Posted by : Muzaffar Thursday, January 8, 2009

Well, I was supposed to post this yesterday but since the internet "crapped" out yesterday I had to wait out until the internet connection was good again. (which is now)

Having this planned just the day before, and Najib called me in the afternoon to confirm if I'm going (which I said yes!) and called a cab and go straight to Sunway Piramid to meet our other friends there. But waiting the cab to come to my house was a little slow (called at 1.30, it came at 2.15) but nevertheless we did get there.

The movies that we watched were both comedy films which was Bedtime Stories (starring Adam Sandler) and Yes Man (starring Jim Carrey) and I got to say that both movies was a letdown to me. Not to say it was bad or anything, but neither was it fantastic or unique. Will give some insight on both movies later..... (still haven't think about writing down my reviews yet, lol)

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