Posted by : Muzaffar Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A great song to start the month with don't you think? Haha yeah, the song might be kinda lame and all but I kinda liked them even before I started to liked all this hardcore techno hardstyle J-core stuff that I'm listening to almost everyday now. Well at least I know the "indie" part of me will never die....

Enough about me though, and talk about this very special month of July. So what is so special about this month to you guys? Well apart from my birthday or 4th of July (America's Independence Day for those who don't know...) it is the start of the second half of the year. There might have been tons of things happened during the first 6 months this year for me, but the following 6 months from now on is gonna be an even bigger challenge for me as I'm turning 18 this year! Sure, might not sound like much for those who are older than me, but for me it is something special....

Well I'm not gonna bother telling what is so special about being 18 until I've become 18, so just give it a few more days if you want to know my point of view on what being 18 is all about. Anyway, other than this I'm also looking forward to these 2 events being held this July:

DaiCon - 11th - 12th July 2009
PIKOM PC Fair - 31 July - 2 August 2009

Well there might be more things being held besides those 2 events during this month, but these 2 are probably the ones that I'll definitely try to go to! =D

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