Posted by : Muzaffar Thursday, July 2, 2009

Well I first found out about this event when I was reading through The Envoy's blog regarding the event. Thought it sounded interesting and try my best to go there. I did talking about this yesterday, but thought I would give a further explanation about the event. So what is Daicon exactly? Quoting an excerpt from their site:
DaiCon is an expo, being organized on a scale rarely seen in Malaysia. It is an expo that has been created for the sole purpose of showcasing the latest and most innovative in the world of modern Japanese visual culture, from audio to video, print as well as interactive media.

Sure it might not be as great as the actual events like the ones in Japan (Comiket being the biggest of them all) but it is kinda nice to see something like this being held in Malaysia. The last Japanese related exhibition I've went to was the AXN Anime Convention held at Mid Valley Megamall many years ago with my brother.

There will be of course many activities being held over there (see link at the top or below for more info) and I'm sure it would be a fun and exciting event to go to. Just right now I'm not sure who to go with though. If worse comes to worse I might just have to go there myself, but then again I already did many things alone and would probably make me look more independent lol. Anyway, not sure how to go there yet or how the hell I'm going to plan everything if I'm going alone so looks like I have a lot of things to think of about now.....

For more info:
DaiCon site

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