Posted by : Muzaffar Sunday, January 4, 2009

and several steps back into oblivion lol.

Anyhow, today was really both good, bad and tiring day for me. Good because I finally done the first step in getting my driving license which was to attend a talk being held somewhere at Damansara, forgot the name of the place. It was primarily about the basics of the road rules, the dos and don'ts of driving and some other related things. It was from 10am to right about 4pm which was why I felt really tired right now. Although there were many people that I didn't recognize there, I did manage to find a few of my friends and schoolmates there and well, I don't really feel that uncomfortable there.

The person that gave the talk was an old Chinese man (around 50 I think) gave the whole talk in English! Well, I didn't really mind that to be honest but I do wonder why does he teach in English when most of the people there are going to take the exam in Malay. =P His speeches were quite funny and some of his so called "jokes" did give me a chuckle but other than that, it was really really boring to go through the entire day. Thankfully I followed Najibs' advice and brought my PSP and iPod with me to past away the time...... =D

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