Posted by : Muzaffar Thursday, September 10, 2009

as you would expect from an unemployed 18 year old student coming from a middle-class family in a third world country called Malaysia, I definitely have no money to buy this laptop or anything for that matter! I'm just that f**king poor! Okay, maybe not that poor compared to other poorer people (not to insult anyone or anything) but considering my social status (and also where I live) you'd think something like this could at least be affordable...

Enough about that anyhow, it doesn't really matter if I could get this or not since I know my father is having a hard time trying to pay his debt, as well as paying for my college fees plus the fact that he is trying to get my a car earliest by next year as well as taking care of the family and such. I wish I could work and save up the money to buy what I want without using my parents money (okay, say what you want about me being spoiled but I swear there are more rotten people out there than me!!!!) but my parents insist me to keep continuing study and bla bla bla bla bla....

*sigh* I don't really know what to say about my situation right now. I'm practically old enough to take care of myself and yet I'm being confined with my parents, and even if I could become a full time hikikomori I'd still wanna go out and see the world. Yeah yeah I know I'm weak, lame, pathetic, emo, what ever it is that you people call me but that is just how my life runs at the moment. I can't do anything about it and just have to live with it.

Okay, as for the laptop I still think getting the Asus G51 is nothing but a pipe dream (just like all the other things that are in my mind) and even if I manage to get one it will all likely be just a dream. You know, sometimes its just better to dream for what you wish for than to actually try and achieve it. Why bother working hard for it when all your effort will go in vain anyhow when you die? I might as well be an hero and do what I want in the afterlife, whether it is in heaven, hell or god knows where my soul ends up at. At least I know I can enjoy those things for the whole of eternity.....

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  1. karakoza says:

    I thought you're interested in HP touchsmart X2...change of mind?

  2. Muzaffar says:

    I guess so. After seeing how laggy the touchscreen can be kinda puts me off, and the fact that I'll probably use mostly for gaming I'm better of getting this. Meh, I don't know....

  3. Hangmen says:

    I wanted to get a new, gaming-capable laptop as well, but just like you... ;_;

  4. Muzaffar says:

    Haha, guess were on the same boat. =P

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