Posted by : Muzaffar Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wow, I totally lost it today. Been extremely emotional today for all the weird and wonderful reasons that I can't quite normally explain. I don't know if I can say that I'm extremely happy or so deeply depressed at the same time! Yeah, you heard me right. There is just too much things happening today that you just have to read this. Also I do need to apologize if I insulted everyone today, I'll say it again. "I just lost it..."

Alright, so what is the first surprise for me today? Well it started out about yesterday when my father said he was going to service his car to get his car tire changed and he had to visit one of the Hyundai showroom where he bought the car to get the tire ordered (or something like that). So he told me there was a 2nd hand Hyundai i10 (pictured below) for sale and if I wanted to see it. Thinking that I'll probably do nothing staying at home I just tagged along and said "yeah, why not?". Then earlier this morning my parents wanted to go to the showroom (which was at Mutiara Damansara, near The Curve there) and I just followed them since I need to go buy some clothes as well.

When we reached there we were greeted by this one Chinese lady who worked at the showroom and kinda showed us around the whole car and told about who was the previous owner, the condition of the car, etc. The Hyundai i10 was apparently a KDM import model and not the locally assembled like the most of them on the road. Although there was not much difference between but at least I had something to brag about lol. The car is about 1 years old (according to the lady anyhow) but the amazing thing was it only covered 5000km so practically its almost brand new! Had a test drive for a bit after that and then after that my father said "do you want this car?" and I was like "its up to you...." and then my father agreed and bought the car. He already made down payment and now is waiting for the insurance to be approved, then it will probably be my car (although as a 2nd owner of course). I was like WTF!!!? I mean I'm getting the car this early? But then again I'm a bit sad afterward since its not really the 1st car that I always dream of having and I was kinda pissed off deep down inside myself.... (will talk about this further below)

So after that we headed to The Curve and checked out several stores there and bought several things over there. Of course for me I was there just to buy my clothes, and was looking for some new shoes as well. In the end I just end up buying 3 pairs of shirt, one from Kitschen (the middle one) and 2 from Debenhams (the other 2) which quite frankly was not "cheap" even though supposedly it was on sale. As for the shoe, I went to the shop that my friend said was selling Macbeth shoes but when I went to the shop they said that they stop stocking the shoes already so only a few pairs were left, and they ain't cheap either!

Then seeing I saw a computer hypermarket store there I just went and bought myself a new usb drive since my old one stopped working a few weeks ago after it got washed in the washing machine but luckily it still managed to work for a bit and transfer all my files to the PC, then after that it finally died. Oh well, it was only 1GB anyhow compared to this 8GB and yet both of them cost exactly the same! (I bought the 1GB about a few years ago though) So after that just went to Subang Parade for a while and then went back home. Still not sure what else to buy now, still am looking for a new shoe to buy but since I'm getting a car soon I might be thinking of getting a "driving" shoe just use for driving. Haha, I know it sounds stupid but when I talk about driving I do tend to get serious about it. Sorry but that is just my ego acting up, ahahahaha....

As I said earlier about me getting pissed off, I just feel really bad that I'm getting a car that is almost brand new as my first car. Always thought I was just gonna get an cheap and old car and save some money but my father complained that he wanted to drive the car as well, and then he said I can't even modify the car that I'm gonna get soon. Plus he just said that he cannot spend any money on anything else as well and that was probably when I "snapped" and kinda got all emotional and being me, I started talking crap about why I'm in despair and want to kill myself, cancel buying the car and all sorts of crap. I really did wanted to get the laptop first but now since my father bought the car already I guess I just have to steal a laptop now from lowyat. Nah, but seriously I'm missing out on all the good games out there so much and I envy almost every single person out there who can play the latest games on their computer, PS3 or XBOX 360. As a fellow gamer this is just ironically sad....

But what is there to do? That is just reality comes kicking you in the head telling you that all things in life is not easy, and there is always people more and less fortunate than you so I just have to accept that and do whatever I'll have to do to keep myself from getting all worked up by watching.... erm..... ermm.... uhhhh.... well I can't post it here for some reason but if you followed my tweets or read my post on Facebook then you would already probably know. ;)

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  1. karakoza says: went hunting huh? lol

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sell car = get several laptops. Heh.

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