Posted by : Muzaffar Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I don't think I need to say a lot about K-On! (or Keion pronounced in Japanese). Its one of the most talked about anime of this year and probably one of the most over-hyped of them all. I mean seriously, the only thing that was going was the songs in the anime and the character, which almost all of them look so moe....

I really don't wanna ruin the mood for you guys but I think that was probably about it. I mean sure there are a few good moments in the anime (and when I mean few, I mean almost nothing) and mostly its just always (and I mean always) about those cute little girls. Compared to Haruhi Suzumiya (both anime are produced by KyoAni) at least there is some actual storyline going for Haruhi which kept it very interesting, while K-On! is just about these 4 girls (it became 5 in later episodes) starting a band just to save the music club from being abolished.

I'm sorry but that is all I can say about the anime, I don't know how much better/worse the manga is but certainly its nothing that interesting to be honest. Not to say the anime is bad or anything but I don't know, the storyline is kinda "short and sweet" and the characters do look kinda cute (*cough*Yui*cough*Hirasawa*cough*) but if your looking for something interesting this would probably not be it. Well whatever, I really have no clue what this anime is about or what the big fuss is all about people that can't get enough of this anime. All I can say about this anime is just this:

Moe Moe~ Kyun♡

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