a good movie like this not being rated goodly. Of course, another reason why I gave it that is also because I actually followed the first movie (which I didn't with The Dark Knight) so that has influenced a part of the review as well.

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    I wanted to watch Drag Me To Hell, but they've stopped showing it now I think, oh well... a couple of months for the DVD to come out...

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