Posted by : Muzaffar Monday, June 21, 2010

I just cannot believe what a week it has been for me. From being at the workshop frantically preparing the cars and whatnot, to actually seeing the cars run and thankfully finish the race without too many problems was a reward in itself. I don't really know what to say really, working with a workshop which is also an actual race team which is also very successful (for a new team that is), once again I have to say that I am really really fortunate to get the experience which I'm sure most of my friends must be jealous off, hahahaha...

Yes, even if it is a little bit more demanding (seriously, working with a professional race team is never easy, especially for a person like me) and have to stay through the late nights just to get the car onto the grid was never easy but I guess in the end, as all things are, it was all worth it. What more if the car not only managed to finish the race, but to finish on the podium in both races!!!

Well, sadly this was not the actual Super GT race hahaha. Would be way beyond my wildest dreams if I was working with a Super GT team, be it in GT300 or GT500. Honestly, if anyone followed my blog you would know about the AFOS race about a month ago, (you would notice it since I don't blog much lol) the Asia GT4 championship happens to be one of the support races in the Super GT weekend, having 2 races with one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The cars that my race team prepared was 2 Ginetta G50 for Track Torque Racing and an Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 for S&D Motorsport/Conca Macca. I'm not really gonna spoil anyone about the results or anything, but if you want to know the race results you can check the link provided below:

Asia GT4 championship round 3 results
Asia GT4 championship round 4 results

As for the Super GT race, haha it was cool to get to watch the race even if it was just for a few laps lol. Sadly I didn't get to go for the "Pit Walkabout" and get some photos of the cars, but thankfully I did manage to get a few shots during the race. I'm not gonna really post all of the shots here, but only a selected few. I will try to upload the rest of my pictures on Facebook so you can look there if you want to see more of the pictures...

(sorry for the bad quality photos, as I didn't get to borrow a better camera from my brother or sister and also the fact that I can't do panning shots that well lol)

As for the results for the Super GT race, look here. But I do have to say, the Honda HSV-010 GT was definitely one of the best sounding car out of all the cars. Sounds almost exactly as an F1 car, even on the upshift and downshift!!! Only that it wasn't revving as high as an F1 car nor was it as loud, hahahaha... =P

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