Posted by : Muzaffar Sunday, September 6, 2009

Well I know I really haven't talked much about what I'm doing lately or even had an intro for the month of September but I guess its been a while since I made "these" kind of random posts. My semester break started about 2 weeks ago and I can't believe it is gonna end soon, and I have to go back to college this coming Tuesday. My life as a NEET/hikikomori is over and I have to go back to being a college student....

Continuing on, I guess if any of you followed my blog, Facebook or Twitter then you'd probably realized that I spend most of my time at home, watching anime (which is obvious), playing video games on my PSP (more on that on another post) or on my computer, watch tv (if I'm really bored) and just simply loaf around at home. Usually I'll be awake from morning till the next morning, (mostly spending my time in front of a computer) which is from 10AM till 5.30/6AM the next morning and probably have been like that for the past 2 weeks lol. Ocasionally I do go out sometimes with my parents to go buy some stuff or just go to the local bazaar during the fasting month near my house and buy some food for buka puasa (or something like that).

But more recently I started going out and hang out with my friends and today we hang out together at Sunway Pyramid (yeah, where else can you go when you have no transport?) and did some window shopping throughout the day as well as buka puasa at a restaurant called Station Kopitiam and Shabu Shabu Train (both shops are next to each other and run by the same people) and the meal was really good and surprisingly cheap! I just ordered some chicken chop with fried rice while my other friends ordered a steamboat set. We also ate something else but I kinda forgot what the shop was called though..... anyhow, after that we went window shopping some more and just look around the shops and see if there is anything good to buy. I was mainly looking for some clothes for Raya and well, that is about it I guess. Tomorrow I had some plans with my friends again about going to The Curve and buy our stuff there, but I haven't confirm with them about it yet as of now.

So regarding my blog, I still have not much plan on what to write about though. I don't know if I'm really busy or just plain lazy to write anything to be honest. I will update it from time to time if I have some interest or when I feel like it, but as it I'm not gonna post anything that is to my interest (after all, this is my blog haha) which might be to your interest. I know I don't get as much readers as my other friends or have that many comments, but at least I do know there are people who still follow my blog even with all the crap that I write lol. Yeah yeah, I think I've said this before alright, but whatever....

Oh I can't believe that I'm going back to college so soon. Feels like it was only yesterday that I started my semester break and in 2 days time (tomorrow is a public holiday thankfully) I have to go back to college. 2 weeks later and I have another 1 week break for Hari Raya, and after that its back to my boring college life.... *sigh*

If anyone knows why I put that title (which has nothing to do with this post, sort of...) is because I'm addicted to this song right now:

Aaron Gillespie, you rock my world!!!!!

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  1. Hako-chan says:

    a true hikikomori would have droped out of college by now ^_*

  2. Anonymous says:

    You went out? You shame the name of hikikomori!

  3. Muzaffar says:

    I know, I fail at becoming a true hikikomori. Meh, my whole life has been nothing but failures anyhow, I can never do a single damn thing right!

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