Posted by : Muzaffar Sunday, September 27, 2009

It was to be expected to see Lewis Hamilton win the race is quite a comfortable margin. Having been competitive throughout the practice session and haven't put a foot wrong all weekend he really did deserve to win the race. Of course it did helped a bit when all his closest rivals drop off with penalties and whatnot but none the less a calm and consistent drive by Hamilton.

Kinda have to feel sorry for both Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg though, as both of them do look like they could very well challenge Hamilton for the top spot of the podium. But certainly a drive through penalty for both of them (for crossing the white line on pit exit and exceeding the speed limit in the pit late respectively) was quite harsh and did hurt their chances of a good finish. However I think Red Bull had come off worse this weekend as now they are even more far behind the Brawn GP team in both the drivers and constructors championship. With only 3 races left in the calendar it might take more than a miracle for them to challenge for both the titles.

Next week it will be a welcome return to Suzuka for the Japanese Grand Prix, where in 2006 Fernando Alonso took an unlikely victory after Michael Schumacher had an engine failure in mid-race after leading for most part of the race and ended his chance of winning his last championship title and where Alonso secured his 2nd title of his career. All things considered it is gonna be exciting to see how good Suzuka is gonna be this year. =D

Hamilton wins night race in Singapore

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