Posted by : Muzaffar Sunday, September 13, 2009

Earlier today I went out to Sunway Pyramid (again!) with the same friends as I did last week to buy something, and as I was looking to get a new pair of shoes I decided to get these. After looking at several shops and unable to find anything that is cheap and have my size I ended up settling on this pair of shoes from Puma.

To be more specific it is a Puma Drift Cat II SF (with SF being Scuderia Ferrari) and it cost me a hefty RM300!!! That certainly burned a deep hole in my wallet but considering that this was the cheapest shoe I could find for my size at that moment (there were others that costs over RM400) I just have to settle for it. So basically this is what I was talking about as a "driving shoes" yesterday on another post and what Puma called it as a "motorsport" shoes which is just primarily used for driving. Yeah sure I don't have a car yet and the car that I'm getting is not exactly anything close to going fast, but at least driving using this shoe would feel better that wearing a skate shoe or my crappy pair of Converse lol.

Actually maybe it doesn't make a difference to a normal person but to me (at least) when you have a proper pair of shoes that is just meant for driving you have better grip on the pedals, can pull of heel-toe downshifting much easier (yeah right...) and you can feel the power of the car and the bumpiness of the road on your feet, giving you better feedback over the control of your car. (Haha, I'm just making myself look silly by saying this. I don't think even actual race drivers are gonna say these to you people)

On the other hand, the shoe also does look quite nice and would make a statement that you are rich (which I'm unfortunately am not!) and that you are a passionate tifosi (yeah, but I don't pick favorites in F1 anymore) and also does show that you are interested in Formula One, motorsports in general, love for driving or just have a great taste in branded shoes. (all expect the last one I think) Also it is quite comfortable to wear (although I'm not sure how comfortable it is yet to wear on long distanced walking) especially for driving. Also it does make quite statement when you wear them (really?) and almost screams for attention. (and likewise, a primary target as being stolen)

Ehhhhh.... enough bulls*** already. I don't know f*** about this shoe nor did I even wear them yet (I just bought them, what did you expect?) so just look online for other peoples opinion on this shoe..... Also I do have to say that this is the most expensive shoes that I have ever bought 2nd being my Reebok shoe (forgot what it was, costs about RM240) followed by my Etnies Kingpin (which was about RM200+) so yeah, that is about it I guess.

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  1. karakoza says:

    nice~ oh wai- kasut raya aku x beli lg *facepalm*

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