Posted by : Muzaffar Saturday, July 11, 2009

What a day, what a day. After having listened to Otaku Harcore Revolution 2 this morning (with the epic music sets mixed by USAO and DJ Sharpnel) it was then time to head over to Cyberjaya and go to the Multimedia University (MMU) for the DaiCon exhibition. All I got to say is, I am just tired and a little disappointed about the whole ordeal.....

Well not to say it sucked or anything, the event itself was pretty okay and all the booths and show was good considering the budget and the fact that it was mostly volunteered by the students over there. Was hoping for a lot more things there, but as it were there was just not much things to look at. Plus the fact that there were a lot of people and the venue was quite small it made things a little difficult. Took me like an hour or so just to see the Kareshi Kanojyo no Mise (KKnM) booth! Of course I had to purchase something there, and probably went for the cheapest thing there:

Which is a Death Note paper folder. (as you can see on the left of the picture) Of course they did sell other stuff there like T-Shirts, keychains, posters and such but they were clearly out of my budget. Also there was The Figure Mall figure exhibition showing all sorts of figures that was available at the time. Most of them were just for show and only like a few were actually sold. Also was a little sad that they don't have the Drossel figma that I so wanted to buy there, but I guess you can't have everything. So like yeah, I don't think I need to say much about the event since I just go there and enjoy myself and not taking note (or pictures for that matter!) of everything that happened over there. Enjoy the rest of the pictures here of the figures, even though I do expect other people to have better coverage of the event than me. Sorry if they look blurry and all, I just suck at taking pictures to be honest. Don't blame the camera, it works just fine when my brother used it....

Of course, an otaku event wouldn't be complete without....

A Storm Trooper?

Well that is it from me, I don't think I will go there tomorrow or even have the slightest thought of posting anything else. Instead I'll just post the coverage of the event covered by my friends.... =)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wanted to purchase a figure/nendoroid but my waifu wasn't there.

    How much did you get yours for the last time?

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