Posted by : Muzaffar Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Damn right I'm excited!!! After ordering it last month and waiting for like 2 weeks for it to ship it here, I finally got this in the mail today. Got it shipped all the way from the United States of America baby! Lol, okay this might not look interesting or anything, so what is all this hype about then? Well just read along if you want to know. =)

Okay okay, first of all I just want to let you know that this is the first time that I actually ordered anything online lol. (internationally that is) But since I was so desperate to get this I got some help from someone *ahem* to help me order it and use his account to pay for it, hehe. So like, what is chopped on that box you asked? Well if you could read what it says on the box it does clearly read Wagenwerks. So what is Wagenwerks you wonder? Well I myself am not very sure how to explain it right now, but in short it is clearly about cars (Volkswagen to be precise) and well, cool looking cars that will make your jaw drop at that. I will explain more on this tomorrow, but for now though I'll just post the contents that is inside the box.

So lets see whats inside the box:

Oh, a paper wrapper with a sticker on it?

Certainly, the sticker does look quite nice even though its just to hold the wrapper in place. Wish they had given me extra stickers for the trouble shipping it here lol. Oh alright alright, lets get to the main content shall we?

..... and here it is! So as you can see, I get a DVD, a T-Shirt and 2 stickers. So whats so special about this? Well if anyone wanted to know, this is a special pre-order of Wagenwerks' "Worthersee Tour 2009" DVD which comes with the limited edition T-Shirt (which only comes with the pre-order) and 2 Wagenwerks stickers. Got to say though, both the T-shirt and stickers looks pretty awesome in person than seeing it in pictures online. The T-shirt quality was quite okay and tried wearing it and was quite comfortable to wear. (not sure though what would happen once I start washing it....) As for the sticker, they just look amazing doesn't it? Had a cool matte/shiny effect on it and I just like how the whole logo looks. Not sure what I will stick it on to though, maybe I'll just keep it and stick on my future Volkswagen? (haha, whenever that may be....)

How much does this all cost me then? Well when I saw the pre-order on the site it says US$49.99 (or about RM169) and with the added cost for shipping, tax and whatnot the total was about RM200. So is it all worth it? I can't say for sure, but for me it is just worth every penny. Not sure if it is for everyone, you just need to have that certain taste for modified VWs then only you will understand. Just need to say thanks to my brother for ordering and paying it first for me (since I don't have a paypal or online cash or my own bank account) and I'll promise I'll pay him when he comes by.

So yeah, thanks for reading my not-so-worth rant about this delivery lol. Well I'll try to watch the DVD tomorrow (if I have time) and give a review about the DVD as well as describing Wagenwerks in my very own words and know more about them, what they do and why VW lovers just need to watch their videos and buy their DVDs.

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