Posted by : Muzaffar Friday, April 16, 2010

Okay, so if anyone read any of my tweets on Twitter, Facebook, or Myspace then you might be wondering what I was going on about then right? Well, if my recent tweet is anything to go by, then you would have probably clicked on the link and wondered... TOC OTTO Camp?

Well if you were wondering, its nothing much really. Its just some sort of introduction to the automotive world and the college for those who are interested. (anyone can go and visit I think) But what is different from all the other previous OTTO camp was that this time the workshop that I'm working with is involved. Just yesterday night they sent the Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 to my college for a demonstration, and well, today they (as in my boss and sifu) even had a
conference (or talk, not sure what is it that you call it) with everyone in TOC, and said that I was the first person in TOC to actually be working with them. My sifu also told me today that I'm currently working at one of the most expensive workshop that any TOC students had ever worked with!

Damn, I'm not sure what to say though. Maybe I'm lucky or maybe I'm unfortunate but I'm just... speechless! I mean, I'm probably the only student in TOC (well, as far as I know at least) who is working with a racing team (S&D Motorsports is what my workshop is associated with) and get to work on high end sports cars on my first on-job training. Who else has gotten the opportunity to do this? LOL, but anyway even as good as it sounds I just with I had a normal workshop like everyone else. I don't know, not saying that I don't appreciate working with this workshop (I really do) but I just don't get it. Why me? Why not anyone else? Its not like I have a good past experience (I never worked before in my life prior to this) nor do I have good results to show for it. Seriously, I feel like my classmates deserve to get this place more than I do. All I can do is just f*** things up! *sigh*

TOC, the workshop, my family, my friends, and probably just about anyone I knew has high expectations for me. Why oh f**king why does it HAVE TO BE ME!!? What the f*** did I do to deserve this? As with anything in life I guess, all I can say is whatever and just move on. I don't care. If I let anyone down its not my problem, you people are just expecting too much from a person like me. I cannot deliver any results nor am I gonna make anyone proud, all I can say is just accept it as it is. I would rather die than having to put up with all this pressure...

Anyhow, sorry for posting that crap. I just want to clear some things up with you people. I know that I might be repeating some stuff here (as usual) but bear with me, I'm just trying to let my feelings and thoughts go on this post just to make myself feel a "little" better. But if anyone is interested, please do go to the OTTO camp. I might be involved, I might not but at least you can get to enjoy being there and learn something!

Aston Martin in TOC OTTO Camp
The Otomotif College

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