Posted by : Muzaffar Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A few weeks late, but I guess its better than nothing hahaha... Not really gonna post much here (will leave a few useful links below) but I'm glad that the team managed to do so well compared to the other teams there. Of course, it was the Asian Touring Car Series is what I'm talking about here.

Charles Ng did a great job finishing 2nd in both race 1 & 2 despite having to compete against much faster cars on the grid, just goes to show how good a driver Charles really is. Who knows how much better he would be if he given a better car... Not to say that the current car wasn't good or anything, but the car could always be improved. Hopefully those new upgrades will help him become more competitive for the next race...

Anyway, I have to give credit Traffic Magazine and Autogridz for the photos and articles. You can read the full summary of the race below:
ATCS Round 3
ATCS Round 4
Autogridz coverage

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