Posted by : Muzaffar Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just finished designing the main banner for my site, and got to say I'm quite happy with it. =D Actually, everything was already done that last Thursday but I had to do some touch ups here and there as well as the banner and here it is. Well you can imagine why I called it "Muzaffar's Blog V2" for a reason. This is my second attempt at designing my blog with the first version was the horrible Razer themed blog with the razer green and blue text as well as the razer logo banner itself. (I understand why a lot of people hate it....) This version is a little more extensive, with me editing everything from the background to the color coded borders and texts. Oh well, hope you enjoy reading this blog now. I know I did promise to finish designing the blog by last Sunday, but the internet was shot and kinda ruined everything as the post below this shows...

Oh yeah, tomorrow will also be the day that I'll be driving a real car for the first time lol. Been playing racing games since I could remember from arcades to PC race sims to console games and even handheld games and never drive a real car prior to this.(not even for a centimeter hahahaha....) The instructor would come to pick me up from my house in the morning and from there its quite obvious what I'll have to do (driving of course! Oh, and obey the law while driving, no drift antics or drag racing or burnouts or anything retardedly cool.... =P ) Just hope everything goes well and not for me to f*** up anything at the worst possible moment.

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