Posted by : Muzaffar Thursday, October 1, 2009

My not so new, not so great, not so flush, not even the owner of this brand new (lol) KDM spec (I think the dealer lied to me, I swear it was an Inokom with all those badges on the car) Hyundai i10. Should I be happy with getting a car? The answer is probably yes & no. Yes cause finally I have a car to drive, but no because this car just looks f**king gay in stock form, and that I can't modify this car just yet.....

Well I just got this car about earlier this morning and to be honest I was really looking forward to actually seeing the car at my house (as I was in college until the afternoon) so once I came back I was quite happy to see the car parked inside my house lol. Also I really haven't driven the car much (only drove a few meters during the time when I went to see the car a few weeks ago) so I can't give much feedback on how the car rides. But since the car is cheap I really do not expect to see some spectacular performances, 0-100km/h times (can this car even go to 100km/h? lmao) or do drifts with it (its FWD, and even if I e-brake drift this car I swear the handbrake would come off if I did that!) but as long as it can go from point A to point B I guess its fine.

And so, here are more pictures of the i10:

As for modifying the car (if it is even possible....) I might just do some simple mods, maybe just do some debadging first and when I have enough info and money I will take it another step. By looking at the cars I posted here you would already know what I'll be doing next..... ;)

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